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Just bought this great little plugin but how to make a new menu item that will open the panel? Saw above how to make links but that only works in posts/pages.

i need to test it using other themes without any other plugins enabled before i am 100% sure it is your plugin..will get back to you in a few days

It was an issue my theme, thanks sorted it.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad it’s working now!

Hi, does it work on WP 3.9.1 and WPML? Can I change to other colour on the button, and fonts etc. Will it take the existing theme shortcode and layout set forth?

Thank you.

Yes, it will work on 3.9.1. That said, I have not tested it in WPML. If you would like to extensively change the colours, you need to write some custom CSS.

One of the links in my menu opens a modal box so how to make your plugin close automatically the moment I click a link inside it ?

Hi again,

You can use the following code, where you need to replace .menu-item-class with a unique selector for that particular menu item:

$(".menu-item-class").on("click", function() {

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Pre-perches question, I use Headway theme it is a drag and drop theme builder, do you know if “UberPanel” panel is compatible with Headway?

Thank you

Hi capson,

Thanks for your interest. Honestly, I can’t know for sure since I have not used the theme. That said, I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work.

Hi, quick question before I buy – is it possible to make the menu “always open”—to open automatically instead of having to click to open? Specifically wondering if that would work with the top menu. Thanks in advance!

Hi jeremydorrough and thanks for your interest. However, having the panel expanded on page load is not supported.

Still looking for a plugin that fits the following:

Slide Over content no push Customize Text on button

Any chance the next version will incorporate one or both of the above?

Hi – I’m afraid not.


great plugin, i just need to know one thing. It it possible to close de pageslide by clicking on the website? When people use a tablet it would be fine when they can close de slide that way.


Hi riezzer, if you could email me your website’s address I can take a look. Have you surrounded the code with <script></script> and placed it before the closing body-tag?

The website is currently under construction with the plugin site offline coming soon. Is it still possible for you to watch then? I had the cody just before the < /body> tag with the <scirpt></script> When ik put in the code, i can click to close the panel, but my buttons doens’t work anymore. When i remove the code my buttons starts working, but the clickin in the pag doensn’t work. Do you have a email where i can send some acces to the website?

Hi riezzer, you can send me your information via my author profile and I will take a look for you. If you could also describe what exactly you are trying to achieve, that would be great.


I have tested the demo on my phone, Samsung Galaxy Mega, and it has android 4.4.2 (kit kat) and the slide effect has been taken away, it appears to ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’ instead of sliding. Any fix to that? Also, Smargus had posted a great point, which is sliding ‘over content’ instead of pushing it would be great too.

I have also send you another message on your contact form, but in case you didn’t get it, can you add wordpress shortcode and php support as well?

Will these options be incorporated in the next update? If so, when could we expect to see a new version?

Thank you Brian

Hi Brian, that is the case because the default browser most likely does not support CSS3 animations. And, I’m afraid, I am not currently planning on adding a pushing-over option.

Can I use this plugin also with custom post types? already purchased though.

Also.. I cannot close the panel. Any help?

I saw you sent an email – let’s talk there.

Hello! it’s possible to make new changes on your plugin? like this >

1. Change where will close 2. turn ‘dark’ the website when open the widget.

To open, i can use a ‘button’ right?


I am interested in the plugin but I want to know if the sliding bar can be open by default.



For a lot of my pages I need this panel, but different content for every page in this panel… i read about multiside bar…but its a boring solution… is there a way to add some content in the page, maybe in a custom field and the sidebar will use this content ?

The item does NOT install.

Fatal error

A fix for your issue has been submitted and is pending review before being updated on CodeCanyon. I’ve sent you a separate email including a download link for the meantime. Thanks for reaching out!

Nice plugin! I have one issue which hopefully can easily be fixed – I am using it on a client’s website and need the panel to appear on the right side instead of left. Which elements / files do I need to edit to achieve this?

How can we make it so the panel closes once you scroll the page. We have a fixed header and it makes our header remain in the center of the window once opened and you scroll.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, is there a way to make the panel open upon loading of the page? Then once the user clicks it close, it won’t open again throughout the site?

Pre Sales Question:

Any way to use this concept more than once on a page? Have one button slide in panel A from the top, and another button slide in panel B from the side?

Thanks, Ryan