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Demo doesn’t work in IE 11, FF

Didn’t test it with other browsers

Just submitted an update, should be online in a bit.

The ‘Tweetable’ name has already been taken for a project on github.

Please find an alternative name for your product.

Hey there, thanks for pointing that out, I wasn’t aware of that project.

I don’t think that our two projects really harm each other by having the same name since they’re doing kinda different things for different audiences right?

However, what about I add a little note to my item description saying something like: ‘This item is not to be confused with (and then a link to your awesome repo)’. Would that be okay?

best, max

demo doesn’t work in IE11 or in Chrome. :(

Thanks for pointing that out. Will fix within the next 12 hours.

Not working in Chrome.

Can’t get this to work =/. Good Luck with sales though

can this shorten url for tweets? in order to save 140 characters

Hi, Twitter has a URL-Shortener built-in, so when someone uses this plugin to link to your website, they will get a short URL.

Best, Max

The live demo link doesn’t have anything that’s live, or a demo.. I was about to purchase! Win me back by showing a testable demo mister azong.

Very sorry to hear that, I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible and let you know when the demo is back up and running.

Kind regards, Max

Hi There,

I just purchased your plugin (tweetable) but it fails to install. Is there any reason why? I’m using the latest marketify version.


Hi, Unfortunately I can’t provide hands-on installation support, but if you could provide me with a link to the website you’re working on I’d be happy to take a look and see if I can point you in the right direction.

Kind regards, Max

You really should run your demo through a basic HTML validator. Once you get beyond the incorrect HTML markup, cross-origin problems and bad spelling, it really does work.

Hi, thanks for purchasing the item despite these issues. I just submitted a fix, if all goes well it should be live in 48 hours.

Kind regards, Max

Still no working demo after 2 years? Would love to see this in action…

I have working this plugin in my wordpress on this website

Thank you very much!