Discussion on Turtle Mapbox Map - Create Places Map For WordPress

Discussion on Turtle Mapbox Map - Create Places Map For WordPress

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Can I create a simple map with multiple points connected by lines, like this example , which shows the route of a transportation company?

Hello, unfortunately there is no such functionality


Do you offer customization to Turtle Map

Hello, sorry, but we don’t do customization.

supports embed video?

Hi, pre-purchase question. Is it possible to use ponters to reach a destination or indicate navigation to reach it? Or is it just for viewing points of interest and their descriptions? Thank you

Hi, you could see all functions here –

Thank you.

you didn’t answer to my question. Have a nice time

A bug found in Legend- Filter by Category not working on clustered markers.

Cluster has 2 markers and of them 1 is blue, but after filtering, still shows 2 clustered markers:

After zooming in the above, you can see marker was still shows:

But after removing the filter, the marker disappears:

how to correct these issues:

On front end page, on max ‘zoom-in’ the map area becomes white?

On ‘Add New Place’ map is not showing?

awaiting your revert

a bug shows in marker color after cluster is clicked, see image below: 1. on page load colors are correct: 2. zoomed in to form a cluster: 3. after cluster is clicked, the colors circle of markers (from the cluster) decreases in size:

What is the solution to correct this?

This issue happens even when map is max zoomed in and then zoomed out to show the markers.


I have some pre-sale question:

1. How to display full map of india on page/map load (irrespective of marker placing)?

2. On Map Marker ‘mouse click’- how to disable text box, and just redirect to link url page on marker click?

3. How to change marker shape to pin?

4. How to Disable marker cluster?

5. On the map, how to remove auto locate ‘show me where I am’ box?

6. In Legend box, when a category is clicked it’s markers get hidden, how to disable this category click?

7. In Legend box, How to add custom text/title in legend box above and below categories?

8. On wp dashboard, How to change the word ‘Places’ to Projects’ ?

9. What are the plans for future updates for compatibility with newer versions of wp and php?

Hello, All this customizations not provided in the pluginю You could change the core of the plugin, but this is not included in our support. Thank you.

Pre-sale question. Looks great app. Do you have any transition plan from Mapbox.js to Mapbox GL JS in the near future? The Mapbox.js is no longer in active development. Thanks.

Hello, there is no such plan.

Hello, I need to know 7 things before buying:

1) If clicking on the image of the map gives the option to direct to a web, enter another url? 2) By clicking on the image you can direct me to the business listings on my wordpress page.

3) Can it connect with woocommerce?

4) The location is automatically detected when opening the map? Or is it necessary for the user to click on a button that takes him to his location?

5) Does it work with the Mapbox API and can I modify the style of the map view?

6) Do you have a Spanish version or do I need a plugin?

7) Do you provide directions to the location? and these are translatable?


1) You could set a link to any page – 2) Display link – 3) What do you mean about WooCommerce? 4) There is a button to the current location – 5) There is a mapbox style – 6) On the frontend, the plugin uses a language from your site. Also, the plugin supports localization files. 7) No, there are no directions to the location.

Thank you.

Hi, is it possible to have a redirect by zone? I mean that if the user is in the “Pub da Marco”, in specific road, he has access to a specific page. Thank you

Hi, No, there is no such function.

Hi there, where can I see a demo of this Plugin please?

Hi how can I change the word “link” to “view project” or something else?

Hello, you could try to use poedit program and create an English language file. This could be difficult and you could send me a temporary ftp access to and I do it for you. Thank you.

I have just upgraded and I keep getting an error when an image is attached. SyntaxError: Unexpected string literal ” class=”. Expected either a closing ‘]’ or a ’,’ following an array element.

Hi. Could you send me link to this page?

Hello, pre-sale question. Is there any admin demo to see how the plugin administration looks like?

I don’t know what are the options for adding and describing places – is the text or html tags also?

is it possible to import a .csv file?

Thank you for your answer.

You could see screenshot with place fields ( title, image, simple html field, etc.) here You could use 3rd party plugin for import CSV ( for example WP All Import).

How to change map style to satellite view in admin panel , I mean I want see map in satellite view when I add property

Hello, Please go to plugin settings and change “Mapbox style” (see screenshot ). For example – mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-v9

i know it already, I want to ask you when i am adding property in admin panel i want to see map with sattelite view. your answer is about public view map not for admin.

This feature is available in the new version.

Is Mapbox’s ‘flyto’ feature available in this plugin?

Hello, no. There is no sense in this function in this plugin

Hi. Love the plugin. Is there a way to add HTML or a basic link to the short description area?

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We planning add link in next releases. And we will think about HTML editor

Fantastic news. What time frame are you looking at for the link release?

Dear Support,

Plugin installed successfully and is active. Page created and shortcode [mapbox] is embedded. Mapbox API key obtained and configured in settings. Mapbox Style chosen as well. Map does not display on page, yet I can see the places filter, but no map is displayed.

My installed platform is: WP Version: 5.2.1 Theme: AVADA Version 5.9.1 Turtle Mapbox Map: Version 1.2

Looking forward to your favorable response.

Best Regards,,,

Hi, could you send me link to page? I will see. You could send me email to

Email send with link and admin access credentials :)

This comment is for everyone with a concern regarding the plugin, and anyone considering to purchase.

I tell you straight forward to buy without hesitation, not just because it is a great plugin and installation is a breeze, but because the support behind this plugin in simply amazing. I raised an issue to support, which was due to my human error and was solved in less than 30 minutes. What more can we ask for when it comes to supporting this useful plugin?

I would personally support the author with ideas to bring it to the next level ahead of competition.

My recommendation and wish list for this plugin is to include an HTML editor in the short description instead of simple text. This will allow to include hyperlinks to full post/page. Phone numbers for mobile apps to auto dial once clicked, and surely external web links.

I give this plugin a 10/10 from ease of installation, and support!

Very well done to AN2-Studio and keep up the good work.

N.B. I only took the time to write this review because we should give the credit were in belongs and not just to go on the internet bashing everyone in case of a bad experience :)

Best Regards…

Hi, i got a JS error on I installed the plugin on another website with the same template and it works. I tried to remove the plugins and the problem persists.

Can you help please ?


Uncaught Error: Invalid LatLng object: (undefined, undefined) at new o.LatLng (leaflet-src.js:1611) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ((index):654) at i (jquery.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js:2) at HTMLDocument.J (jquery.js:2)

Hello, could you send me temporary wp-admin access? I will check. Thank you


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