Turkish Draughts (Dama) with Admob

Turkish Draughts (Dama) with Admob

Publish your own Turkish Draughts game for million of players around the world. Desktop application also available!


This is a Turkish variant of Draughts/Checkers (also know as Dama) played on 8×8 board. The game rules are as follows:-

  • Men move one square horizontally or vertically forwards or sideways, never backwards.
  • King move and jump vertically and horizontally any number of squares, forwards and backwards.
  • Pieces are removed from the board immediately after being captured.


  • Turkish variant of Draughts mostly played in Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria & Jordan.
  • Three levels of competitive AI
  • Two game modes; single & two player
  • Undo in-game capability
  • Non-intrusive ads
  • Rewarded video ads option


The game is monetized via below in-app advertising:

  • Admob banners + interstitial + rewarded video ads
  • AppBrain start-up interstitial (revenue booster due to high eCPM)

Requirements & Reskin

The game was developed using Java, libGDX and Android Studio. Here are some steps for the re-skinning process:-

  1. Import the game into Android Studio
  2. Replace all the images with your own graphics
  3. Replace the Admob ids and rename the game package
  4. Build a signed apk and your game is ready to be published

Don’t worry, the details of setup and the re-skinning process can be found on the provided documentation.


You can try the game on actual android devices by downloading the demo apk file here.

Thank you!

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