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Hi TigerIOS,

Can you please help me with step#4 or can you refer me to a guide or reference for this specific point below

4. Open Prefix.pch file Change Leader Board for Normal and Expert Mode


> 4. Open Prefix.pch file Change Leader Board for Normal and Expert Mode

Game use two mode Normal and Expert.

To report score foreach mode. you must create two leaderboard id on itunes store and past it to Prefix.pch see two key by word like LEADERBOARD

Many Thanks

hello, nee I any to change that the test banner will not show on a real device ore i need any code command before I upload the binary?

what’s your question?


When the Game is Over only the current score appear. Is it possible to add “Best Score” when the game end? (The internal best score not the leader board score)


create new key to save best score to userdefaut.

each game over read that value.

if game score great than then save value to best score

Sorry I am very new in coding area. Can you provide me with the code :))

From the screenshot I see that the word that comes up doesn’t have an opposite color in order to trick the player. Can you fix that?

Would you also be able to add Chartboost?


color text not relevant true color.

For the next update can you change the color of the text to appear randomly? That is the point of the game.

What about adding Chartboost? Would you be able to add it in next update?

please wait it.

Hi TigerIOS,

While the game start, I want to change the text color “Green, Red, Yellow, Blue” to be randomise. Can you help me with?


Present it random

The Text color is not changing (Grey color), can you check it please

Is it difficult to reskin the app?

What thing do I need to reskin?

only need change color for shape

use uicolor