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Hi, How do you create a tree? I logged in and can only make a root node…?

Click on the node, in the pop up that appears click button add child, click on the new child node, in the pop up that appears type name for child node and click save button

Sorry, but there are no popup when I click the node, also tested in “manage tree”, same there. There are no popup-blockers and I´m using Chrome.

Sorry for inconvenience, now its working

Hi, nice script, good luck for sales :)

Thanks bro :)

will it work only in firefox and chrome? what about other browsers?

I tested in safari yesterday and it’s working. It will work in all modern browsers

pre sales question: is it api ready to create, read, update and delete enitries?

Yes it is, codeing is done in client server model.

Hi, does this support AS-P .Net, M-VC, do you have documentation to make it work with that.

Will it support pictures, and drag/drop nodes in edit mode?


it is built on MVC platform called laravel, If you can integrate laravel with .Net it will work. It support picture but not drag and drop

Most of the part is in js, so, converting server side code to .net shouldn’t be a problem

Can you make an update, so they can interconnect to each other, different ways, like Node-Base programs? It would be very useful! Please let me know, thank you!

we will keep this feature in mind when we update

it does not work for me. Parent does not work also the tree become broke after to add several family members. Please check the scrrenshot

At this moment only to add child is working.

Note: I sent you a contact request in Skype.

Please check screen shot [removed]

HI, please remove the screenshot because I dont want to show my email address.

As you flagged it i am not able to that

The solution provided by you does not work. I cannot add parents.

I have sent you solution with parent working on skype

hi, how to make partner? husband or wife?

It’s only for paternal, but you can modify it for maternal or partner

Pretty much useless for many purposes as is. Maybe you could redesign it but as for a different purpose or multiple purposes. Maybe a company hierarchy with more than one person being equal and in charge of the same department, plant families or inanimate objects rather than humans. You could set it up for many parents that way, more than two even. Think of software forks. Many times one piece of software gets forked into 3 or 4 that are different but equal. Tree charts get used for many purposes don’t they? Maybe you could sell more and still not offend any particular culture or religion? Animal and plant breeders would need two parents. Genetic traits come from both.

Get a custom product developed according to ur requirements. Only if you can afford it.

i want test demo drive my own can install for me also i want transfer to arabic also can change the design like

You can easily add a tree image in background

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I want to create a huge and mobile responsive webpage with hundreds of family trees. Do you think that I can use your TCM.

I have one doubt. Would I able to create dynamicly family trees or I have to create/download/embed every tree


Yes you can create hundreds of family tree using it. And yes it can be done dynamically.

Does a user be able to add themselves onto the tree created by simply login to the system?

Yes with little amendment

kindly what do you mean with little amendment?

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How easy would it be easy for me to modify the code to add partner/spouse options. I know a bit of javascript.

If you know JavaScript and css then you can do it

Will you be adding the ability to have partner/spouse?

I was looking at this to do a family tree, but without that option, it would not be possible to create a family tree.

You can achieve that either by uploading couple s picture together or tweeking the css

Hi, I am interested in this script. Can a final tree be exported as an image?

yes in just 2 steps. Step 1) Take screen-shot Step 2) crop the part of image you need.

Do you have any updates in the works?

When you update your script, I will be a buyer!!

it would be nice if we could add contact information or notes to each person in the family tree. Most of us have family from all around the world. With this in mind it would be a good idea to update your script so we can add Contact information, Email, Website, Phone Number, Address and Notes.

thanks for your feedback, we will look into it