Discussion on Travel Booking - Travel Booking WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Travel Booking - Travel Booking WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

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Hi, Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t look or function ANYTHING like your preview / demo, which was what I based my purchase decision on. It’s a basic woocommerce product with 2 tabs. There’s no mention that you have to buy your theme to make this work. I have my own theme, and only need a plugin. Please provide options for a refund or links on how to set up the plugin exactly like your preview using any theme. best, Kimberly


Please read the refund policy here:


Hi, thanks for the link. Your plugin fits in the ‘not as described’ category. The information at the link suggests I reach out first, which I have. Will you be processing the refund directly, or do I need to process with customer service at Envato? best, Kimberly

Presale question: Can I set different prices for traveler’s for example 1 traveler for a price, 2-4 travel’s for a price 5 and more for another price?


We are so sorry, it is impossible.



with this plugin is it possible to set a maximum number of participants, regardless of whether they are adults or children, instead of setting the limit individually?



We only have this option maybe that is the feature you need.


Is there a demo that we can login to check it from the admin?


So sorry, we don’t have the demo for this plugin.

Thanks & Regards

Hello! Can you confirm this functionalities?

1. We are working with a custom template that already has a booking system using Woocommerce (we don’t need this). Any problem with that?

2. Reservations must be done at least 2 days prior to the day of the tour.

3. Maximum of 2 children per adult

4. Send a confirmation email after any reservation is made



1. Don’t worry, our theme uses another system so it will not be affected.

2. We have this feature

3. That is the default function

4. Yes, of course


Pre-Sale question: I have a travel agency and I would like to know if it is possible to do the following for each hotel or vacation village – charge different prices each week (especially in the summer time) for each hotel, facility or resort; – load different prices for adults and children that will change according to the date (for example from July 01 to July 7 € 100, from July 8 to July 15 € 130) – is it possible to apply the discount if a child is added to the couple of adults, or free if a child is up to 12 years old?

Sorry, it is impossible

Does your plugin now handle down payments? If not, which plugin does it work best with for the feature?

We compatible with Woocommerce to use payment method of it, we don’t create handle payment.

I have 2 questions that I would like to resolve, they are the following:

1 • When I enable the traveler information option, it appears on the checkout page and it looks bad aesthetically speaking, all the traveler information boxes are seen in a single column that occupies a quarter of the screen, and we want These boxes are arranged in multiple columns and occupy the full width of the body of the page. We also want the boxes to appear at the bottom, after the billing information, and not at the top as they are appearing right now. I have checked within the plugin options and in the documentation, there is nothing about it.

2 • We need to enable the partial payment option, or deposit payment within the plugin options, since the products we sell are trips and are high cost, we want our customers to be able to pay only part of the value of the trip. I have checked within the plugin options and in the documentation, there is nothing about it.

Please create a ticket here our support team will check it for you

Hello, how can I list all tours in a Tour List page. I can’t find the shortcode to show all the tours and also add a search form.

Hi, You create a page is Tours Page, after that go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tours -> and config Tours Page

I did like you explained but I can’t get the sidebar with the form to search tours. How can I add the search form to the page ?

You go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Sidebar Tours and add widgets Tour Search

Can i set different prices for different dates of the same trip.

Hi SubhodipRoy

You can easily set it with the function “Dates price” of Travel plugin


Which themes are competable with this plugin?

Hi there, I’m considering this plugin. Do you know if i can get downpayments with this plugin or through the woocommerce deposits ?

Hi Janja

Current the plugin “Travel booking” is compatible with plugin

You can use that plugin for deposit


Hello, the demo used to include a search bar on the homepage, but I do not see that anymore. is that not included?

Hi. You can use widget Search Tour, after that you need custom css for it

I just bought this and installed it on my website. The gallery is not working at all on the tour page and it broke the layout. I thought this was an easy plugin to install but it doesn’t seem like it and I have to pay someone to fix? Also, the English used in the buttons etc is wrong. No one says “Booking now” it should say “Book Now” but there is nowhere to edit this.

Hi liliavilla

Please create a ticket on the

We’ll check and support for your site.


Hi. Pre Sale question. I’m using WP Betheme + WooCommerce. Can I use this plugin for sale a travel tour in my website?

Hi chitu

Yes, It can, plugin Travel Booking base on the Woocommerce. You can see demo for tour simple on the


I have 1 boat and offer 4 kinds of tours, 3 are full days and the other is half day, AM & PM.

Q1. When someone books a full day tour I do not want them to be able to book anything else that day as I don’t have a boat to do it. Can this be done?

Q2. When someone books a half day AM tour I want someone else to be able to book the PM tour, and again once this day is full no one can book another tour on that day, can this be done?

If the tours are classed separate then people will be able to book the different tours on the same day and I have only 1 boat so I would be doubled booked. Can this be done?

Hi digitaldiver

The plugin doesn’t support that function



I have bought your plugin and installed in my website I created one sample tour: I use divi theme I see in your demo site there’s BOOK THE TOUR box with form on the right side, how to show that form in my website please ?

please reply here I see your support forum and there are many unsolved topics

thank you


I bought the wordpress travel booking plugin yesterday but I didn’t know that I will need your Travel theme to match the look is it possible to upgrade ? so i get the theme and plugin

thanks iko

HI tstirto, You can buy Travelwp Theme and create a refund for plugin travel-booking. We’ll refund it

ok I have bought the travel wo theme and request refund for plugin. thank you

Is this going on sale for cyber Monday?

Current we haven’t sale for cyber Monday

Hello, is it possible to adjust tour prices depending on how many people, not just multiply by 1 price?

For example, if a 1 person tour cost $50, the same tour for 2 people actually will not cost $100, it would be more like $80, because more people get better deal. Is this something you can set up in this app?

Just as an example: 1 pax = $50 2 pax = $80 3 pax = $110

Hi, You can config it in Tour Discount. You can see demo

Hi, looking for an alternative travel booking system as the last one wasn’t compatible with Oxygen Builder.

The issues were basically ignoring custom CSS styles and the get_header/footer hooks, which left the booking parts completely unstyled and different than the design I created which is a problem.

Hi brokenbox

For some page special as Shop page of Woocommerce or Tours page of plugin Travel Booking, so you must style for that page, don’t use any plugin as Oxygen Builder, Page Builder as Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi Page Builder v.v…


Does this support partial day tours like 3 or 4 hours (Short tours) ?

Hi webfx59

Yes you can set fixed days for tour, set text display is 3 or 4 hours.



Your system allows integration of GDS API such as Amadeus or Galileo

Hi ahmadoubd

Sorry about that. The theme don’t support GDS API.



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