Discussion on Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Discussion on Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

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sielwolf Purchased

Didn’t work :-/

the plugin is not working, even with pictures.

Last update 2021, this is why


fbenFR Purchased

Hello, we have a bad webp support, it is penalizing what a pity on a plugin where everything is there otherwise :o(


fbenFR Purchased

it works on the front end, but the webp file is mounted in an HTML video file on the back office side -> no preview


I bought the ‘Transition Slider’ extension but I can’t install it. Every time I get the message ‘Link has expired’.

I need support as soon as possible please!

tested on a desktop and a laptop and still the same message : the file is 15,616kb ?

Yes, that’s the file size. You can also do it manually by placing ‘transition-slider’ folder on your server into: ’.../wp-content/plugins’

uploaded manually … it’s working fine … thank you !

Pre-sales question – is there a built in feature to load another page once the slider is done showing all the slides or after a specified number of loops? The web admin would specify the URL of the page that should load automatically after the slider is done displaying the final slide and the web admin can specify a delay time before the onload takes effect?

If this feature is not available with your slider plugin from the configuration panels can it be implemented via CSS custom code or with PHP/JavaScript file that can be added to the plugin? I would like both options, being able to load a page after the final slide having specified a delay time and second option is to automatically load a page when the slider looped n number of times

Thank you

Hello, I left a private message on your codecanyon page yesterday, but since I didn’t receive a reply yet I post it here now.

I just bought the pro version but have major issues with the timing of video slides. You can see it here:

The slider has 2 video slides of 5 seconds each. The first is green, the second is blue.

The first round works fine, it runs each video from start to end, but all following round go wrong. At the end of the second (blue) video it re-starts that same slide for one second before it goes to the next slide. The next (green) slide starts on second 2 in stead of second 1, at the end it restarts for 2 seconds before it goes to the next slide. The next (blue) slide starts on second 3 in stead of second 1, at the end it restarts for 3 seconds before it goes to the next slide. And so on. The longer you look, the worse it gets.

Problem 1: video’s restart at the end before they go to the next slide. Problem 2: video’s start in the middle, despite ‘Reset video on slide change’ is enabled.

These are my settings:

Slider Autoplay: on Reset video on slide change: on Autoplay video: on Delay between transitions: 0

Slide 1 Video 1: Autplay: 5000ms

Slide 2 Video 2: Autplay: 5000ms

How to fix this?

Thanks JP

Hi Team,

I purchased and installed the latest version of your product (2.20.2), and I don’t get the option “Responsive mode” that I can see in your documentation. Full Width and Full Screen are off. Why that? I’m on WP6.0.

Thank you, A.

Hi CreativeMedia, using your latest pro version 2.20.2.

When calling the slider via shortcode the sliders first frame has a blank white layer that takes up half of the first slide, is there a simple way to get rid of this?

I have tried setting all layer size features to 0px and it doesn’t have an effect. I have gone through all the settings and cant seem to get rid of it. Or maybe a way to force the layers Z index to 0 so its under the 1st slide?

Other than going into the code and forcing a visibility to false is there a UI feature I can use to hide it?

Love the WebGL transitions. you guys are some of the few that are branching out into the WebGL canvas range of web technology. More transitions and even a WebGL shader addition with fluid and particle dynamics as added features would definitely give this plug more value and interest.

Please don’t stop development pure eye candy plugs like this are great to give you the edge over the competition out there.

Best regards.

Hi, never mind, it was a layer naming conflict between your plugin and one of the elmentor plugins. After disabling the elementor plugins the floating layer problem went away. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback, new plugin with WebGL shader animations (intro, scroll, hover) is coming very soon :)


Hi team! how do you adjust the position of the background image when viewing on a tablet or mobile phone? thank you!


position of the background image can’t be changed, slide image is fixed. You can change color of the background,

Best regards

We just purchased the ‘Pro’ Version 2.20.2 but that version isn’t compatible with WP 5.9 and it locks up our website. The ‘lite’ version works but it is 2.20.3, is there a reason why the ‘Pro’ version isn’t updated on here? Is there an ETA on when it’s going to be available? The plugin works great on the lite version but we need the extra functionality that the pro version offers and we’re building the site for a customer so we need it as soon as possible. Any help you could provide us would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, have 3 images and the third one fails to show no matter what I do. Please assist.

Is it possible to translate texts and headers? If not can i display different headers depending language ettsing? I am currently using Translatepress.

Erhm… well I found the solution myself. It seems that if you have effects on the text each letter is handled separate in Translatepress. Removing the effects (or rather setting them to Fade) solved it.

Hi, I have placed 2 different sliders on 1 page, the first slider is displayed well, but the second slider not, it is displayed very small. Do you know what causes this and whether it can be solved? Cheers


please send a link with an example showing the problem so we can help you.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of the day.

Hello The sliders appear on the page only the first time when I preview the page, then I can’t preview the sliders when I refresh the page


please send link to your test page so we can check,


your demo doesn’t work anymore I’ve had your slider for over a year and now it doesn’t work anymore???


everything works fine, there was a temporary server issue,


Hello! The plugin is great I just had one question. I want the images to be fading but the text to stay the same and not transitioning! Is that possible?

Yes, with Edit Text > Style > Position > Static

Hello ! Slider looks really nice but I’ve got a problem on my side. I want to have a fullscreen and responsive slider but instead I have a centered slider on the page. But when I resize the window with my mouse it works :) Weird… As anyone got the same problem ? Can the development team help me please ? thanks Here is a video of the problem :

Two Weeks and two messages but no answer ….. Can you help me please ??

Do you intend to add new webgl transitions to the slider?

I am having a hard time to find webgl sliders alternatives that pack transitions like this one:



hi THERE, I Installed PRO and I love it ;) can you pls tell me how to reduce arrows of navigation on responsive mode? thanks

Hi, sorry there is no option to reduce navigation arrows for mobile and tablet.


Clearly extremely professionally done. Very nice product that is far better than most! My only question: how do I configure the horizontal (landscape) mode to have different sized text compared to the vertical (portrait) mode for the mobile device? Again, GREAT product!

Hi, we do not have detection of portrait / landscape, we only have mobile / tablet / desktop views based on slider width. So if slider width is less than 768px (mobile width) then it is mobile, if it is between 768 and 1024 then it is tablet mode. You can change element settings for each mode. Select mode, for example mobile, then change the font size. Then select mode tablet and select different font size.



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