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Very nice! Will likely need this soon :)

thanks, I hope that it will be useful module :-)

Hi, I just purchased the extension and am getting the following error when trying to upload to Joomla 2.5: “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file” Is this extension not ready for Joomla? Please help.

You download and that you have to first extract and then install

Sincerely, TPCreative

The file you sent via email worked straight away. Many thanks!

The file uploaded but was not displaying the time, only text. You since sent me the files via email and the module installed but I cannot find it. This in concerning. I have since installed a different countdown module that is working very well.

After you install the module to configure. See the accompanying documentation.

Regards TPCreative

Hi, i have some jquery issue with your module and yootheme´s widgetkit and cant work it out… – its possible that you can help me pls?

Sorry for the late response. I was on vacation. Please send bug reports what the module. Alternatively url to your website.

Bought and installed in JM2 .5. Very easy to and simply to install and configure BUT counter doesn’t load. I only get the default “Before countdown end message”. Any solutions programmer?


module writes a mistake? Do you have a module somewhere on the web? Send me a link to the site.

i need you support joomla 1.5 :( how to fix

I’m sorry, but Countdown TP only works with joomla 1.7 +. For joomla 1.5 would have to edit the file mod_tpcountdown.xml. Meanwhile it but do not.

Regards TPCreative

Hello I am getting a 403 Forbidden error on the module for on this page

Any thoughts on what would be blocking it?

Thanks for your help.

Hey, you have a module somewhere on the website? So I can look at? This mistake do not know, I can not think what it might be.

Just purchased the module to work with Joomla 2.5. Will not display countdown Installed Jquery Easy to help with conflicts, no luck With flags for before and after messages turned off the before message still displays

I just paid for this module and have installed it both on wamp locally and my site in progess and its not working at all.

On wamp I get the following error:

Strict standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in C:\wampserver\www\Uni\modules\mod_tpcountdown\mod_tpcountdown.php on line 18

which is $doc = & JFactory::getDocument();

On live site the module is published set to all pages etc. but no output or error messages at all – both servers are using PHP 5.4.x

The Joomla version is 2.59 and its based on Joomlarts T3 v2 system

the module should appear in the blank area under News and Events

Can you explain/assist please?

Blessings Shannon

Probably would help if I included the live url; LOL
Please change file C:\wampserver\www\Uni\modules\mod_tpcountdown\mod_tpcountdown.php on line 18
$doc = & JFactory::getDocument();
$doc =  JFactory::getDocument();

Hello -

I am interested in your module and would like to purchase it. Could you kindly confirm if this will work with Joomla 3.0?


Hello I’ll try if the module is compatible with Joomla 3 and let you know as soon as possible