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hey this is awesome, does it work with wordpress???

Hello ! Thanks ! This item is not designed for wordpress. It will work as a static element however. And that means editing some code… Bloggers’ nightmare, right? :) I will make a wordpress version of this item. Follow me for updates !

UPDATE: I do not recommend them to be used in a CMS or any dinamically generated content environment !

impressive! bookmarked

Thanks for feedback ! I worked hard on this…

Will this work on mobile devices and on responsive layouts (eg: a responsive layout on an ipad or android device?


It is not a good choice for mobile device support:

- the width is set in pixels, not percents

- it only displays correctly in browsers that support css3 border-radius, box-shadow, etc.

- the tooltip appears only on the :hover event (css pseudoclass). This means that mobile devices(no mouse) can’t show it. I will fix this issue in the future release.

Also I am planning a future re-release of this item with major improvements, maybe in a few months. So my advice: find a better tooltip solution for your requirements, or stay tunned for my re-release. Thanks.

Hi there,

Just to clarify. The re-release will be another script or a new version of this one here?


If you buy it now, I think you will probably have to repurchase the future release also. It will have major improvements anyway. It’s your decision.

I decided to buy it as an incentive for your great work. I hope this helps you keep going towards the next version. Great job on this so far. We look forward to see the next releases and the next launches! Will probably buy the WP version also by the way.

Thank you very much and I am happy you like my work !

Unfortunatelly it does not work for scrollable divs when I need tooltip outside the div. Do you have any solution? Example:

<div style="overflow: hidden; width: 200px; height: 200px; border: 1px solid red;">
    <div class="label ttp tto_size100 up_center tt_bstyle_1 tt_shd2 tt_effect1"><strong>Example</strong><span class="bub3"><span style="margin-top: 25px;">Example text</span></span></div>

Hi burza! Thank you for buying my Tooltips – Round & Oval. I’ve replyed to you by email.

It appears that they do not display in containers that have overflow hidden. They get cut off in that situation.

Still hoping a WordPress version is made.

Thanks, but I’m caught up in work. Don’t see it coming any soon.

Hi nice work! can you make the shape like a cloud?

Hi, thanks ! No, that’s not possible.

Congratulations! GoodLuck :)