Discussion on TM Elementor Addons

Discussion on TM Elementor Addons

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I was almost buying this plugin. But I see a lot of questions about update issues. And the creator doesn’t give feedback and didn’t even have an update. Unfortunate! Whenever you buy read the comments before. I really wanted this plugin

Hello, I downloaded your product. Great stuff. Lot of nice features.

Sometimes the Template Library is working, most of the times it isn’t though. When I look in the Console, I see this error:

elementor.helpers.getUniqueID()` is hard deprecated since 3.0.0 – Use `elementorCommon.helpers.getUniqueId()` instead consoleWarn @ dev-tools.min.js?ver=3.7.7:2

Don’t have any other plugins installed.

I cannot reproduce it consistently (though it does not work most of the time). Deactivating all plugins, reactivating and syncing library works sometimes, but most of the times it doesn’t .

People with the same issue, workaround is: rightclick, reload.

such a great addon for elementor…but majority times there is a compatibility issue…would be awesome if you guys could fix this

Hi, I have 4 websites where Elementor Pro no longer loads the page with this PlugIn. Elementor support and the hoster both came to the same error – their PlugIn. The update to 3.3 did not help. Elementor and Elementor Pro version: 3.6.5

Hi there,

I recently purchased your plugin. I noticed that with the plugin active, all Custom Icon packs are rendered unusable, could you please fix this? I was also wondering if the Tooltip element could be altered to be able to show dynamic content like the User Profile Picture (same as the default Image element)?

Hey guys, all right? I believe that the “Heading” Widget is in some error regarding the latest versions of Elementor.

I came across a customer using your Plugin, some pages of the client’s website were with errors pointing to:

home1/customer/.. /wp-content/plugins/elementor/includes/base/controls-stack.php(1105): ElementorCo in /home1/customer/.. /wp-content/plugins/theme-masters-elementor/includes/widgets/heading.php on line 112

I had to go back to the Elementor “Free” version to 3.5.0, where the error does not occur, and thus be able to substitude the Heading Widgets to the Elementor Widget Title.

In version 3.5.0 the error does not occur.

It’s just feedback, I could be wrong.


Hi, you should update TM Elementor Addons (v3.3).

Thanks for replying. I’ll let the customer know about this update!

This plugin looks great, but unfortunately, after installed, Elementor Editor won’t load. Deactivate this plugin, Elementor loads fine.


your plugin isnt working with new versions of elementor and that has stopped the editing part of the website…whenever the plugin is on the elementor section keeps showing loading sign only as soon we disable the plugin elementor editing starts working.

will there ever be an update….

Hello, on version 3.3, adding a section does not work. Any solution is appreciated!

I want buy, Before buy, Need to confirm me header footer builder available

Everything worked fine. But I decided to turn off unnecessary elements and the plugin completely disappeared from Elementor. I see it in the plugins list. No conflicts with other plugins, clearing the cache – enabling and disabling elements did not help. The same thing happened on the second site …

Solution to my problem. Deactivation of all plugins at the same time. Then turn on Elementor and TM (activation of all elements, extensions and libraries) Then gradually turn on the rest of the plugins. Amen

Hi! I have a problem with the newest wordpress version. When this plugin is activated then I can’t edit pages through Elementor. Even downgrading wordpress version didn’t work. Any ideas?

Hi.. how to get the instagram widget to work.. tried all possible combinations, but I must do something wrong. Thanks.

TM Template Library is not inserted. How to solve this issue?

Hello there I buy TM Elementor Addons The options are suspended in the rank math seo plugin. I cannot change anything and the system is frozen When I deactivate Elementor Addons, everything works fine or normal How can I solve this problem i try deactive all plugin one by one to make sure where is the problem screenshot: if I click any thing it freezer on google opening hours format

but when i deactive TM Elementor Addons everything workign good

Hello, I would like to know if your plugin is compatible with Elementor 3.2.2 For example image comparsion it doesn’t work in my website and some icons. I didn’t update Elementor due to I have a warning its says maybe your plugin it doesn’y work with the latest version.

Hi, the plugin is compatible with the latest version of Elementor;

There may be compatibility issues between the plugin and one of your 3rd party plugins or your theme;

Do the post grid/masonry plugins support custom skins?

Can I use the add ons with any Elementor theme – meaning can i use the plugin as a standalone in Elementor?

Hey mate.. nice plugin I like it.

Only issue I have, and this could be bbpress config. I am using elementor and it all sing and dances just fine.

What I noticed I that I go to the forum page i build in elementor and it is all good, then hop in a topic, this is where it gets odd the formatting disappears… as in the elementor build page does look nice.

Do I need to create a page for each topic aswell?

Structure is: <maindomain>/<forumpage> Then click on topic <maindomain>/topic/<topicname> —> no page formatting as forumpage Then click on the forumname, (which takes you back to the forum page) <maindomain>/forum/<forumpage>—> this page now has no formatting.

I am not sure if this is a plugin issue or something I need to setup or what.

Any idea?? Thanks H

Hi, I have Hello Theme, and Elementor, all updated to the latest updates. Just bought and installed your plugin. However the Shape Dividers are not working. The Elementor ones work fine, but your do not work. Can you help?

this plugin seems to be needing updates…. seeing a lot of bugs when trying to use..


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