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beykaei Purchased

Is this plugin support latex/TeX equation editor. Instead of image directly insert the latex code to the textarea box? And with MathJax show the equation in the preview box.

Sorry, it doesn’t support it.

Hello, I would like to know if this plugin supports a way to get the formula as LaTeX, similar to Mathquill. Thanks for the help. Regards, Eduardo

Yes, the formula you inserted has a attribute as “data-latex”, it’s the formula’s LaTex value.


reybel Purchased

Hi, while my app is on local it works perfectly, but in iis 7 the editor never loads….is there a additional configuration?

Hi, I just purchased your tinymce4-formula-editor. I have followed the instructions but the formula icon is not appearing in the editor at all. The TinyMCE version is 4.5.1 . Here is the configuration that I am using:

tinymce.init({ selector: ‘bold italic underline superscript subscript | bullist numlist | forecolor backcolor | link image media | emoticons charmap table codesample leaui_formula’, theme: ‘modern’, plugins: [ ‘autoresize charmap code codesample contextmenu link lists’, ‘media image emoticons’, ‘paste tabfocus table textcolor leaui_code_editor ‘ ], paste_data_images: true, menubar : false, statusbar:false, });

toolbar: toolbar_elements,
content_css: tinymce_content_css,
relative_urls : false,
remove_script_host: false,
// paste_as_text: true,
autoresize_bottom_margin: 10,
   browser_spellcheck: true,

It is working now , had to change the folder name. Thanks for the awesome plugin !


drjafeh Purchased

Hi Leaui,

I am using Wordpress and have your Wordpress formula editor installed. It works for me but not for my users when they try to add a question/answer. The sigma icon for this plugin is added to AnsPress question/answer page but it creates an icon instead of each formula. For this AnsPress I’m using TinyMCE Advanced and Titan Framework. I finally gave up and purchased your TinyMCE4 Formula Editor just now. Is it going to work with TinyMCE Advanced? I tried to upload it and as expected did not work. Please advice.

Thank you.

Sorry, the `Wordpress formula editor` is just for add/edit post on admin panel.


drjafeh Purchased

I understand. But AnsPress uses TinyMCE and your other plugin, TinyMCE4 Formula editor, is designed for this editor, right? And that’s what I’m trying to do.

“TinyMCE4 Formula editor” is designed for TinyMCE4. If AnsPress uses TinyMCE4. It will work fine with AnsPress. I haven’t used the AnsPress and I don’t know AnsPress how to use TinyMCE4 as it’s editor. You must find the plugin folder of TinyMCE4 on AnsPress and upload plugin to it.

Then you must update the tinymce configuration to add `leaui_formula` plugin, eg:
        selector: "textarea",
        plugins: [
                "advlist autolink link lists charmap  hr anchor pagebreak",
                "directionality textcolor paste fullpage textcolor" 
        paste_data_images: true,
        toolbar1: "leaui_formula | styleselect formatselect fontselect fontsizeselect | bold italic underline strikethrough " 

hi i get this error in chrome when i open the fourmul window Uncaught TypeError: target.node.getTransformToElement is not a function

what should i do? thanks?

Are translations supported by the editor? Are there translation files available? I need to display it in Italian. Thanks.