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leaui supports this item


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Nice work, very useful! :)


Yes of course.

Wonderful work. Is it expendable? I want to use my membership system.

Yes, it support multiple users, each user has its own albums and images.

dear leaui,

i have try to change config.php in

define(‘UPLOAD_PATH’,’../../../../../../uploads/images’); // upload file path define(‘IMAGE_SRC_PREFIX’, ’../uploads/images’); // the image’s src prefix, upload_files/user_1/a.jpg. need it to show image

because i have the dir of images in the

ROOT —uploads —images


but doesnt work. how i can change the settings to do work? thank you

Yes, Update /server/page/File.php, line 39
$image_path = $uploader->save('user_'. $user_id, $uploader->random_filename());
Update to :
$image_path = $uploader->save("", $uploader->random_filename());

thank you very much, i appreciate your support. i think you have do a great work.

it’s possibile save the file with it’s real name instead a random filename?

sorry with my question but i think that this modifies gives at other persons.

You ara welcome and it’s my responsibility & my pleasure to do this.

If you don’t want to save file to path “user_” and save it in real name, just update that line to :
$image_path = $uploader->save("");

Hello I wonder how would the album, viewed by someone else! that will be in the right phpdolphin? response waiting to buy!

Hi, everyone has it’s own albums and images, the album can’t be viewed by others. This plugin has two tables: album and image, each table has a ‘user_id’ column. Pardon, I hasn’t use ‘phpDolphin’.

Nice plugin. Is it possible to define the “uploads folder” somewhere outside the plugin folder? Now it is in the tinymce/plugins/”upload_files”. But, i would like to have it outside..is it possible?

Yes, of course.
You can modify the config.php file: the ‘UPLOAD_PATH’ and ‘IMAGE_SRC_PREFIX’ must set in a right way.

Consider that if you want upload file to upload_files_2 which in your root directory, you should set the config.php:

define('UPLOAD_PATH', '../../../../upload_files_2'); // upload file path relative by config.php and target to upload_files_2, change it by your way.

define('IMAGE_SRC_PREFIX', 'http://localhost/leauicom/upload_files_2'); // the image's src prefix, upload_files/user_1/a.jpg. need it to show image

Nice, I buy today, I use with tinyMCE and not work… I put in my TinyMCE this…

tinymce.init({ mode : “exact”, elements : “elm1”, statusbar: false, height : ‘450px’, toolbar: ‘leaui_image | styleselect | bold underline italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist | media | forecolor backcolor’, plugins: [ ‘leaui_image advlist autolink link lists charmap preview’, ‘searchreplace wordcount code media’, ‘save textcolor ‘ ], auto_focus: “main_editor”, relative_urls: false, convert_urls: false, remove_script_host : false, entity_encoding: ‘raw’, menubar: false });

But in textarea in my form not see none, not open tinyMCE editor. I put in plugin/image all as write in documentation and setting config.php. Why in my program not see in textarea Tinymce editor?

Sorry to reply to you so late. You should debug your program in this way: 1) Please check that the editor will run well if you not set leaui_image plugin 2) elements : “elm1” ? Maybe your should set the “selector” option: tinymce.init({selector: “textarea”});

Now work TinyMCE but when open album manager and upload image have this error

Error: a1_28.jpg [33.51 KB] SyntaxError: Unexpected token <


Sorry to reply to you so late. Maybe it’s your db configuration is wrong, check the db configuration in config.php file.

Can this plugin run with PHP 5.4

Bug Found

cannot use with pdo 5.1x. date: 2-7-58

work around

change the use of pdo to other type of database connection in filedao.php and albumdao.php

Maybe it’s php environment’s problem, this plugin use pdo to connect database

can I use it with other editors? like xheditor?

No, it’s just for tinymce, CKEditor4, wordpress http://codecanyon.net/user/leaui/portfolio

Congratulations! GoodLuck

Sorry read feature. But just ask to confirm:

each user will have there own media ( i mean: They only user what they upload). can not see upload of another (i mean all website). Thanks

I want user can upload direct as demo from computer and also from links. But i want who uploaded only see what they upload, can not see another. except admin.

Which URL will these use all availa URL download defaul of wp or any modify?

This plugin will work direct on inser/image in toolbar right? So even i do css hide button “media” insearch of tinymce (out of tootlbar box) will this plugin also work right?

There is 6 collum in upload, can i have 4 collum?

Image title is ” Alt ” info in wordpress media upload defaul, right?

Hello, how can I change to list images under /media/photos/ instead of upload_files? I have no membership and upload concern but only wish to listing images and with multi insertion function. Thanks!