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This script can’t export anything? I click export and page redirect to link (look down) and page crush! Noting export. Link broken.


And look at link, some areas have double // why?

Please check your exports folder, as I understand your configuration is correct, if you check your export folder files should be there.

You are using Laravel framework, so that problem related with it. It could not find route that is why gives error. It depends on your website please set your website configuration. give permission html and zip files in the route.


Not. I am trying without laravel and trying empty FTP,s but not working all time.

Local: don’t work Hosting: dont’t work Laravel with: Don’t work

I think, your plugin need some PHP functions BUT WE DONT KNOW THESE.

Please add a checker page for check all needs for work. If any thing false, this must tell me FOR WE FIX IT.

I am bought it but Can’t use 2 weeks. I am still waiting your solution.

Please only add CHECKER PAGE for this scripts needing.


Thanks for your suggestion. I will take consider your suggestion.

If you want I can help you for installing. Just contact with support center.


Hi, I have some issues with Bootstrap 4. I don´t want validation because I have other validation method. I need CSS without font-awesome because I already have it on my project. Can you deliver any version with just Wizard JS and GSI-Step css for BS4?

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. If you do not want to disable validation, just set false to validation field.

I can send you Css without font-awesome. please create ticket in our support system. .

Thanks for your feedback

Hi. Few questions:

1. How big are the CSS / JS files in total, considering I already have jQuery, Font Awesome and Bootstrap on my website

2. Is it possible to hide the steps? I guess it is just display: none for some element. But will it break anything?

3. Is the bar with PREV / NEXT / FINISH independent from the form? I want to place it into my sticky footer, so it will be in a fixed position



1. If you have those libraries, you do not need to add them to your page. CSS / JS together total size approximately 100kb.

2. Yes, you can use display none.

3. Yes those buttons are located outside of form. If you want you can hide it with css and control it how you want, we have several methods for controlling. goto, getcurrentindex,nextstep, prevstep,etc. More information please visit docs:


Hi I have few quesitons,

1- the generator generate also name of all input ?

2- can I export the form as String to store it in database ?

3- what can I export this is what I did not understand ?

And I want to add, this widget looks amazing ! :)


1. It will not add name for inputs.

2. For now it is not possible to get form as string. it will generate HTML file, if you want , you can read that HTML file in the backend and save it db as a string

3. Export – will generate HTML and ZIP file. HTML for showing user ( preview) ZIP for downloading.

Thanks for kind words :)

Is this compatible with WooCommerce?

It is not compatible with WooCommerce. Thanks

Hi I am considering to buy your product in my project but I would like to ask a few questions. 1. I would like to use it as multi step form to capture data when user fill out in form to my variables to process more. And I don’t use in PHP just HTML, CSS, jQuery in my program I mean I plan to use it to be form replace form in SharePoint. Is it possible to do it. 2.If I don;t have PHP in my computer can I use form builder to design a form? Please answer me. Thanks


Our plugin based on html/css/jQuery . There is not backend side just frontend.

For creating form very easily we created form builder page. It does not related with main plugin. The builder just helps for creating multi-step form. and it requires PHP. If you have not any plan to use builder,so you donot need PHP .

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards

Hi I am considering to buy your product, does the script has accordion toggle? we need to add input fielts to it? is that possible


Our product based on bootstrap. and has below effects :
basic – Basic
bounce – Bounce
slideRightLeft – Slide from right to left
slideLeftRight – Slide from left to right
flip – Flip
transformation – Transformation
slideDownUp – Slide from down to up
slideUpDown – Slide from up to down

More information please visit docs:

Our product includes builder which is helping you creating form very easily, surely after export form you can edit as you wish.

If you want you can use our examples and create your own form scratch.

Best Regards

The YouTube video “How to install and use” is not working. It displays a “not available – private video” error:

Hi, Please try again. It is public now.


Pre-purchase question: I am not a programmer and even though it was suggested adding the functionality of actually sending your forms is quite simple, coding is outside my comfort zone and I would prefer not to have to figure out how to do it.

If you could kindly provide me with a functional example after the purchase I would greatly appreciate it because I am very intrigued by your script.

Thank you in advance.


If will need any help on how to use the product surely we will do it. What do you mean “functional example”?

Note: we do not offer any customization


I am referring to the form information being sent to an email address. Your script appears to be front-end-only so the functionality of managing the email aspect is not built-in.

Would you be able to provide me with a working example that has the email functionality built-in to help me add it to forms I create? I read a few posts from people with the same question and you kindly offered to send them an example of your form with the email feature already added. I believe I read a reference to using PHP Mailer but I don’t know how to connect it to your script.



You need sen request to backend in onFinishClick event.

In AJAX POST request you can send form information ( name,surname,etc) on backend side you need to get those values from POST request , and call PHPMailer for sending emails.

Note: make sure that you configured PHPMailer properly.


I purchased this script with the ultimate goal of using it to create a multi-step product (laptop) configuration form, allowing the user to purchase the product at the end. Is there any way to pass the user’s selections/choices to a payment processor, like PayPal or Stripe, to complete a purchase and save/send the config?

Hi, Unfrtunately, our plugin doesnot support any payment methods. it is the only multi-step form ( mainly for developers ) and we provided builder for creating multi-step form very easily. Thanks

Hello, can you send the info collected via email? Thanks

Hello, I need your wizard to parse to a static page the answers received from the form created. Is this possible? Maybe your could fix this for me and I would pay for your time?