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Hi, I need to implement custom validation on “onNextClick”. How can i stop propagation if there is validation error plz ? “Next” button mustn’t be disabled. Thx.

Brilliant! Great support as well. I’m using it with asp.net and post back and it has extended functionality such as goto(n) specific step which is very useful.

i am glad to helped you. thanks :)

Are there examples of dynamic form content?

I think that , you can make dynamic form in this way. How can i help you ?

I have successfully create the form when going to the next step. The problem I have now is that I don’t see any event when you click the top step. It appears there is only an event when you click the buttons, which I want to use my own buttons.

Hi i sent you email included examples


“BONUS INCLUDED: Grumpy – Multi Step Indicator 60 Style” в какой папке находится бонус?

Hi , in css folder has gsi-indicator.css , if you need grumpy full project please write me , i will send you . (rufet.esgerov@gmail.com)


Can I use “Form Validation” with your Step Form? http://formvalidation.io

Thanks. Regards

Hi , plugin included Parsley,js for validation.i recommend to use it. if you want you can add formvalidation.


Ok, thanks!

Few questions 1) I see only green.. can I change the colors ? 2) Can I load and process the forms dynamically with ajax ? 3) I need to include this in a yii2 project. Is that possible ?

Hi 1. yes you can change color from css file. 2. timon has own events also you can write jquery codes for ajax. 3. you can include this in any project . it is possible


how to show one step and finish button instead of next button?

HI dear customer, this script for multi step form , unfortunately there is no option one step.

Thanks, Rufat Askerov


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Hello, is possible to show form input fields based on select value? For example, if the user select the value “yes” in a select menu “address delivery different from billing contact?” show more input fields for the “address delivery”. Thanks.

Hi dear customer,

1. If you want to make this in builder you need some customization in builder.

2. If you want to show different input fields in step form , you can make it with jquery .

Let me know if you have any question

Thanks Rufat Askerov

Hello, can i deploy a asp.net project with Step Form Builder and is it possible to control toolset for implementation? thanks

Hi , yes you can this product in any web project . but if you use ASP.NET WebForms maybe you have some problems.because this product based on jquery. and send data recommend with ajax.

Let me know if you have any question


Am I the only one having trouble with the Builder tool? I’ve confirmed with the author and he’s helping with it but the Builder as-is, is in ‘demo’ mode where you can’t export it. I’m in the process of modifying the code but judging from these comments, not many are having this trouble. Were these issues just introduced in the last release maybe?

Hi dear customer , please check your email .


Hello – I am running into the same issue where I cannot export the form. It states that the program is in demo mode. Please advise.

Hi dear customer, i solve this issue and send files to envato , i you want to get files now please contact me with email . rufet.esgerov@gmail.com


Hello – When clicking the “Next” or “Previous” buttons how can I set the next/prev page to load at the top of the form? I have a couple of pages that have lengthy form inputs and clicking Prev/Next loads the Prev/Next page but is loading at the bottom of the form. Thank you!

Hi ,

you can use onNextClick and onPrevClick for loading for forms.



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Hi people, did someone have a crash problem when building a complex form? we exported in every step. The builder crashed in a step and now we need to load the builder with the last exported file and continue editing with the builder. Any idea or solution with this? We already contacted to the Author and waiting for his comments. I really hope to find a light here.

Hi dear customer, please check your email . i wrote you .


Hi there, before I buy this https://www.canadadrives.ca/ 1-I would like to know If I can build something like that? 2-can I save them into database such that each filed has its own column? 3- can I customize the result in an email format? 4- can I install it on any wordpress application using any wordpress template? thanks, Alex


1. If you mean that build landing page , it is not imposssible. this tool only make forms

2. if you have programing skills you can save data in your database what you want

3. Sorry i do not understand completely . what do you mean that email format ?

4. This is jquery version , that is why maybe you have some problems with integration wordpress . .. i am planing to publish wp version in next month

Thanks Rufat Askerov