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  1. Does the user’s time tracking automatically stop if the user forgets to click the stop button? If so, after how long?
  2. Does the original browser tab have to stay open while they work on other pages of the site?
Thank you.

is this filled in the frontend or back?


Will this plugin work with WordPress multi-site? I.e if network activated, will it work from main network dashboard area. Or does it need to be activated and used within each site? I’m looking for a function that will let me know how much time a WP user spends on each site within the network. Showing date/time etc and providing a total amount of hours/minutes. Thanks.

Hello, 3 months ago you reply this: “You can’t edit time but you can manually ADD time in next version (adding this functionality)”.

So, en the todays version it’s already available?.. Thanks.

Yes. It’s available.

Hello. I have a pre-purchase question. Would it possible to add custom fields to projects? such that a project is seperated into different jobs, and that each user can add his time spent on that job in the project manually (with the custom log – add log function, as opposed to the automatic time taking)

how to remove “time tacking” panel in admin only

also I have this error in wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpttar-dashboard : Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given in /home/sabtrd39/staging/1/wp-content/plugins/wp-ttar/wp-ttar-dashboard.php on line 29

Please share your wp-admin URL and login credentials here: https://ommune.com/contact-us/ and we’ll check the issue.

I send you the credentials with subject: lookforme account issues in your plugin


I have couple of pre sales question:

1- Could I traslate it easily?

2.- I need something similar to track the time of my students (in a wordpress LMS site) Do you think I can use it for that?

So lets say I create a role like “student” and all the roles by “student” should be recorded since they are log in untill they log out. Could I?

Thanks :)


Algo I would need some report from each student


1. Yes. You can translate using .po and .mo files. We’ll guide you how to do this. 2. Yes. You can track students. If you’ll need any specific customization then our team will help but it’ll be chargeable extra. Hope it helps.

I am unable to view team members. Also in settings i am unable to set the time and user role. Please need your support. The website on which this is installed is edu.bharatgovtjobs.com. The plug-in is purchased from CodeCanyon.net.

Received. Team is checking it. Will get back to you over email. No need to comment here.

Awaiting a response for the support since it has been 6 days now.

We made the changed on the same day. Please check and let us know if there is anything else. Thanks

Is it possible to made an admin account be able to clock in other employees from my login? also is it possible to edit logged hours if there was a mistake?

No way as of now. Will check in future if something can be implemented for this feature.

Thanks. Unfortunately this is not helpful the way it currently sits.

It was initially meant for this only so that people don’t misuse it. If they close the browser or shut down their system then it means they are not working. Hence timer won’t work.If they do it accidentally, then they can always come back to start the timers. I am not saying you’re asking something wrong rather the current logic is also not wrong. It depends on how you see it. I hope you understand now. Thanks.