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I want to use images for the tabs, instead of the icons and text. Is this easily accomplished? Also, I tried a different CSS solution, and the content is running over the footer. Will this happen with your solution?

Thank you. ~ Justin

Hi Justin, yes you can use images instead of icon and text. as for as over the footer is an css issue. I don’t think that my css tabs will create this kind of issue because i see your tab have some css issue that’s why it over the footer. Thanks

hi, I am French, best wishes buy before. I wonder if this is possible. have this script tab “clone” such as this site here. “looks down the site” thank you

hi, I ask just have the same Tabs (his clone) thank you

So what you want from me ? I already said you that i can’t make clone , you can do customization your self. if you like my item you can buy it. Thanks

Hi, I am interested in a plugin tabs responsive without jquery would it be possible to have the vertical plugin and without effect add an icon to each possible tabs? thank you

I tried to install your control on a page within a parent div. All the tabs are going outside of the parent div. It’s because of their absolute position. Is there a work around to that?

Html looks something like:

Product Tabs inputs and labels all here.

Tabs are flowing outside of

Regards, Ahmad.

ok i check it and it’s look like conflicting with your existing html/css . There is solution that you can set height of .thetabs{height: 254px;}

Is there any other solution because contents to these tabs will be added dynamically? Adding more contents is causing the same problem.

hmmm…yep this will be an issue. you can try to customize css little bit or send me all files i will also take a look when i get time. thanks

Hi, I like Your script, but it is not working on an important smartphone: S3 mini (Android 4.1). I tried with Dolphin and Internet. Could You fix it please? Tank You, Matthias

Alright i will check and tried to update new version. thanks

Hello, I am very interested by your plugin How to-have has tabbed component with an accordion For Each tab. An item, tabbed associated with the accordion. Example here Thank you


I am very interested by your plugin.

Question: 1 Need a tabbed component (another plugin) for use with the accordion.

Question: 2 Can be integrated this plugin “BWL Searchable Accordion jQuery Plugin”. your plugin?

a tabbed component with an accordion for each tab. use a tabbed element associated with the accordion. plugin can be done as in the example here

Thank you

It can be integrated with other plugin but you should know about HTML/CSS and Iquery.

look it’s simple HTML/CSS and you can of-course integrate it with any other code but as i said you should be know how about other plugin and integration. Also remember i will not able to help you with any integration. Thanks.

hi, i’m wondering if this plugin will allow for multiple rows of tabs? The rows would basically be on top of each other.

Multiple row of tabs ? You mean you want , does it allow more tabs ? If yes then you can do it by customizing the html/css but the documentation don’t help you.

Thanks for your complement.

Can you tell me if this supports nested tabs?

Sorry, Currently it isn’t supported.