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Great! Good luck with sales!

I am interesting. I don´t want create any change of the game, so is it necessary constructor ?. What is the SIZE in MB of this game ?

I only want put this game into my website without any change, can i do it without constructor ?

yep sure, if you put this into your own website, you dont need to change, I included HTML5 folder, so just upload to your server, the Size is ~5MB included all sound and image, (because each browser play with different format, mean double size of sound), but the game HTML5 load quickly, anyway Im always here if you need help.

thx for your interesting

Great Game like BoxPhisycs….

thx a lot for purchase.

Can I add more level? Also, is it posible that a Congratulation Popup div with a facebook share button would appear once a level is complete?

I just notice the word ORDER if I want to add new levels. Does that mean I have to spend money again?

yep, for the facebook share we can make it appear on each level complete, for the ORDER : you can reorder obstacles() on current level if you want, for add new levels, you need to have idea before then I can help you to make the levels with your idea, but if I do by self , find idea and execute it, you have to pay the fee for that.


Hi do you offer reskin for a fee, or do you have any designers can refer?

hi, thanks for purchase, I dont know designer who will reskin this game, if you have idea and skin not so much, I can help you no fee, if I do reskin byself (find idea too) it could take long time with fee, I cannot say exactly how much time I will spend now , have an idea is important after that is every things go fast. regards.

Is it possible to re-skin by ourselves? I mean, are the images layered so I can’t replace each of them ? Like instead of birds make them “oranges” for example?

hi , thanks for purchase, for reskin, the simple way is replace all images inside folder IMAGES (you can see it inside: EXPORT FOLDER/images ) just copy and paste to replace the image you want here.

or if you have all the asset to reskin, i can help you, just give me the asset.

Hello Where isHello How to get the plugin “Chrome console” ? Thanks for your answer

thanks for purchase, here the link to download the Plugin:


Hi i have a question before buy your application Can I make it for android

yep, sure we can export APK for Android, by using CocoonJS or IntelXDK, the both are good for this



Could you please add Startapp ads with free to your game ? just html + script code. Also I can not export to Android, can you help me export to Android If I buy your game ?

I dont want to use Admob, which other ads that you can add?

Can you add chartboost ?

so sorry nope, construct 2 only support Admob for android.

Hello Crazyprogrammer,

In the file downloaded I only can find the web version ( I need the phone version also ( how Can i get this one?

hi there, it’s only scale mode option in construct, could you text me a mail I can send the phone version for you. or you can make it by your self in construct : Properties panel=> Configuration Settings => Fullscreen in browser and choose: “Scale outer”


I want to add ads. I can’t change on the program Contsruct 2. But the ads does not load. Could you help?

yes, can you send me your banner ID, I will add it for you. Regards

please contact me via email, I will support on it, thanks

Is this game clone of some famous game?

The preview link doesn’t work