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This is awesome – looks great.

Is there any easy way (or do you plan to convert it to..) use as a WP plugin?

Good luck

thank you, and yes I will soon work on it!

Hi, is it possible to use javascript ,for example fancy box; inside ?

thanks for the feedback!

And yes it is possible, I just did it. Just add it normal where you want it inside the tabs (divs with a class of “content”).
And also make sure that you import jQuery once and before all the javascript files (fancybox scripts and fusion scripts).

If you need more help let me know.

Looks good (and bookmarked).

Question?: Can you nest an instance of this within another? Say, the Vertical within the horizontal one?

Thank you animajik.

and yes you can do that if you want. Regards.

Great, thanks davidbo90

Hello, this is a great design. I’ve looked through your portfolio and you have a great design esthetic. I purchased this and it works great. I’m using the vertical slide option and I’m trying to set the width of the box but everywhere I try to control the width setting has not effect. It stays at a width of 906 px. I need to set the width as it currently overlaps my background image. Please advise.

Also, I was thinking of adding your Auto Grid Responsive Gallery inside this one, will that work?

Hi, thanks a lot I appreciate it, please rate 5 stars and follow me on codecanyon because more plugins are coming soon.

I don’t know why it isn’t working for you, I just tried and it did change, if your are doing it in your style sheet make sure is in the correct one, or you can change it with this peace of CSS code:
.fusion,.fusion div.content{

If you could tell me more about it I could help you more, if you want contact me via email through my profile so I can provide you more support.

Best Regards.

Hi, Is there a way to have this auto-play but have it stop once someone selects a tab or is hovering over the content of the tab? Great work! Thanks.

Hi, I think the best way is when someone clicks on an option of the navigation bar, and yes it is possible, I just did it, contact me via email through my profile so I can send you the JS with the modifications you want.


Sending you an email now. Thanks!

Works perfectly. No problems at all.

I’m glad everything is working in order, Regards.

Hi, First of all, great Job. Secondly, can I use two event triggers? I’m using the “hover” event trigger on a vertical bar, and while I want the behavior I’m getting, I also want to go to a new page if the user click’s on bar item, over which he is hovering. Is that possible? I hope that makes sense. ;) Thanks Lee

Yes it does make sense, That is possible with jQuery or just javascript, if you have some understanding of jQuery you can target the nav and set an event that when you click an option it will send you to a new page, this javascript portion can be outside the plugin script, so you don’t need further knowledge of the script behavior! :)

I bought this. It works great. I asked for a few support changes and the developer obliged the same day. It’s a great slider with the best support. 5 stars from me.

thank you for your nice comment, and I appreciate the rating! :D

I’m having some issues when viewing this in IE7 and IE8. Unfortunately, those are the browsers our organization uses with no scheduled upgrades coming. When selecting the tabs, the content isn’t changing. Any thoughts on getting this to work in those browsers? Thanks!

Hi, well those browsers were not supported by the plugin like in the plugin page says! but I have fix the compatibility issues with IE (I tested on IE8).

The new version is waiting for review in CodeCanyon but you can contact me via email (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form) so I can send you the new plugin right away!

Thanks…email sent!

very slow and jerky in opera (on mac)

I’m under MAC and just test it on opera and I don’t see it slow or jerky , but if you don’t like the CSS3 transitions (which consume more resources) you can always use the horizontal and vertical slide

Hi David - VERY NICE! :)

please let us know if you have WP version, as of yet?

if not – how can I use inside of a Wordpress installation?

with more instruction, we WP web designers can usually put things together



Hello, currently there’s no Wordpress version, but WP at the end is just HTML so it yes you can put it in a WP site, but I don’t have any installation guide for WP at the moment :s

THANKX FOR YOU QUICK REPLY! great to know – I’ll follow so we can get info when available -

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

thank you :)

Hi, I’m trying to use your sliding panels as a menu. Therefore I do not want the first panel to display until the user clicks one the of tabs. Is this possible and how can I edit the CSS or JS to do this?

I need to add to my last request… I would also like the tabs to “toggle” so they will close if the user clicks again on the tab they just opened. How would I do this?

this feature is not part of this plugin, it would be beyond the scope of the plugin but if you know some JS you can start with hiding the sections with this CSS:

    .fusion .section{
        display: none;
and then show the sections when somebody clicks on the menu, with this JS:
    jQuery('.fusion>ul li>a').on('click', function(){
        $('.fusion .section').show();
try adding this JS at the bottom of the page

Best, David