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Hello, is it possible to show only days?

Yes, it is.

I’ve download the file. Once I install in the plugin I can find it. Can you explain to me how to used this plugin.

Hello, please unzip the downloaded file from this site, and upload the zip inside it to your plugin administration page. Once installed, you can create countdown in post editor or widget.

Hi, Very nice plugins, I have just installed i seems to work fine. but it is the way to edit the shortcode once is added ?, i want to try different style but every time i need to start from the begining.

(i use visual composer) Best Regards Daniel

Hi Daniel. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. I am afraid I don’t understand the needs. Are you trying to change the countdown template with the same shortcode? If it is not working with page builder, try to use standard HTML editor.


I bought this plugin and installed on WordPress. I created a content box on Avada Theme and then pressed the coutdown pro button. The screen tints slightly, but nothing shows up. If I click elsewhere on screen, it return to original. Seems like js overlay. How can I fix this?

Also, it doesn’t seem like I have the “pro”version of the plugin. I don’t have advanced settings as shown in screenshot. I can only see “general” and “advanced” options. Is there someplace I can add license key as well?

Nevermind. I have found the solution. I just changed to classic editor on avada and that did the trick.

The plugin conflicts with LiveChat. Whenever youre trying to configure a new count down, you’ll see that in the settings under ‘Styles’ in the preview window you’ll see a LiveChat icon.

The preview option only gives sample view about how it look in the front end, font, color .etc. Any plugin or theme feature can override the preview.


pecraig Purchased

Hi, I’m working with the time Expiration function. I have websites in different time zones that I need to have an exact expiry. example: My development computer is in the Mountain time zone and I need a website page in the Eastern time zone to redirect at exactly 12:01 a.m on Black Friday. What is the best way to do that?

Hello, there is a timezone option and time server synchronization, try to ply with that.

Can I make countdown this style? http://edulandiya.az

Hello. Unfortunately there is no option to do such thing.

Hello and thanks for making this plugin.

I can get it to work repeatably within a blog post, even with a mobile-only script, but what I cannot seem to do is get it to work consistently on my homepage—whether in a widget or as a php call in the footer. It will work the first time, maybe linked to caching it, but if I refresh, it doesn’t appear.

I’ve enqueue the js file, as seen here:

wp_register_script('MWcount', 'my-URL/plugins/the-countdown-pro/js/jquery.countdown.min.js', array(), '2.0.0', true); // Countdown Plugin jQuery wp_enqueue_script('MWcount'); // Enqueue it!

I’ve drug the widget down to the Inactive Widget section and created (and saved) the settings to create a short code and the PHP function, but neither work every time I hit the reload button. Just the very first time. Yes, I use only one shortcode at a time.

What might you suggest? If you could email me at ‘editor@katstudios.com’ for the particulars, it might be easier to send the source files, etc.

Thank you.


Please check ‘my-URL/plugins/the-countdown-pro/js/jquery.countdown.min.js’, I think it has wrong directory structure.

Please take a look at this function parameters: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_enqueue_script/

Or, you can directly use wp_enqueue_script( ‘the-countdown-pro’ ) since it already added by the plugin.

You can send me private via my profile page to have conversation via email.

Hi… I just purchased this WP plugin 20 minutes ago. I successfully installed the plugin. I’m looking to get it up and running on a page of my website, however, when I go to edit that page, all I see is a section that says “countdown pro” then it gives the option of “general” or “advanced.” I don’t see any images of what the timer looks like or anything.

How do I actually create a timer that expires this Friday at Midnight EST?

Hi… There is no widget in the sidebar. If I look under “settings” in the WP sidebar then I see Countdown Pro. All other countdown plugins are deactivated. I don’t see a shortcode generator.

So… I found the Appearances > Widgets section. Then, I added the plugin to all the sidebars but nothing happened. It didn’t show on my page. Do I need an updated version of Wishlist member to run this plugin?

Please send me private message via my profile page, I’ll send you the update if it helps.

Hi, I’m having trouble centering the countdown clock on my client’s site. The shortcode I’m using is:

[countdown id=”1511215955” format=”dHMS” serverSync=”true” alwaysExpire=”true” compact=”false” tickInterval=”1” label_size=”11” counter_color=”#ffbf00” label_bg_color=”#213e8a” counter=”until” template=”calendar” expiryText=”Registration is now closed!” until=”12,25,2017,0,0”]

I’ve tried text-align and margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;. but I am either using the wrong identifier or it’s not working.

Can you help me?

Sorry for the delay here. Sure, please provide a link to it.

How do we actually use this plugin? Are there instructions?

Hello. For post/page content, use the countdown shortcode generator at the editor. For sidebar, use a widget.

Hi. I bought your plugin but when I go to the page visual editor and I click de clock icon, the screen turned black and nothing happen. I can send you an screenshot if you need it. Can you help me?

Hello. Sorry for the delays here during the weekend. Please switch to default editor or HTML to generate the shortcode. Or, use widget shortcode instead.

Hi. I bought your plugin but when I go to the page visual editor and I click de clock icon, the screen turned black and nothing happen. I can send you an screenshot if you need it. Can you help me?

How to I center the countdown on a page…urgent please help!

Please provide a link to it.

Does the Expiry Text field in the widget accept HTML?

Yes, it does.


I’m very interested to buy your coutdown, but I have juste one question about what I want to achieve.

In my homepage I display a revslider, after a certain time, one day for exampleI I want to display in my homepage an other page, or slide or content,...

And after displayed the new content for an other 8 hours, I want to re display the orignal revslider.

is it possible ?

Thanks for you help !!


SO I bought the plugin…. :-/

is it possible to set the timer not on a specific date but every day at 8:00 pm for example ?

Hello. Unfortunately there is no option for recursive events.

Just downloaded and I need to change the font size of the numbers. What are the styles?

Hello, please provide a link to it. I’ll help to customize it.