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Hi, I installed and install countdown in the article, but not displayed. Loading … only display letters What can I do? Tks!

Hello, please contact me via my profile page and show me the link to it.

Hi, can the timer be set to restart once it reaches the end? an evergreen timer basically.

Hi Steve. I don’t see any warning. Could you provide a screenshot?

I will make the update for it in next version.

I just bought plug in and when I upload in a zip format I cant install it on my blog. Ok i didnt realized I had to unzip it lol

the issue is that on calendar mode as the seconds tick the border changes

Hello. Please provide an URL to it.

Hello – pre-sales. I post things on the 1st and 15th of every month, does the plugin allow me to set it up so that it counts down to the next date, then when finished starts counting down to the next date? Re-occurring count down

Hello. Unfortunate there is no option for recurring counter right now.

I’m looking to purchase. Can I do a countdown for a recurring event that begins every 15 minutes?

Hello, unfortunately there is no option to do such thing.


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is there a way to set specific style for each days, hours, minutes and seconds?