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Hi, I installed and install countdown in the article, but not displayed. Loading … only display letters What can I do? Tks!

Hello, please contact me via my profile page and show me the link to it.


steveok Purchased

Hi, can the timer be set to restart once it reaches the end? an evergreen timer basically.

Hi Steve. I don’t see any warning. Could you provide a screenshot?

I will make the update for it in next version.

I just bought plug in and when I upload in a zip format I cant install it on my blog. Ok i didnt realized I had to unzip it lol

the issue is that on calendar mode as the seconds tick the border changes

Hello. Please provide an URL to it.

Hello – pre-sales. I post things on the 1st and 15th of every month, does the plugin allow me to set it up so that it counts down to the next date, then when finished starts counting down to the next date? Re-occurring count down

Hello. Unfortunate there is no option for recurring counter right now.

I’m looking to purchase. Can I do a countdown for a recurring event that begins every 15 minutes?

Hello, unfortunately there is no option to do such thing.

is there a way to set specific style for each days, hours, minutes and seconds?

Hello. I am afraid I don’t understand it. Are you referring for custom CSS?

yup.. custom css for each days, hours, minutes and seconds

Do you do CSS? For custom work, please contact me via my profile page.

I am trying to install this on my Dvi theme site and it isn’t working. Am I doing something wrong? It show up on the editor page but doesn’t show up on the page

Hello. If you are having problem with the shortcode generator, please try to use the widget shortcode.

Yes that helped thank you


4plan Purchased

Hello its possibile to create a countdown evergreen based to cookie and not to a date calendar?

Hello 4plan.

Unfortunately there is no option to do such thing right now.

I am interested on your plugin but want to know if it meets my requirements:

- I need a custom period time countdown for each visitor (Ex. 5 minutes to 0 for every user). Counter should not to be reset if the user reload or navigate to another page. Can it be accomplished?

- When countdown reach to 0 (zero) counter sould hide and redirect to other page, is it possible?

- Countdown should start until visitor press a specific button, can plugin do that?

Hello. Currently, it only supports no. 2.

Hi. I got your countdown pro plugin. It doesn’t work. It just shows loading…

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Hello. Thanks for purchasing. I found the page generate JavaScript error warning:

(index):2 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

Please try to fix it first. The countdown could not be run if there is a JavaScript conflict on page.

Drop me message via my profile page contact form, we can discuss via email.

Im having a heck of a time trying to center this counter. Any help would be appreciated. http://wonderwallmtl.carteblanche.media/ Thanks.

Try to add this into the widget Custom Style & Script field.

<style type="text/css">
.x-widget-area {
    margin: 0 auto;