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If I wanted to have it count down to an event that happens every Sunday, and have it display a Text Link “Live Now” once it counted down to that time, then reset and count down once the event was over to the next one the following Sunday. Could this plugin do that? ( I know it couldn’t know when it ended, but if I could put a time in when it would reset).

Hello. Unfortunately there is no option right now.

Hi! We are loving the plugin but having an issue. When it’s on the page the timer is timezone specific. So someone in Berlin sees a different time than someone in Chicago. How do we make it consistent across all timezones? Thanks!

Hello, just try to empty the timezone field to make the countdown as the same to other.

Hello, every time i reload the page the countdown reset.. Is there any way to have it keep track of the user IP or cookie or both?

Hello. Sorry about it, unfortunately there is no option to do such things right now.


I bought Countdown Pro and I’m not getting it to work properly. Here’s how it goes: http://eusouvencedora.com.br/teste/ I put in the inactive widget. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I want a countdown timer with this: http://semanaprodutiva.com.br/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=remkt&utm_campaign=inscricoes

Can you help me?


Hello fabio. You will need custom CSS to look like that. Using the standard template you can achieve similar to it.

I do not know how to do that. I put a date to count down and always have a different date.

Hello, please grant me access to the site via contact form at my profile page.

This plugin is incompatible with the Avada template, which just introduced their own countdown timer. There’s some conflict, so if you fix it, let me know. Thx. Brian


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Hello, I’ve seen that it was possible to use your plugin with Visual Composer. Could you tell me how can I do ? Thank’s

Hello, sorry for the delays here. Please try to use the widget shortcode that can be found in the widget, copy and paste the shortcode into the section/content.


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Hi, the Avada-Issue is of interest for me too… Any remarks on that?

regards, cd

It seems there’s some issues with the plugin and Safari browser. Along with phone browsers. It only shows “NaN” for all times. The weird thing is when you set it to “Relative Time” it fixes the issue of “NaN”. But obviously that only allows you to have a static time that resets on the page refresh. Is there a work around?

Thanks, Jared

Hello Jared. Happy new year. Could you access the demo page http://zourbuth.com/plugins/the-countdown-pro/ and see if the page shows NaN?


i am using the envanto bridge theme and the visual composer. i managed to install the plugin and to put the shortcode on a page. unfortunately, neither the countdown is starting (it should count down 10 minutes in a relative way) nor ar the modifications working (language, text-size & colors). here’s the shortcode. i really hope you can help me!

[countdown id=”1483649616” relative=”+10m” format=”MS” serverSync=”true” alwaysExpire=”false” compact=”false” tickInterval=”1” counter_size=”48” label_size=”12” counter_color=”#dd9933” label_color=”#dd9933” counter=”until” template=”default” expiryText=”Angebot%20ausgelaufen!” until=”03,5,2017,16,53”]

thanks in advance!

Hello sebastiantattva. Sorry for the delays during the weekend. Try to put +10s to always make it count from 10 to 0 for every visits.

hi zourbuth, i wanted a countdown of 10 minutes for every visit, so i tried +10m. but it won’t work, not even the +10s… it always counts down 120 minutes! could this be somehow connected with the date i choose or something?

hi again… solved the problem with -110m. now it’s counting down from 10 minuntes. cheers!

Hi there. Nothing is being added to page after I click on “Add shortcode”. Any ideas to troubleshoot?

Please try to enable the browser console to see if there are any JavaScript errors in the page.

Is there a way to make the counter include a comma separator for the 1,000’s. I have a day counter for days on the road on our site, but I’d like it to show 3,593 instead of 3593.

Hello. Unfortunately there is no option right now to do it. Sorry.


i need to center the countdown.

how i can do?

Hello. Please provide a link to it, I will help you customize.


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Hello, quick question… im trying to make this work with my theme (UNCODE) is there any reason why it wouldnt work with a Visual Composer-based theme?

Hello. If the page builder failed to load the countdown script, please try to use widget shortcode instead.


I would like to know if the countdown can be evergreen ? I mean, is it posible to set it up to start counting at 30 minutes for every people landing to the page?

It can also works with shortcodes ?

Thank you :)

Ok great ! And how I insert the countdown in a page ? Is there a shortcode I have to insert ? For example I use ConvertPlug, Can I insert your countdown in their info bar ?

Thank you !

Hello, How to center the countdwon in a page ? I tried align-text: center; but it doesn’t work.

I email you.

Thank you.

Sent email, please check.


i just bought your item to insert it in a Popup window so the customers will know when the sales is end, but unfortunately its not working and giving me error ajax. any advise ? i have sent you a prive email on your profile with all the details.

Hello, sent you email, please check.


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We are trying to use this with Gravity Forms fronted post submission. What are the vars we can put in the Gravity Forms custom fields that would allow us to pass this [post-expiration] to post on fronted e.g. date choices etc…

Great plugin


TXTFox Purchased

We want to post it on the frontend….. what are the fields for the date and such so we can input on Fri tend VA administration … do you have documentation for it. Also what is the phone code to Insert VA shortcode


TXTFox Purchased

Typos. We need the field vars to.set timer. And we need the Php code Vs. The shortcode. We want to insert it in template


TXTFox Purchased

We sent you a msg. We made the add-on. Let us know.


cledi Purchased

Great plugin!

Question: we use wpml for sereral languages, is it possible to connect your plugin to wpml so that the labels can be shown in more than one language?

regards, cd

Hello cledi.

Unfortunately it is not possible right now.


TXTFox Purchased

We made a Gravity Forms add-on for your Countdown Plugin….. can we talk about updates and possibly putting it out for others to use…

It allows you to post on the front end… with the countdown. And allows post to be sent to post status after date. it works GREAT! Let us know.

Hello. Please contact me via contact form at my profile page. http://codecanyon.net/user/zourbuth#contact


2 questions:

1. The preview of this theme (http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/the-countdown-pro/full_screen_preview/3228499?_ga=1.17739898.2134742992.1487778687) is not loading. Any ideas why?

2. For the install after I purchase, do I simply upload the zip to the plugin area in the WP dashboard, then create a new countdown and then insert a shortcode, e.g. [countdown pro 5] on my pages? Or is more technical javascript stuff that needs to be done on the FTP side?


1. It is working, please check again.

2. You will need to unzip the file downloaded from this site, and upload the .zip plugin inside it to the WP plugin administration page.

Can this timer also display a timer that is always the same for a visitor? I want to countdown for like 4 hours for every new visitor.