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Can I change the display order/listing of the places in the categories to the date of the last update?

Which files should I change?

Currently the order/listing is because of the proximity of the place.

Yes, when gps on its order by proximity, but when gps is off its order by last update time.

So you want its stay order by last update when gps is on?

Yes. Listing by date of the last update even when the GPS turned on.

at file Tools.java find metod getSortedDistanceList(), then remove this code from that method
Collections.sort(result, new Comparator<Place>() {
    public int compare(final Place p1, final Place p2) {
        return Float.compare(p1.distance, p2.distance);

Which files are updated? Can you make next time folder only for update files?

Hi you can read at documentation from menu changelog to know which file is new or updated.


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Congratulations on the upgrade, when you can include a form for direct contact from the advertiser’s page. We will accept orders and contact within the app.

Hi, I don’t know I have no plan to add Contact Us from.



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Selamat siang gan. Saya sudah update sisi adminnya ke versi yang paling baru. Tapi kenapa tampilan di add place dan edit item nya jadi ga karuan seperti ini ya https://postimg.org/image/im4tnzaap/

Update ke versi terbarunya sudah semua file belum mas, coba cek di dokuemtasi di menu changelog, soalnya kalau sudah semua harusnya tidak error seperti itu.

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v5.0 had ONLINE MySQL database with admin panel. Super !! What about v6.0?? Does it have ONLY LOCAL OFFLINE SQLite database ?? Please, NO !! :( Or does have both offline and online database for storing data? IF only offline /SQLite/ then how do we update application when we add new place ?? Thanks 4 answers.

Means, if I add a new place via ONLINE web backend system (admin portal) then client (Android app) which has internet connection automaticaly show that added place next time when I refresh view in mobile app ? When app is offline /no internet connection/ then it shows only data from local SQLite database, right?

The flow is not like that, first you add data from backend (online), then android client receive notification, second when the app open after get notification client request data from server and save locally on sqlite database then display it. last when android app open without internet connection it will load from sqlite database (offline).

Refresh button means request data from server then save to local database, refresh cannot completed when android offline.

Excellent !! Thank you. :)


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Two things

1. When sending Notification to installed devices it Starts with “The City” how can i change this?

2. When sharing a place i want to edit whats shared.


1. Its located at app/controllers/place_add.js

2. its located at utils/Tools.java at method “methodShare()”

Does Navigation /Google navigation/ works in app? I mean, it shows a way how to get from point A to B + navigation instruction?

Thanks for all your suggestion, but sorry for this app we have no plan to add navigation feature. :)

ok :( can that be done via customization /extra paying for service/ ??

Sorry we are not available for custom work or feature request.

Thanks :)

what method you use to make this project in maps?

Wah maaf gan saya kurang ngerti dengan pertanyaanya, mungkin boleh pakai bahasa indo saja :)