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Hi, can I change the Category name in the Admin Panel or they are fixed , becuase I didn’t find where can I add or change cat name?

Oh okay, sorry for my misunderstanding. In this item already contains documentation step how to do that, if you don’t understand or have problem you can contact me.

Thank you for your quick response …. just last question if I buy the package can I create more than one application and published in the store or the license should be one application only ?

Yes, single purchase for one application, in example you want to publish three application you must purchase three times

hi dream

It works successfully now. Thank you for your support

Hello, dream_space this is a nice app and am interested so , 1. Do you have an Ios Version or plan to make it? 2. The back-end Admin creates categories or its done int the android studio codes? 3. Those it support the sub_categories where like if i want to open Hotel category i can first choose a sub_category example 5 start, 10 starts etc instead of bringing all in one form? if no will you help to include that feature thank you. hope to here from you.

I replied your email :)

Hi NOTIFICATIONS IN my app are ever “New info: ” “The City”


1. open file app/controllers/place_add.js function sendGcmNotification() 2. and for news at app/controllers/news_add.js function sendGcmNotification()´

The steps 1 and 2 are ready and i cant change this text

refresh your admin panel by press CTRL + F5

it works! ty

I couldn’t find your demo app in playstore, please provide the same

here the demo https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.thecity

you can also found it at description

Compatible with Android 7 and 8?

I tested on my oreo device its works well, can I know your phone model and brand name

Yes. Xiaomi Mi A1.

I test using my friend Mi A1 and its works, here I capture when I test it


hi. create something in admin panel but its not load in my phone

Hi, are you purchase my item?

the app is taking time to open i had removed splash screen for app and i had getting error ThisApplication.trackScreenView(java.lang.String)’ on a null object reference at rs.com.mesto.ActivityPlaceDetailplaces.onCreate(ActivityPlaceDetailplaces.java:137)

that lines is ThisApplication.getInstance().trackScreenView(“View place : ” + place.name);

Hi, please don’t remove splash screen, for first time open takes time because its need to obtain gcmRegId ad submit it to server, once its success next ope app will be fast. so please don’t delete splash screen

hi i want to add sound to Activity Splash

I tried the version downloaded with the code and found the same problem when doing a search that stops the application

Okay lets continue in google hangout

It works successfully now. Thank you for your support

i want to know if the app support Admob

yes this app support admob