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Features Requested before I buy this.

1. Add a Category, there are just so much more types of places, I would definitely like to have the feature or ability to add more categories.

2. In the backend, the places mentioned should also show which category they are added to.

3. AdMob Native Ads Easy Implementation

5. Place Review Feature

6. Social Network Login

I wish to buy this soon, request to give me an update.

Hi, sorry for my late reply.
I am not available for custom work and feature request. but point 1 already implemented in this item.

Thanks :)

Hi there. I searched between other comments first, but wasn’t able to find a clear answer: is the database online only or can you ship the app with an offline database like sqllite? Thanks

Oh okay, maybe this item is similar with your requirement, https://codecanyon.net/item/city-guide-map-app-for-android/12026931

Yeah, I know that app. Yours doesn’t work like that, right?

Yes, because its different app. :)

What is the limit of registration in this APP?

There’s no limit registration

Thanks :)


netalvesj Purchased

Hi, i have this app for some time now. Tweaked a little the backend to fit my needs. Why does it says backend 60 if when I download it says 50? Geofencing would be great for promotions…. ;-)

I don’t understand what you mean “backend 60 if when I download it says 50”

can you explain more please


netalvesj Purchased

The app is called “he City – Place App with Backend 6.0” but the download file is called “codecanyon-15831327-the-city-place-app-with-backend-50”. It seems that the file has backend version 50 instead of the 60 version. That’s it.

Hi, its no problem, you can see the folder name already the_city_mainfile_6.0


mfarssac Purchased

Greetings, good Job, looks great so far! After looking at the code and documentation I wondered if you could give me a hand. I’d like to update the code to read from a public Dataset. It seems that updating the model will do the trick, but can you provide some hints on how to best do it? In other words, my backend will be different than yours. Can you give some hints on what needs to be changed in the App code? Thank you.

Its need huge change, you must change the model, you must change API.java end change the layout if needed

Hey there! Fantastic work this app you made and I’m really enjoying it. However, I’m getting some troubles with sql database…I’ve tried to understand what’s written in the documentation, but unsuccesfully…is there a step by step guide for creating and introducing sql database in the app?

after you create database you must import .sql file, if its done you must create user and assign to that database. Then you must edit api.php with all credentials database that you have.

thanks once again, yesterday I didn’t reply properly missing something in the answer which probably made my msg misunderstood. This is what I’ve done so far: - I created new database in phpMyAdmin and imported database_the_city.sql

- I changed username and password in the phpMyAdmin user sheet

- exported database in .sql format and copied to \the_city_mainfile_6.0 folder

- modified user, psw and db name in the api.php located in the folder \admin_project\app\services according to what I wrote in phpMyAdmin user sheet

- changed name of database in the DatabaseHandler.java

...and still is not working :(

Hi, please contact me on google hangout, my email is dev.dream.space[at]gmail.com, I think we need to talk.


suchart28 Purchased

dear developer

i can’t upload new place photo - PHPMyadmin image table fond “Current selection does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available”

how to fix it,

and this platform can support Thai font or not?


Hi, can I know you web url, its should be work on Thai character

hi, please contact me on google hangout, dev.dream.space[at]gmail.com, I think we need to talk


codebini Purchased

Hi dear, If i need this app to replace it with my old app on the store, rename the package instead of like this app.xxxxxxxx to this com,xxxxxxx how can i do it any tip how to? b/c when i try it says cannot create file the file already exists, Thanks!

OK thanks, Do i need new Google Maps API key or the one i use for the Android works with out Google policy volition ? :)

Never mind it works, nice work, The City Web 1.0

You must create new one, I already write on The City Web documentation.