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Ηι, i’ve just purchased the app, excellent job congrats. However I cannot refresh the local sq llite database in emulator from my localhost admin application. how to refresh the application with the latest data?

Its working apart from crashing when I click on a link. The localhost connection not working at all, when I’m trying to refesh it fails. anyway. I’ll further investigate and let you know. It runs on emulator android 23 nexus 5x android studio 2.3.3

Do I have to specify any custom code for the retrofit api within “API.java” interface? At the moment the code is

String CACHE = "Cache-Control: max-age=0";
String AGENT = "User-Agent: Place";

Or I have to specify something within htaccess. I’m running xamp 3.2.2

Its seems that the response form the server is null at localhost when using you code although its working form the browser properly.

Hi, please show to me how you set WEB_URL on your Constant.java, please paste it here. you understand what I mean?

Jika saya membeli , lalu menghosting backend nya dan saya melakukan tambah atau edit data, apakah data yg di aplikasi androidnya akan terupdate otomatis ? atau cara update nya harus lewat playstore saja ?

iya admin panel dihosting gan

ok gan hehe

ada error gini gan Invalid vcs root mapping E\the_city is registered as a git root but no git repositories were found there … what should i do ?

Invalid vcs root mapping D\thecity is registered as a git root but no git repositories were found there … Itu kenapa ya gan errornya?