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what u Features for next version app?

I think we will improve our web version

Hi, your application is fantastic! I need your help: I do not need phone number line, but I want to present text string (for example, opening hours) right here. Furthermore, I would also exchange the phone icon. How can I do that? Thank you!

ok i will try my best. thank you!

Hi, can you tell me please, how can I hide phone number or/and website address from andoid layout? what I need to do? thanks

Hi, here the example how to hide layout at android, http://android-elements.blogspot.co.id/2011/06/view-visibility.html

you just go to layout you want to hide, find the part and add android:visibility=”gone”

Hi, this is Single or Multi-City app?

Single city

hi ur app used off firebase?

The city not use firebase

Pagi gan, mau tanya kalau beli app ini sekalian dapat admin panel versi web-nya kan?

agan ada skill programming gak? kalau ada nanti saya bantu pandu, kalau gak ada bakalan susah saya ngasih panduannya

boleh, kalau java sedikit2 bisa meraba-raba, saya biasa di php, mysql, dkk

oh yaudah chat saya aja gan di google hangout

if i customize login/register and RTL u can design for me?how much?

Hi, sorry I am not doing customization.


maaf mas, backendnya ini pakai php mysql atau apa mas

iya mas pakai php, db nya mysql, buat viewnya pakai angular

I am interested in your app. My problem is that I am familiar with Wordpress and PHPScripts but have never installed any app. :(
First at all, how I can download and test your demo on my Android, please?

hello i want to know if that support sdk7 of admob

Yes this app support admob, I don’t understand what you mean sdk7 of admob, please explain

gan bisa minta no whatsapp, mau tanya nih, klo ditambahi fitur komplan bisa? email ke ane ya, mubarokds@gmail.com klo bisa

saya balas di email aja ya

  • Can I add menu for news ?
  • Support one signal notification?
  • What is “support more than 1000 GCM notifications”?
  • Slider gallery display image not working on demo?
  • No admob in All Places?
  • Can I set different zoom level ?
  • No login feature?
  • Can I set featured places as homepage?
  • Included with install-documentation?
Halo. saya jawab pakai bhs indo aja ya gan
  1. setelah beli agan bisa menambahkan fitur apapun, tapi kalau request ke saya, saya gak available
  2. Kita tidak pakai one signal,
  3. kita pakai GCM dan sudah support lebih dari 1000 user
  4. Slider galery works kok, di bagian Photos ini kan? https://s3.envato.com/files/222813247/preview_set/screenshot_05.png
  5. Iya gan tidak ada ads, kita meletakkan ads di place details, dan waktu drawer di buka
  6. Bisa gan ngerubah zoom level
  7. Iya tidak ada fitur login
  8. Bisa gan set yang pertama muncul featured place
  9. Iya di item ini ada project android, project admin panel, 2 dokumentasi

pre-sale questiion: there is no any integrated payment gateways? How the admin can make money out of it?

Yes, there’s no integrated payment gateway. admin can make money by direct bank transfer.

i think it is better to add at least one payment gateway like paypal

Oh sorry I think I talking wrong item, there’s no payment at The city , admin can make money by admob


hostbdc Purchased

what are the future news?

I have plan add menu “news info”


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could I upgrade to add category via Admin?

Its hard to done