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thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

What changes are made in the latest update?

hi!we Improved the compatibility with mobile devices, now the game runs smoother

Very good game!

thank you!!! :D

hi – can I just copy all files to a subdirectory on my server for it to work? eg mysite.com/games/bandit/ ?

Hi! Yes, you just copy all files in “live demo” folder without changing their names

thanks! looks good

Ragazzi buongiorno e complimenti. Volevo sapere se è possibile personalizzare il gioco con il proprio logo. Grazie

Ciao, Grazie mille per i complimenti! certo! puoi prsonalizzare il gioco a tuo piacimento oppure assumerci per farlo al tuo posto, per maggiori info scrivici a support@codethislab.com

How do I get the game to be full screen like in your demo and properly adjust to resizing of the web browser? I am launching my website very soon and this is a last minute addtion, and I need to get it working quickly. Thanks

Hi! the size of the game depends on the theme, you should use a theme that suits better with the game

This game is really awesome, but it is too short. I can easily beat the game on the first try and not even hit any of the good guys. I would like to see an update to this game where the difficulty increases a little more and at least a dozen more levels.

we always take our customer’ feedback into account (that’s why for example we have created extra levels pack for some of our games) and we’ll take into account also yours for sure! :)


the score bord is not working how du i fix it ??

Hi do you mean the leader board on CTL Arcade? We’ll check the game and release a fixed version asap

hi! we have submitted the fixed version, you’ll get a notification by codecanyon asap

Thanks for the update. That seemed to fix the image issues in the backend as well. Is there a way to delete the info icon on the home screen of the game?

Question 4: Is there a way to have the game start out with the music muted?

Question 5: Can you make the decreased health after each level carry over to the next level to make it harder to win the entire game?

hi! with the last update we fixed the issue related to the sharing box. Currently we haven’t planned to create more levels for the game. As for your other requirements, if you have some coding and Construct skills you can edit the game by yourself since you’ll get the capx, otherwise if you send us a detailed list of your requirements at support@codethislab.com we’ll get back to you with a quotation asap.

What was the latest update for? 08/05/2016

we solved your point n°3

Scores are not being saved for users. Please advise…

The minesweeper game scores work fine however.

hi! we’ll check the game again, you’ll get a notification from envato

Just checking up. I have not seen an update come through. Any info on an ETA for fix? Thanks

yes, please download again the game on codecanyon, we just updated the game


1. When you die the score does not start over, it just keeps accumulating when you come back. The game should start over if you die. It says “Game Over” and has a “Restart” button, but when you click on the “Restart” button it just restarts that level with the same points you had when you die.

2. If you hold down on the left mouse button a second too long the gun makes a shooting sound twice. This also happens on a mobile device if your finger is held down to long.

Please fix these issues. And please address my concerns in the comments before this as well. Thanks

we have warned the technical dept and we’ll check and eventually solve the bug asap. Please consider that our staff is out for summer holiday and support may have some delay. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you please provide a way for the user to change the range of volume? Currently, the game only allows the user to turn the volume off or on and does not allow them to change the range of volume up or down (loud to quite). Thanks

hi! we have to modify the game’s code. For further info, write at support@codethislab.com

Hi, can we use it without changing graphics? if not, can you give the link for graphic assets? I also want to ask this question for all of your games.

Hi, you can also leave the original graphic assets. What’s your purpose with the game?

can I import and edit the source code on android studio? can I get the source code with the banner and interstitial ads of admob can you send me your email address? h.douirek@gmail.com

Hi, you’ll get the full source code and you can import it on Android Studio but since the building of apps is something we don’t deal with, we can’t offer support for eventual issues met during the porting operation. We don’t have any ads code, so I’m sorry but we can’t provide it.