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Nice work. Is there a possibility to add Facebook & Google Login too ?

Yes, the next time implementing this option

Possible that you add mailchimp connection?

connect for what?

This looks great but I already have a form I am using. Is there any way you can make this so it will plugin to an existing form just by using your classes?

show form on your webpage

Why do you need to see the actual form? I don’t have it completed yet. I just want to know if your code can be adapted to work on a gravity form. The link shows examples of forms so you should be able to use one of those as a test.

it is only design, you can adapted to any form

Hi I have a minor problem with this, I’ve placed the “log in” button at the middle of the page, but the whole log-in pop-up dialog box opens only at the top of the page. so that you have to scroll all the way up to see it.

Is there any way to adjust it so that it pops up where the button is ?

Regarding our own form..can we display our own HTML form code, say for autoresponder? Button is clicked and our HTML form appears in light box. Also can we use our own trigger image?

<form id=”modal” name=”authorization” action=”” method=”post”> <input name=”login” type=”text” placeholder=”Login” id=”login” class=”fb” required /><label for=”login”> </label> <input name=”email” type=”email” placeholder=”E-mail” id=”email” class=”fb” required/><label for=”email”> </label> <textarea name=”message” placeholder=”Enter your message” id=”message” class=”fb” required></textarea> <input value=”Submit” name=”submit” type=”submit” id=”submit” class=”fb”/> </form>

This structure forms for feedback, to see it as the usual form , you can use it for any purpose

hi there.

the form only ‘unfolds’ the very first time i select any form. after closing the demo and selecting a second form (or the same again) the nice effect is gone…

firefox v.33.1

just had a look: works fine in IE10 and opera, chrome, safarai WIN (all latest version), though…

IE- work, opera – work, chrome – work, mozila- no….. intresting

is there a guide to implement a fully working contact form? :)

thank you ))

Ok just bought it, how do I get in touch with you in order to set it up on my site? :) I want the feedback one

Do you think I can make this work with IE8 (Only browser at work by Corp. Policy), I don’t mind if its not fully 100% working, I really liked the structure and the colors..

unfortunately have no opportunity to validate the form on this version IE

Just purchased, is there a way to make it so that a user goes straight to the signup form and bypasses the first menu. Thanks Bill

sory what you mean “first menu”?

Does this come with a backend php/ajax/etc?

This is a only form design