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Good evening I bought a long time ago your script and I’m very happy. I have only one problem. I enabled payments through paypal. A user opened a controverisa with paypal because claims not to have received the test result.

The scripit works well. I believe that this member has received the test result and has nevertheless opened the dispute. Can you explain me how can I do to prove that the service was properly made?

Please help me you made the script and I’m sure you know answer


You must know test ID… you know the time and date of the payment …. so look to your result tab for the contest in the same time and check if the test was paid…. and in the second column you will see Test ID. So now you know test ID and you can follow my previous solution.


I solved the problem. Thank you so much you gave me valuable advice.


No problem ;)


I do not “test ID”. How can I obtain it?


I solved the problem. Thank you so much you gave me valuable advice.


Can I easily reskin this to be responsive so it works on mobile devices? If not how much would you charge to make a responsive version?

You can do that of course with some HTML, PHP and CSS skills. I am sorry, i do not have time for any customization. But I promise that in next version will be fully responsive theme.

Are you working on a new version? Do you have a ETA of the next version? (With responsive theme). Another question: Is it possible to use this php script in combination with wordpress?

Hello. No i am not working on a new version right now.

Do you plan to do updates from MySQL on MySqli?

Since MySQL is no longer supported! And all modern hosting companies taking care of safety are switching to PHP 7.

On normal hosting, the following error is reported in the logs.

PHP Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in ….db.php on line 12

PHP Notice: Undefined index: ID in …....beh.php on line 8

??? Soon it will be impossible to use your script.

Thank you i will check that

Hi; Do you think will you update your script?

Yes in the future


I really do not know.

Hi..I was planing to buy your plugin for wordpress, but it is not available anymore…do you plan to start selling it again? Or is there any other way that I can buy that plugin?

If not, is it possible to built this script in wordpress site?

Best regards

hello, how many iq questions on your script? and each test, 30 iq questions are random in set of that questions? thanks!

Hello it is 30 questions. It is not random, but it is possible to change questions.


Will you fix the errors in the script? If so, when will it be done?

Thank you!


last night my hosting updated my site with the https protocol. Soon after I noticed that my site has lost its graphic formatting. Can you tell me how I can solve the problem? Thanks Regards – My website is:

Hi it can not be a memory problem. At the moment the limit is set to 256M and therefore it should be more than enough to make the script work. go here Please help me

But memory can be limit even different way like httaccess . I cannot help you with that. You must find where is the limit for memory set. If is set correctly in PHP.ini it must be limited somewhere else

Just check how can be memory limit set and how to fix that