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hi ive purchased the plugin it is great but i found a major bug

when your plugin is turned on it conflict with woocommerce and “Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches” from code canyon

when your plugin is on the swatches doesnt work properly you can choose anything

here a link to a live website with the bug

how can we fix it tnx

Hi. Frankly I don’t see how Tactile could affect that. I had a look at the site and even when all mention of Tactile is removed from the code, the color switching still doesn’t work. I also added all of Tactile’s code to the Woo plugin’s demo site, and the color switching continued to work without issues.

Feel free to send me a message through the contact form on my profile with logins included so I could have a more thorough look.


thanks im sending youi mail right now with login details just deactivate tatctile and you will see what im talking about


Hi, Do you fully support RTL?

Hi. The main menu does not have RTL support at this time. We have plans for big updates down the line though, RTL support will be added at a later date.


Hello, I would like to change the default message that appears in email clients when clicking to share an email that says, “Hey check this out:”. Where or how can I change this default message?

Regards, Frank

Apologies, please disregard my query. I just realized that the sharing function was added via another plugin and not a Tactile function.

No worries :)

Hello I just want to show navigation. What you need to modify the source? Please help me. Image Verification:


You can hide the main menu button, search, and sidebar buttons via the settings page. Send me a message through the contact form on my profile though after you’ve disabled those elements (also include your site address) and I’ll send you a css snippet that will hide the logo and background as well.



vasokun Purchased

Hi, I just bought your plugin and read the instructions. However, could you tell me how to 1. change font size 2. Show mobile only. (I don’t know about resolution browser)

Thanks alot!

Hi there. You can set the resolutions at which Tactile will appear on the settings page, at the very bottom. The setting is well explained, it has an example there as well you can follow.

As for font sizes, you’ll have to dig into tactile.css and change whatever font size you wish to change there. You’ll find the code well marked.


hi ive just noticed that uor plugin conflict with woo commerce when your plugin is activated the tabs on each product is bugged and doesnt appear right

as soon as i deactivate your plugin it works again

Again please, contact me through contact form on my profile, the support section isn’t designed for technical support. Also include some logins. Cheers.

A quick update for potential customers: an update to the included materialize script was all that was required; appropriate Tactile update has been submitted.

Hi, when I scroll horitzontal the menú doesn’t stop at last menu item, it scrolls infinite. How to fix this?

Hi there. Send me a link via the contact form on my profile so I could have a look. Also, your support has expired, leading me to believe you’ve used the plugin already for over 6 months; also let me know what changes you’ve made just before it stopped working.


Thanks for your fast unswer. We haven’t launch the website yet, and we didn’t check your plugin since now, but we already found the problem, there was a conflict with other wp plugin.