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Synthia AI - Google Bard - Chatbot

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Why Synthia AI?

We are thrilled to introduce our latest application, an AI chat bot developed using the Google Bard Unofficial API. This cutting-edge chat bot is designed to provide an interactive and intelligent conversation experience for users.

Our AI chat bot goes beyond traditional chat bots by leveraging the power of the internet and live data retrieval. It seamlessly connects to the internet, allowing users to access up-to-date information and receive real-time responses to their queries. With this capability, users can obtain the most recent data on various topics, ranging from news and weather updates to stock prices and sports scores.

One of the standout features of Synthia AI is its ability to extract information from specific websites. By integrating web scraping techniques, it can navigate through websites, retrieve targeted information, and deliver it directly to the user within the chat interface. Whether it’s fetching the latest blog posts, extracting product details, or retrieving specific data from online resources, our chat bot is designed to be a reliable and efficient source of information.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Data: Connects to the internet and retrieves live data for timely and accurate responses.
  • Web Scraping: Extracts information from specific websites to provide tailored and relevant data to users.
  • Natural Language Processing: Utilizes advanced NLP techniques to understand and respond intelligently to user queries.
  • Contextual Understanding: Maintains context throughout the conversation to provide coherent and personalized responses.
  • AI Coding: Automatically generate code snippets or sections based on high-level descriptions provided by the user.
  • AI Text2Speech: Provide realistic and natural-sounding voices for various languages and accents.


Google has not released Official API for public yet. We use Unofficial API to access Bard.

You can follow Quick start guide to get the API key.

It is free for Unlimited usages.

As it is a Unofficial API, Google can anytime pull the plug to stop it without any prior notice

Experience the future of conversational AI with our AI chat bot built on the Google Bard Unofficial API. Empower your applications, websites, or platforms with intelligent and dynamic conversations, powered by live data and web scraping. Grab your copy today and revolutionize the way you engage with your users!

Release Notes – Change Logs”

08.08.2023 - v1.3

     - New- UI Improvement and Dark Mode
     - New- AI Coding (Supports 18+ Major Programing language) with Syntax Highlight.
     - New- AI Text 2 Speech Which Produce Realistic, Natural Sounding Voice. 
     - Fixed- Various Bug Fix
     - Fixed- UI Improvements
12.06.2023 - v1.2

     - New- Typing Animation
     - Fixed- UI Issues 
     - Fixed- Various Bugs 
31.05.2023 - v1.1

     - Fixed- CORS error issue 
     - Fixed- Issue in HTTPS websites
29.05.2023 - v1.0
     - Initial Release

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