Discussion on SwiftUI WebView App | Full iOS Application

Discussion on SwiftUI WebView App | Full iOS Application

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I have a problem, the menu button is unresponsive on ipad running ios 16.6. works fine on iphone but not ipad. How can i fix this?

does not work on Ipads so cannot be submitted to app store.

Is this being updated still? iOS 16 support // iOS 17 with WWDC in a few weeks? Need to know before purchasing, thanks!


Cool deal, as far as refunds, what is your policy?

Bug or any crash problem

I am facing a problem

The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized without an application ID. Google AdMob publishers, follow instru


Can you run this File -> Packages -> Reset Package Caches.

Hi man!

I have a questions please

1- Can the menu and the content inside the menu be RTL ? 2- Can I add html files to the app (local files) 3- Can I add more links with icons to the menu? 4- Can I add sub categorys in the menu? 5- Do you have android studio version also?


Only more links supported.

What if I want custom work? can you do it? and how much it will cost?

Can you add more menu options to the side?

hello, how much will you charge to set up one for me.. can you publish my app from your developer account in AppStore. Cause I don’t want to pay 99$ per year for a developer license for one app.

Hi, I can’t set HTTP links in the Config. The App didn’t Show the Website. Is there any Option to use the app with HTTP links?

Is it possible that you send me settingsview file and I can replace it in project?

Unfortunately we do not have support for this.

:-( Thank you.

Hi, is there an option to change the left menu?

JSON Remote Configuration for Menu and also need to include more items in the Drawer.

Unfortunately, we do not consider such a feature.

Very bad. Potential is there.

Hi, do you plan to integrade admob ads?

Hi, any news about update?

admob available. check screenshots :)

Thank you, it’s a wonderful app Template.


I have a web portal built with Laravel. Is it possible to hide my site header on your webview app?


yes you can hide


For emphasis…

1. I want to hide my site header ONLY on your webview app. My site header will still be VISIBLE on web and mobile browsers. Is this possible?

2. I’m not a developer. Is it possible for me to hide the site header by MYSELF (i.e. will you guide me on how to do it)?

Kindly answer both questions accordingly.


i can help you contact me with your website.

Hi, I have a question about the Left Side Menu. Can the menu be adjusted manually? Can I set this myself?

left menu items are static

Means? Can only be adjusted with an update?

yes. update needs

does this webview app work with jitsi meet website? i need the cameras and mics to work this possible ?

Fantastic Work. I have 2 questions:

1) Where and how I can set the view to fullscreen (no statusbar & no bottom cut out)? 2) Is there a way to link to an index.html on the local iPhone drive (or better on iCloud-drive) ?

Thanks a lot. Eric

thank you Eric. :) local file not support. but i can help you contact me

It would be nice if we could test it by typing the address we want. Are the following 6 features supported?

  • GPS Location (navigator.geolocation)
  • Web RTC (navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia)
  • File Upload Camera Permission (input type=”file” accept=”image/*;capture=camera)
  • File Download (a href=”file/test.pdf”)
  • Page Print
  • Share to url

I didn’t use anything other than Flutter. How long does it take to Pack and Publish?

  • GPS Location (navigator.geolocation) (You need ad permissions only, it will be work)
  • Web RTC (navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia) (I don’t know Web RTC but js working)
  • File Upload Camera Permission (input type=”file” (You need ad permissions only, it will be work)
  • accept=”image/*;capture=camera) (You need ad permissions only, it will be work)
  • File Download (a href=”file/test.pdf”) (You need ad permissions only, it will be work)
  • Page Print (this feature may not be useful in applications. we have to see how it is.)
  • Share to url (links is working)

nice project, congratulations.

Will there be an android version of the same project or can you do it?

thank you very much :)

unfortunately for android version :(

can you please add support for ios 12 or 13 in the next update because i’m waiting for that to submit my app to the appstore, also it would be great if you add status bar color customization thank you


SwiftUI not support iOS 12. :)

iOS 14 Now Installed on 90% of iPhones Released

Hello i have a couple of questions before buying.. is it fully customizable? can i change the name, look, appearance, html site by myself without buying your additional services? thank you


Yes you can fully customize. You can change name, color or html. ı can help you if you any help

Is there anything else I can help with? :)

hi there great project I’ve already purchased it but can you please add a iOS 12+ support because I’m developing on 12.1 iOS version and it only work for simulator when I choose iOS 14.1 not on my iPhone 12.1 thank you


SwiftUI interface only support iOS13+ I think you can test with simulator.

actually it requires iOS 14 because if i switch to iOS 13.2 simulator it shows punch of errors can you please fix this and add support to iOS 12 or iOS 13 in future updates??? due to many iDevices are not running iOS 14 and most of these devices are sill in iOS 12 & 13 so even if i launch your project in the AppStore it won’t get many download duo to compatibility problems thank you

Thanks for the Pull Refresh feature. We are waiting for the Splash Screen feature :)

Launch/Splash screen available


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