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I am interested in this software, but I have no knowledge to customize the product, adding the logo of my web project and its URL. Is there a possibility that you do this customization?

Yes, We will give you free installation support, but customization not include in free support, for more detail please mail us

You also get documentation for adding your web url and logo

Great App Template. Will buy it in a few days, just wait for my salary.

After purchase i have a few things i think it would be a better user experience… but let me buy first :-)

Okay, Thanks, Have a great day.

Is it compatible with woocommerce store?

Yes it’s compatible.

Nice app, good luck with sales ;)

Thank You So Much

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank You So Much :)

We will add onesignal on next update :)

Hi, We’ve added onesignal and more features, pls check the new update. :)

Could you please add a bookmark feature?

Yes, it’s possible with customization for more details please contact us on—

sent you an email


You have a nice product. Please do you have documentation on how to add offline content and last would you support bottom navigation in future updates? Thank you.

Thanks, Now we haven’t added documentation for how to add offline content, But once you buy we will happy to help you. :)

Yes in future updates will think for bottom navigation. For support pls contact on

Dear Team,

Can i send onesignal notification to particular user ? Is onesignal tags work ?

Need to send notification to 1, All users who installed app 2, Particular users based on Tags or Player id

Is it possible ?

Hi, yes you can send notification to all users, But currently particular users feature not available in app.

For more details pls contact us on

Is your app supprt RTL language (Arabic)? if yes how can we do it after purchasing?

No, we will add RTL in next update, thanks :)

when you will release next update? is there any x date?

End of the January or February

I have OneSignal notification plugin on my Wordpress site. Your app works with this or do I have to create another OneSignal account and put the new App ID in the respective code line of the app ?

Most Welcome, have a great day :)

I just purchased your app. Your documentation is awesome with many helpfull screenshots!!! Fantastic work. I hope that everything will work without any problem. Thanks!

Thank You So Much :) If you need any help Pls write us on

do you provide admin?

For more details contact us on email :

how to manage its?

You just need to add you website link, For more details contact us :

is it playstore ready?

Hi, nishantk, Yes this is playstore ready :)


noulawi Purchased

Hello, The app keeps crashing, all I did is add the url to test it and it keeps crashing, and there is a default menu the app has that I do not want to see. My site has it own menu, and it has a bottom navbar. The know the crashing issue is not my site, because it is working well.


noulawi Purchased

How, I look on all the files to see where I can say true os false, but it does not seems to have the code added.


noulawi Purchased


Hlo sir, Please mail us :

Can I publish it on play store

Yes, you can publish this app to Playstore.

does this app can play music on closed display

Please send your website url on :

We’ll check.

Hello: I would like to buy the script, but I don’t know if when you open the app you’ll ask for location and camera permissions if yes I’m not interested, but if you can change it I’ll buy it

Yes we can desible this if you want,

after buying the codes Contact us on We will change it for you. :)

Have a great day.

Can I handle the notification? Just to see notifications? Can’t click and log in?

Hello sir,

You’ve do customization for that.