Discussion on Super menu pack (10 menus)

Discussion on Super menu pack (10 menus)

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Hi, with the ‘retro travel menu’, which i saw at How easy is it to change that so that its fixed on the right side of the page and the hovers pop out to the left? Thanks for your time. -Mik

Amazing menus. Really nice work. I was hoping you would suggest me with some solution for my situation. I need to implement a small navigation where there will be first two category, each having 2 level deep menus of 3 items each. These items will be images only with some specific dimensions. In the end there will be 6 clickable links, 3 in each category. I was hoping i could implement this with your plugin. In your dropdown menu without js, can i display 3 links in 3 rows right under the “We are monsters” menu item?? Or maybe in jquery e-commerce menu, can i display my 3 links right under the images in “products” or “our store” drop down ??

Hi ishanjain,

I´m sorry to say that these menus are not so advanced in this sense. Some solution trying to find something similar to your needs are covered by a popular menu plugin, you can know more about it here.

Thanks a lot about your interest and I hope it will be helpful!

Best, Van.

Hi I am intending on customising the PSD’s to make cater them for a design but first I wanted to get a grasp of creating the menu. I am trying to upload jquery menu 1. the cartoon …... However I am trying to install this into a wordpress site. How do I go about this? The PDF is confusing when trying to get it to work with wordpress

Hi zak,

I´m not sure about the problem you have with this item. Just notice that ‘Super menu pack’ is a item released on April 16th 2010 (you can view it on the item profile). Almost 3 years ago and since then to now a lot of aspects about these menus could be solved in different ways better.

About adding the menus to Wordpress, I must to say that this is not covered by support tasks. Menus are only html/css based, and implementing them into wordpress just need to be done as on any other case. First layout your site and then add the WP tags for creating menus or any other site element.

Anyway, you can open a support ticket and I can try to help in some way.


Thank you, Van, for providing some of the best customer service I have ever had on Themeforest. It was above and beyond, and much appreciated.

Thanks to you for using Super Menu Pack! I´m very glad you find it useful!


Van :)

Hi, I am using the CSS Menu 4 (Mini Menu). In the upper left corner of my website is a tiny dotted-line box with the letters OBU or DBU inside. Where can I delete this?

Hi p2photo,

can you write me using the contact form in my profile, please?

Send me a screenshot about this issue or if I can view you online site, please, provide the URL in order to take a look closer to this issue. Before make sure these letters were not added by you. I checked the code right now and I can´t view anything like that.




Great collection. For the ecommerce menu, is there a way to control the animation positioning for the popups? In other words, it comes from the upper left hand side of the screen and I would like to alter that? Where do I do that and what are the possibilities? I would like it to slide down under the main menu.


Hi Adam!

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile.

Thanks! :)

GOOD MORNING . I would like to purchase for the jquery menu numer 5, “clean extended menu”. But i would like to put diferent colors in the grey menu, not only grey for all the buttons. I would like to use blue, yellow…for each button in “home”, “services”... It is posible? If I purchase can I change it? or can you tell me how to do it? I ,ve seen you call to a “side nav” class for these buttons. Maybe its posible to duplicate it for each button in order to change the color for each one. ??? Thank you in advance

Hi Luison,

first of all, thank you for your interest in this item!

I guess you mean directly the colors of each option without hovering, right? This buttons really are sprited images with two positions, released and hovered. That light grey color and darker.

Well, if you want to have different color for each option you should need to create a graphic in photoshop for each option, for example. Red, orange, yellow…with the two states, released and hovered, this is a basic sprite for buttons and a very well known technic used un web design when you need to use images.

Then you just need to assign an #id for each option and create the rule in the CSS , something like this:

#yellow-btn{background:url('path-to-images-folder/sprite-for-yellow-btn.png') center top no-repeat}

That is a basic rule to set up something as you need.

Let me know if you have any doubt about it, ok?

Thanks! :)

Hi! I wanted to use the jquery number 4, the retro menu. This one i don,t see it correctly in IE9 . Others works fine… Thanks for your reply!

Hi, I would like to improve mu page with your menu, but before purchasing theres something i´m worried. It works on correctly IE 9 ? On the info compatibility shows “Compatible Browsers :Chrome 4, Chrome 5, FireFox 3, IE7 , IE8, Opera, Safari” and nowadys people that uses IE uses9… Thank you!

Hi Irene!

Which is the menu are you interested in particular?

When I developed this pack IE9 had not been released still, so I didn´t test all of them. But I guess they work correctly in because I always try to be as semantic and standard I can. Let me know which is the menu you want to use, please.

Thanks for your interest!


The retro travel jquery menu: how do I flush to the right not left as it is now?

when i use opacity:0.4; filter:alpha(opacity=40) on the wrapper menu items (main button backgrounds) how do i make it so only the background is transparent not the type on it?

right now it looks like this: div#wrapper-menu ul#nav li#item1 a{opacity:0.4; filter:alpha(opacity=40) background-color:#ffffff;color:#9b2c4f;border-left-color:#9b2c4f;}

Hi lizzard,

The opacity property will be applied to all child elements of your wrapper element.

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile, I will help you to solve that issues.


Please, friends

To give a good support is a bit difficult for me if I haven´t centralized the codecanyon and Themeforest Support, because this i´d like when you need it, please, write me using contact form in my profile.


Thanks to everybody!

Thanks so much for your quick reply.

Just a quick question:

Do i only need to change the main style-sheet file?

Or are there any other files, (any of the PHP files like header.php etc) that i also need to change?

Hi VanKarWai,

I fell in love with Super Pack Menu & bought it right away. It’s very very nice. Great work!

the only problem is that I’m having a really hard time figuring out how to install it into my Wordpress theme. I usually just install plug-ins, so I’m having a hard time with the raw PHP code.

I read the instructions several times, but still cannot figure it out. I searched for other “how to” instructions online but didn’t find any.

Is there anyway you could post a “step-by-step guide” for Wordpress usage? One that starts out with which wordpress file(s) to insert which code in?

Many thanks in advance for your help & for creating such a great product.

PS: If anyone else knows how to do this in Wordpress, please help me out. Thank you!

Hi noonav!

first of all to thank you for purchasing the menu pack.

I must to say that I can´t do WP support. The menus are set for HTML files, but a quick tip. You should not have any problem with them. Take into account that they aren´t plugins for WP, but they use plain CSS , then use this rules in your main style sheet to make working correctly.

This changes in WP need to do directly from the code.

I hope this could guide you to implement correctly any menu! Thanks again! :)

I really like your “*styled shopping menu” but have two questions before buying. First, I think this has been asked, but do you have a version of this with a drop menu? Second, in IE 8 we do not see the rounded corners in the hover and active states. Are they supposed to look rounded or is that an IE issue? Thanks for your time.

Hi dutches!

thanks for interest on Super Menu Pack!

The corners issue is a question of IE, this browser, except IE9 , don´t interpret correctly the CSS3 rules that make posible this kind of corners, because this you can´t see them.

In the case of dropdown menu, this kind of mega menu isn´t a dropdown really. This is only a layer that contains a lot of info and appears above the menu. If you want something similar you need to use a solution like superfish—>

I hope this can hel you!

Thanks again! :)

Thanks for the reply. That is a little too complicated for me so I’ll just use the menu the way it is. One more question, on the “styled shopping menu” are the “id” selectors necessary in the “li” tags?

Hey, I seem to be having trouble with the drop down menu with the shopping cart, I have placed on top of the page, but the drop down keeps going under the sideshow we have, any way to make it pop up, on op off the slider? Thanks

Hi VanKarWai, i purchased your menus,but i am having some trouble positioning them where i want.I am CSS /Html newbie but i know some basics.

You say that by moving the wrapper-menu div i can position the menu anywhere.Let’s say i have a parent div set to relative,and i make menu div position to absolute i should be able to position it with top,bottom,right and left properties, but the problem is that i have problems using this simple technique. If you could please provide some answer for positioning the wrapper-menu div.

Thanks,btw the menus are great!!

Hi suludi!

Just use for wrapper div a relative/absolute position depending of your needs and your layout y positioning as you need. It´s ready for working so.


is it possible to have drop downs on the shopping cart option?

I´sorry for answer so late! Yes, is possible. You can use something like superfish, a very good “system” in JS that let you implement a multilevel dropdown menu in a easy way.

I hope it will can help you!

Great script !! Thanks !!

Thanks friend!!

I did email you regarding this VanKarWai

Any chance to think it over ?

Great MENU pack.

The CSS > styled shopping menu

Can this also have drop downs associated with it ?

Hi sportTips!

this is not a dropdown menu, is designed for other things. But in any way you can combine it with jQuery e-commerce super dropdown menu, its functionality with style of css shopping menu i think that it will work for you.

In any case, i can design it always, if you need it you can hire me!! ;-)

Thanks mate!!


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