Discussion on Super Backup & Clone - Migrate for WordPress

Discussion on Super Backup & Clone - Migrate for WordPress

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before i purchace i would like to know if when i push from development local to staging live only the selected files will be uploaded or both files and database?

You may choose what you wish to backup, specific files, specific Database tables or all of them.

Not updated since 18 months. Is this still working ? If it does, why no updates ? I don’t intend to purchase a deprecated product. Thanks for the reply

Yes, is still working. Where exactly says that a product should be updated daily in order to work?!

Please provide instructions on howto use onedrive. They seemed to have changed things since you created this last. Same thing happened with Google Drive.


Please, fill out a Support request with your concern, providing necessary details to have a look from our side and the Support Team will come back to you.

Indeed Team

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Can I import posts from another DB and insert them into my new DB posts table without overwriting what i already have done in my new site?

You may manage DB tables that have been backup with current plugin, not just an export of some posts. Keep in mind that this is a backup/migration tool

So the answer is no.


Is it possible to:

I have a site on:

I bought and installed Super Backup & Clone.

I make a backup of the WordPress from

I have the domain:

I have installed WordPress on:

I have installed Super Backup & Clone.

I imported the backup from

My site is running with the backup from


Yes, this scenario is possible. The product has a migration module inside for this purpose.


Can you migrate from one domain to another? Example, from ABC COM to CBA COM?

You may migrate data from one WordPress site to another not the entire domain or hosting. This is a WordPress plugin after all.

I know it’s a WordPress plugin. I want to know if I can migrate from Domain A to Domain B assuming both sites are on WordPress just to be clear.

Yes, you may migrate the data and content from WordPress site to another site.

This doesn’t support one drive new features

Hello, I have attempted to work with someone for support. No progress has been made, please issue me a refund for this plugin.

Hi I have opened a support ticket, and my last response was a week ago, but haven’t heard from anyone? Can someone respond please? This is for Ticket #200041

hello I am a developer, I want to use this plugin in all my websites (multi domains) can I purchase extended license ? thanks

All Envato licenses, including extended, are for one website/project only, unfortunately.

I bought this plugin but it is not backing up. Please update it or refund my money. I’ve never been able to make a backup since I bought it. I thought it was a problem with my site, but after reinstalling everything from scratch, the plugin doesn’t work!

I spent the whole day to demystify this plugin. And after much breaking my head I managed to make it work but only for local storage and dropbox. In the other options in the cloud does not work. Please update your cloud storage options. The plugin works great, but only this detail of the cloud options is complicating.

Thank you for your suggestion. Indeed, to setup Online Destinations for the first time it may not be an easy task.

Hi, We have few questions – Thanks awaiting reply…

1. Is this a plugin that needs to be installed to a WP website to make it work or we can host it with remote server and backup the wordpress site/s ?

2. Will we be able to add backup for only one domain or multiple domains ?

3. How many days can we retain the backups to remote FTP / Cloud storage ?

4. What about backup restore if any disaster happens ?

5. Do you have a multi domain backup option ?

6. Will it backup all files and database and send to remote server / cloud ?

7. Will the backup be a zipped file ?

8. How many times a day can we backup the complete wordpress installation and database

9. Can we backup database every hour ?

10. Do you have real time backup facilities for database ?

This is a WordPress Plugin, not a backup service, so will act as a Plugin which will work into a WordPress website in order to backup, restore or migrate the data of that WordPress website.

We know that already…that it’s a WP Plugin :)

1 – We don’t plan to regularly backup all wordpress sites…will this script be helpful in migration WP Sites from one server to another -> Backup Server 1 -> Restore Server2

2 – i.e. we should be able to migrate a domain then we remove the plugin and maybe when required we install to domain and migrate it then again uninstall. Hope I have been able to clarify the requirement


Hello: I have a few questions about the product. 1- Can this product run on LiteSpeed ​​servers without any problems? 2- Can it back up the site to the Google Drive account without any problems? 3- Do you plan to update this plugin? Or is there anything left to update? Because in the comments they state that you are no longer updating. 4- Can I return it if it stops working on my systems after purchasing it? Thanks for your replies…

Not all plugins needs to be updated weekly or monthly and we are not updating the products just to looks as being updated. On this moment, this plugin does not requires an update. It should run on LiteSpeed servers also and backup can be stored on GDrive too if is desirable.

Hello again. That was pretty self explanatory, thanks. Are you planning a discount soon? I want to take advantage of the discount. Since I live in Turkey, it is quite difficult to buy things with dollars. waiting for your support…

No campaigns have been announced by Envato on recent future, unfortunately.

Hello, this plugin allows me to move my WordPress articles in Elementor to a new WordPress installation made in Avada or Astra?

This is a Backup system will migrate your files and DB storage, not converting articles

I can not get onedrive working as a backup destation.


Can I use this plugin to migrate wordpress local site to live server or from one hosting to another ?

Thank you

Yes, you can backup or migrate data from one WP website to another.

Is this plugin still being developed or is it a dead project as it hasn’t been updated in 8 months?

Yes, the plugin is still developed and active. It does not requires monthly updates and updates are released when is necessary.

I can’t save Destination Type, I tried to saved it as local aswell. In system settings it shows “Disk Free Space Available: 0 MB” even tho I have free space available.

I am stuck at “Saving…”

Any solution?


Please, fill out a Support request with your concern, providing necessary details to have a look from our side and the Support Team will come back to you.

Indeed Team

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Can I backup Wasabi or Backblaze? They use the S3 protocol.

There is no integration with those services, unfortunately.

Once you include it, your sales will double for sure.

Can you backup to Wasabi storage?


There is not a such integration available, unfortunately.


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