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Nice work (GLWS) :)

Does this automatically convert every post/page permalink or is there an option to use it on only the ones you want.

Ok, a bit backward. My host includes the wild-card setting, but if I install this on an existing site with 100 pages, I don’t want to end up with 100 subdomains. Looks promising for a new site where I can control it though. Thanks

Its logically created sub-domain so its never difficult to handle at any point. Thanks

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it wont effect to permalinks and seo?

no , infact it will improve the seo.

If you like our product then please give us review and rating. Thanks

Does this work with Custom Post types?

If the custom post type is, can the sub domain be or is it ?

it will be like this

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Please make a demo video and installation video

It just a simple installation. you will get all the details for wildcard setting here :-

If you like our product then please give us review and rating. Thanks

I have 15 pages but only need 5 with subdomain, I can choose I need?

Yes you can do like this. Their is an option in the admin panel for every page.


If you like our product then please give us review and rating. Thanks

what about yoast SEO plugin sitemap? if i use a post url as a sub-domain the yoast SEO plugin not incluid it in the sitemap. What can i do ?

Ok, Plz helpme to use the plugin. i need to active but use it only for new posts.

you have to make disable subdomain setting from each of old posts, if you want to enable for new posts only. Thanks

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We can not access this page. DNS address could not be found.

we can communicate by email?

Please give us rating and review , Thanks

If you like our product then please give us review and rating. Thanks

Please, what is the advantage of using / select ‘Allow Cookies to go across all Subdomains”

“Allow Cookies to go across all Subdomains” will distribute a local page cookie for all pages, as cookies are stored by page path and we are changing page path, so by this cookies remains for new path(sub domain path) aslo. Gmail-

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besfe70 Purchased

after installing all pages and posts give this error
Server not found
there is no documentation in the plugin!!!


besfe70 Purchased

it’s ok i just disabled plugin in homepage

okay thanks :)

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ogsbox Purchased

Hi there, So now I’ve installed the plugin, I just can see just the thick for cookies and disable types. as settings.

1. So if I create the wild card subdomain, the plugin automatically works? I just can use one subdomain then?

2. I just want the subdomain for some pages, Can i choose just those. or by default all the pages will be with subdomain and I have to disable them one by one?


once wild card setting has been done, plugin will convert all the pages and posts as subdomain. you can disable each post/pages not to work as subdomain by disabling each of them. thanks

Hello, very cool idea, is it compatible with woocommerce? So I can create one domain for retail side and subdomain for the wholesale and convert my product category/product to each domain or subdomain. Thanks!

Hello, plugin can create all pages and products of woocommerce to subdomains, if you have one page for retail and other page for wholesale then the both pages can be converted to subdomain. For more details and any further customization and requirement you can contact us on skype ‘adroittechnosoft’. Thanks

hi, does subdomain work with wp multisite in combination with wp multidomain ?

we have not tested plugin with multisite and combination with wp multidomain. thanks

Please, I did like to buy other plugin works with Custom Post types

we will be launching updated version of the plugin which will support custom post type and taxonomies also…

Pluging works very well in to add regular posts . ( 5stars thank you! )

But not appear to ‘Post – Page Subdomain Pro Settings’ box in the post add option when CPT Custom Post Type. Can you help me, please?

yes we will definitely help you, you can provide site details or skyp us on adroittechnosoft

Hi, Can you help me with a problem. My old posts are getting 404’s from google. I have 4000+ posts. My old structure was “” My new structure is “”.

Is there a solution to redirect the old url to the new sub-domain? Thanks, Alan

So, I don’t need to purchase additional licenses for more than 1 domain?

This conditions are provided by codecanyon…so its better to ask with codecanyon..also provide us review sir, Thanks.

I have an issue with 2 websites. please check your email.

Hey there, how far are you planning to support and improve this plugin? as you know, this is responsibility for your for providing such kind of plugin.

I am sure you know how important is the link building and indexing process so i don’t want my brand new website with all indexed pages/links crash all the sudden because of plugin failure.

I actually was looking for this plugin or something does the same for a long time.

How keen are you to keep the plugin up to date? I am saying because you are a new author and don’t have much reviews and sale.

Thank you

We are providing support all the time and when ever i find something to update on the plugin , i will surely do that. Thanks


besfe70 Purchased

if enable the plugin for product posts i receive 404 error on all pages


hello sir, please send your site details and cpanel and if possible then skype so that i can solve this right now. Thanks

hello sir, above is the last reply from us and then you had not any reply, and we always provide good service. and any issue you can send your details we will solve them.

I want to buy this plugin for my new site…. But the thing i want to confirm is that: Do i need to configure my nginx server after activation of this plugin?

no their is no option in the plugin. you have to do this at server manually you can find the settings in example.

do you provide that example settings?

I dont know why all of my site’s permalinks are broken after installing this plugin.

where should i send it to you?

Jhon you got the email?

This plugin works fine. But it stopped yoast seo to generate xml sitemaps. Even i tried to generate xml sitemaps from some other plugins but it failed to generate sitemap.

But if i deactivate Subdomain Pro. Every any sitemap plugin can generate sitemap. Why is that so? I need the solution.

Hello sir, You can send me your ftp details so that we can check the conflict between two plugins. Or you can message on skype also ‘adroittechnosoft’