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Created subdomains are automatically added to cpanel? thanks.

yes, you have to create a one time wildcard setting from cpanel, and then our plugin will create subdomains automatically. Thanks

8 months since last update…got one on the way? thanks.

T he plugin is working very well, and surly next month we will give an update. thanks

Are you still available by email and Skype if there are issues or configuration questions? Looking forward to the update. Any further idea on when that will be forthcoming? Wish there was a preview video.

our skype is adroittechnosoft, we will be happy to help you. thanks

Hi, I want install it o my domain to make an app directory but I have some problems because I’m using https; it should be a problem? Thanks for your support!

the plugin is working correctly for http and https both.

Hi, i’ve send you an email


please make the plugin directory writable or provide ftp details. so that i can correct the issues.

ok then, its mean this plugin not available for all wp setting, without access to admin config, right ?

we must have wright access on plugin files for making changes, and let us try to check the issue, then only we can solve the issue. thanks

Did this plugin works for author subdomain? i.e. will become and author post or post-type will be

Thank you

we can create a plugin for you, that will support author subdomain. I want to know detail about your site, is it buddypress site?

Thank you for your reply. No, it is not buddypress site. I create a custom user generated website with WordPress and I want my user has their own subdomain just like but I don’t want to use WordPress Multisite since it will make the database huge and hard to maintenance.

If you want to take a look, my website is it’s a small community website for travelers in Indonesia.

How much it’s cost if you made a custom plugin for me?

Yes, we can do to create plugin for you that will work for you current site, for more communication we can connect to skype, skype id is adroittechnosoft

hi. what is the wildcard setting? the photo on the description on this site is not showing. thanks.

adding you to skype sir.

1. Works in Litespeed+Cpanel? Doubts: 2. After the creation of the * wildcard, have to wait some time for propagation of dns (I believe not); 3. Only works in Multisite installations or can it be normal wordpress installations?

it will work with normal wordpress installation for sure…

Hi! Can u just do one page as a subdomain ? ? or are all settet hm?

thank u.