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Plugin causes errors and is not working properly.
What is “Developer mode”?

The plugin works perfectly with Twenty Seventeen and should work well with any theme. We have tested it with many themes without error. It looks like another plugin is causing your issues. We can look into it further and view your URL to troubleshoot what is causing this. Please open a support ticket and we’d be glad to help you:


Deactivating plugins doesn’t help getting rid of errors and warnings. Have you tested with WP 4.8?

Yes, fully tested and compatible with 4.8. You can see our live demo running on WP 4.8 on TwentySeventeen theme version 1.3 with Stylish Links Pro version 1.0 with no errors here:

Very Amazing Work! GLWS :)

Good work… Good luck for your sale…

Team CloudBerriez

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale. :)

Hi, 1. can the link show a tooltip or open modal window? 2. Can we add our own icon?

1. The plugin does not allow you to do this.

2. Yes, you can select from a wide range of available icons for each type.

Hey, I have two questions
1) Will you please add effect such as here: *(the rotating text is awsome!)
Where it says “500 formats”
2) Can you anyways update the plugins soon even if you don’t add that amazing feature?
Thank you.
Btw your demo link is wrong…

I’m going to look into what it would take to add that feature in, and if it’s something that I can reasonably add, I think it would be really cool to have that effect. For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen that effect before and I really like it.

So any update on this?? are you implementing any of this or?

Haven’t been able to figure out how to do exactly that yet.

Here is more examples I wish you had add to this plugin:

Just curious when you plan on updating for PHP 7.2 compatibility.


Is there an issue with compatibility? If so, would you mind opening up a support ticket so we can look into it? Thanks!

Are you asking me to point out instances in which the plugin isn’t PHP 7.2 compliant or are you saying that it is PHP 7.2 compliant?

Both. It should be compatible with 7.2. There is nothing I’m aware of in 7.2 that would affect the behavior of this plugin. But if you have found an instance where it’s not working, please open a support ticket to bring it to our attention. Thanks.

Hello. I saw in comments for this plugin that images are underlined. Is this comment from a year ago still relevant or has this been fixed in the plugin? Thank you!

It’s only if the images are linked. We have not addressed this yet.

Any updates coming soon? I’m looking to buy few new licenses but first would like to see any updates anything even if you just change the version number…

just to know for fact that it’s still supported and updates are coming to this plugin

new styles or effects would be a real plus and I’m sure will drive more sales.

The plugin is very strong and does exactly what it sets out to do and it works great. If you have any issues using it, please let us know via support.

Hello IndustrialThemes,

Will you please tell me if any new link effects or styles will be added anytime soon?

Thank you.

We do not currently have a public road map of plugin features unfortunately.

You are really locked onto not doing anything about this plugin for so long, 0 updates, 0 new styles or options, dose this mean no updates will ever come? unless you say of any new road map, this means a dead plugin!

Please update it soon, if not for us all, then at least for yourself just think of the extra sales from basic update… give it a moment and think about it.

btw it could easily cost a bit more, and if you create extra extension plugin for this one with only extra effects and so on I would totally buy that plugin.

The most wanted effect I hear a lot about is:

Hi there, Great plugin.

Looks great. Only issue is that the underline animation doesn’t work. Is there a specific setting I need to choose for that? As of now, when I hover over the link it removes the underline instead of showing the animation per your demo.

It’s likely just a settings issue. Make sure you read the hints and instructions for each setting, because you need to make sure you have the correct combination of settings for the animations to work. If you still get stuck please open a support ticket and we’d be glad to assist you.


EN2011 Purchased

Still loving your plugin!

Quick question.

What style property can I use to turn off the underline for specific text?

text-decoration: none;

doesn’t work.

Hello, can you please show me how to add this effect to your plugin? (at least few screen shots to see how/where to?)

Hi there,

Is there a way to prevent this plugin from styling image links? We run affiliate banners on-site and the “outbound URL” icon shows up on images and looks rather tacky. This happens on hyperlinked images throughout the site in general.

Can you share a fix for this?

Opened a Support Ticket 3 Days Ago

Waiting for an update.


Thank you for your patience! We will respond as soon as we are able.

Responded to your support update 2 days ago (which did not fix the issue)—still waiting for a response?

I see there was an update. But without a changelog, I’m not sure what changed. What is new in the new update? :)

Awesome thank you!