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Hello^ nice work! is it possible to add close button on submenu? there is a bug on pages. it doesn’t want hide when tap on any place when use on iPhone. Maybe it is cache plugin bug, but i would be perfect if it s possible to add close button. Thx

No bug, that behavior is simply how iOS handles hovers (Stripe is a pure CSS menu that does hovers via the stylesheet, it works the same way on the demo site as well).

ok fix it. you willnt fix those bug?

:) Like I said, it’s a CSS menu with hovers and that’s how iOS handles hovers. There’s no bug. To change the behavior, it would have to be turned into a jQuery menu. If you’d like, feel free to request a refund; I don’t want my customers to be unhappy for any reason. Cheers.

Is it possible to have it show only on mobile? how customizable is it?

Hi, no mobile-only display in this one. Cheers.

is it possible to do with some added coding?

Sure, you could add a css media rule so it’s only shown under a certain resolution.

Hi This Plugin is Amazing! Is there a way to show a google map?

Hi, glad you like it :) It’s a simple menu though, there’s simply no location for a map.


Hi, this looks great but before I buy it, is it possible to have TEXT and ICON and for that text to appear on the right side. It’s for a login but I don’t want it to be in the middle of the menu, I’d like it to be top right.

If you can let me know. Thanks,

I’d rather not post my email for spam scanners and the sort, those things are merciless :) I think I know what you mean, I just need to know for sure so I can say if a quick css change can do that for you. Send it over whenever you get a chance.

Something like this – see the ‘MyRed’ (top right)

My email is if you want me to send you a mockup.

Email sent, cheers.

Hi, just picked this up, great plugin. Couple questions:

1. If I set one of the menu items to search icon with # as anchor, is there an easy way to get the search bar to appear in hover (like the current labels do in mobile view)?

2. Is there an easy way to make the menu when docked on bottom to only appear when scrolling upwards? Some themes call this “smart sticky”.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for the purchase.

1. That’s something you’d have to get customized by a freelancer.

2. Same thing here, you’d need a freelancer right now. I like this idea though; I have plans to update the plugin within a month or so, I’ve made a note to look into this and will probably add this as a feature. Thanks for the idea!


Wow, fast response! Ok, thanks anyway. Looking forward to the update.

Pre-sales question: I’d like to use your plugin to make a mobile menu with four columns (similar look to your preview). But the four buttons I want are as follows: Menu, Account, Cart, Search. For each of the four buttons.. I’d like to use the icon, with text listed below.

1) is this possible with your plugin? I see menu and search are built in, but what about making the other two custom?

2) Can the cart button be linked to woocommerce to show the number of items in cart?

3) Can mobile menu be sticky / fixed?


Hi. Search is not built into Stripe, you must mean our Touchy plugin. But you can link the buttons to any link you’d like. And yes, menu can be sticky.


Thanks—any idea on best way to add search to Stripe? Also is it possible to add CSS classes to menu items thru your plugin? Thank you

Adding search to Stripe would be quite the undertaking, you’d need a freelancer for that. No quick flick of the wrist solution here I’m afraid. And you can add classes to the menu, yeah. It’s done through the WordPress menu editor which has a built-in feature for that.


Hi, how can I make the text of a button always visible.. Rather than seeing only an icon ? Thx

Hi. Please check the documentation for that. That’s covered under “Customization: Label visibility + Placement”.


Hi there! is it possible to positioned at the bottom ? thanks a lot

Hi. Stripe has top as well as bottom positioning, indeed.


Hi there, I want to use SVG as the icons but having problems finding a way. Any ideas? thanks! (PS, love your plugin!)

Hi, thanks for the kind words.

Stripe uses the FontAwesome icon set that has over 500 icons to choose from. If you wish to add your own icons altogether then that’s really something you’d need a freelancer for. Out of the box, Stripe is designed to work with the included icon set. You’ll find the code well marked though for occasions where users wish to make their own edits.


Presale: Is there a demo of the menu at the bottom of the page:

1: can I have a stripe at the bottom of the page and my normal menu at the top (does stripe replace the theme menu or add to it)

2: need to confirm I can have a different stripe menu on each page

3: does it work on the latest wordpress version.

thank you- looks great

Hi there.

1. Sure, because Stripe doesn’t interfere with theme menus. I can switch the demo over to bottom placement temporarily if you’d like to have a look at the bottom placement. Send me a message via the contact form on my profile about that if you’d like.

2. Stripe itself is site-wide. But you can use a third-party plugin to have per-page menus (just Google “conditional menus” in the WP plugin repository).

3. Yes of course.


Hi, very nice but before i buy it i have the following question: it is possible to display the menu bar directly under the header image and not on top ? Thanks for reply

Hi there.

If you’re looking to just add a specific distance from the top, then that’s not a feature at this time but can achieved with a quick line of CSS. If you decide to make the purchase, get in touch with us via the contact form on our profile and we’ll provide this little edit for you.