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This guy not only made this code into plugin because i asked him but even helped me install it and set it as i wanted, great work and great support

Very cool effect. I see it’s done in canvas though, so that is going to create some SEO challenges. As a purely visual effect though, it’s stellar.

When using the Index Page (comes in the package), i receive an error saying “Can’t Load Data.xml!” Am i doing something wrong? – its not publishing it any differently. Tried it on 3 computers as well. :/

i didn’t see file are you sure unzip all files? pleasy use my email to fast support

I deleted all the files and re-uploaded. It works now :) Knew it was something silly :) thank you

Hi, Great Gallery! How do I remove the caption/link etc. ? Thanks, Ron

Please give me your email and will send you instructions how to remove this Thank you for your supersonic reply!

Great gallery and super easy to install. Is there any way I can have the images show up in a particular order instead of random. I need it in a specific order from left to right:

on phones, when you click on the text for the link, nothing happens

replace this function: canvas.addEventListener(‘touchmove’, function(event) { event.preventDefault(); var x = event.touches0.pageX – canvas.offsetLeft; var y = event.touches0.pageY – canvas.offsetTop; for (i=0; i < images.length; i++){ if (inrect1(x,y,images[i].cur_x,0,images[i].cur_x+images[i].cur_w,canvas.height)) { update(i); if (y>canvas.height-75){ if (hoverLink){; // Use this to open in new tab }, false);

    else {
hoverLink = "";}

i have send it to your mail

Hello friend!

I installed the javascript on the page:

But it opens the images which can be?

thank you Raphael

Hi Raphael! i have found that you have removed <text> </text> from data.xml please bring back those lines. if you have questions use for fast support.

Hello friend!

Thanks for the reply, but how do I remove the <text> </ text> without presenting problems?

thank you Raphael

Has anyone tried making this open a fancybox on click?

I don’t understand what you mean, can you say it with another words?

nevermind, I added $.fancybox({type: ‘iframe’, href: hoverLink}); to the on_click function and it works.

Pre-purchase question. Whats the difference between this one and the other $14 one? I have Wordpress, which one do you recommend?

Ok. will fix descriptions for you today. but i still need your email. to send you corrected plugin. you can find my email in documentation

my email is THANK YOU my friend! :)

Hey irrealix,

Before buying this plugin, is there a way to speed up the motion? The images move a bit too slow for me

Hi, nice script but I find that the first caption appears to slide across the gallery when you first load the page (the fashion dancing girl text) – happens in your demo too. Also, is there anyway to control the style of the caption text?

Also, can the text come in from the left as opposed to the right?

Hi. Now you can edit javascript file to control style of caption text. But right now i do some updates to make it easiar and more customizable. About caption text please email me: and i will send you instructions how to customize.

About text from the left. I will try to add this feature in next update. Hope to finish at this week.

Hi, I love this plugin but am having trouble setting it up on my website. To have it display on a webpage do you just use the short code in theist the text field of a page?

Hi. I have wordpress plugin and html version. what did you use?

Just read documentation. if still have problem with gallery, send me a link to your page with gallery to my email. you can find my email in documentation.


Bought it. Love it. Can’t recommend it highly enough! Thank you for making such an beautiful and impressive script.

If there IS a way of ordering the images then I too would be very grateful to learn how to accomplish that. Thanks. Will send private email.


Just wanted to add that I had a tonne of questions about the script and none of them were too much trouble for the developer. Each question was answered quickly with enthusiasm and knowledge. This is one of my best buys on CodeCanyon. Keep up the great work!

The cursor seems to be flickering from pointer to hand when i rollover the text?

Newer seen that, what browser are using?

Ie 11 and firefox 27.0.1

Its when you rollover the text and to the left of the text, I get it when I go to preview on the site aswell

oh i see. will try to solve this problem.

Having trouble with the 14$ version of the Plug-In. Please help!

Hi there, the plugin is great but since yesterday I have a problem to load the .xml file! I always get the error alert!!

I’ve tried any url but always get the error alert – Please help

Hi. there a 2 reasons can be: 1) run local with chrome. (use chrome—allow-file-access-from-files) 2) problem with path to xml file. Can you provide a link to page with gallery?

please use contact form from my profile page to send me a link

I have stretch gallery. on phones(iphone\ipad), when you click on the text for the link, nothing happens My website:

is the wave slider included in this?

Hi. Please send me your email and i will tell you how to move captions to the top.

Wave slider is not included, it is not approved to the market, if you need it just email me

Here is example how to move captions to the top. just set your value. $(’#stretch_gallery3’).stretch_gallery({ text_block_bottom:”60px” });

Hi Mate,

I recently bought your Stretch gallery, I noticed the links are not working on mobile devices.. i mean it is not clickable. is there any workaround on this? please help me.  I send you a private message as well

Thanks, Alvin

i have send you an update just now, will update on codecanyon soon