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This game is very very good. Outstanding work. Where can I buy this other game from you: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninjakid.special

Hi sorry I don’t have that game for sale as Source Code. Regards!

Hello, can you provide me with a HTML5 game?

Hi, Just sent an email with the HTML5 version of the game please check.

Hi, can you please list what have been changed in today’s upgrade?

Hi, I added HTML5 playable version of the game folder in Project Files which you can simply click index.html and play the game in your browser. Nothing much really you can also do in in construct2 and export as HTML5.

can i run ti directly on Xcode?

Sorry you can not. It is created with Construct2 Game Engine which you can find here.


Free to try and download but in order to export as cordova and build for android or ios you need to purchase a full licence.

Hi, I copied all plugin and behaviour folders in appropriate Contruct folders but it still says “Unable to load plugin”. It obviously doesn’t recognize the plugin. Any suggestions?

Contruct 2 Personal r239 Win10

Hi they must have been updated the plugins please check the link and download the plugins once again from here also check the guide in here. Click download from github button. Make sure Construct 2 is closed when you copy the plugins. http://docs.cocoon.io/article/construct2-install-plugins/

That works! Everything is ok now. Thanks for your quick response.

Cool! I am glad i could be helpful!

Awesome work, great job!

Thank You!

hey man , can i open the game with android studio or eclipse ?

Nope sorry. You need to have Construct2 Game Engine to open it up.