Discussion on Sticky Header

Discussion on Sticky Header

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Are there are any help files to integrating this with Wordpress?

Sorry, we do not privide it, since this is not a WordPress but just a JavaScript plugin

Please whare is the demo?

Sorry, we do not provide the demo

Hi, I have sent a message through email and heard no response. When I use the drop and dropdown class for navigation, the main menu item uses a background color effect. How do I change that to a background image and how do I make the text color stay on the rollover effect when navigating through the sub menus? In other words when I rollover the main menu the drop down with the sub menus are visible, but as soon as I move the cursor to the sub menu item, the text rollover does not stay on. Thanks.

to change the background image on hover, you need to edit the CSS file. Open the stickyheader.css file, on line 413 add the background image like so:

#menu ul.dropdown li:hover 
    background-image: url('../img/image.jpg') repeat-x;

How about the when I rollover the main menu item, the rollover effect works, but when I move the cursor to submenu the main menu item reverts back. How do can I make the main menu item stay on the rollover effect while navigating through the sub menus? Thanks.

I do not understand what do you mean. Can I see your live page?

It would be nice if you could make it responsive, I am going to have to change as it is very poor on mobile devices :(

It is nice, but it does not work properly on ipad. This script is outdated and needs an update. iPad doen’t let you close the dropdowns (even with isClick). Also the hide arrow looks garbled.

Is it responsive too? Thanks

Sorry, it’s not responsive

Is it possible to make the bar only appear when the user scrolls? Saw it in another comment and that you will include in next update, not sure if it’s been done. Many thanks

sorry, we have not update it

Hi, nice work here, Can the sticky header be modified into this:

yes, you can create like that one

Awesome Thank you


I want to know if you can make a sub navigation which on scroll becomes sticky, willing to pay for the custom script thanks

sorry currently busy right now, can not accept custom work

Hello, is it possible to make this responsive for mobile devices? Is it hard to do so?


to make it responsive, you need to hardcoding the CSS file

Apologies, but not how to install the bar. Could you tell me how? Please

Would it be possible to at cookie data, so if you fade out the bar, the bar stays “faded out” even if you reload the page.

Hope you understand :)

Howdy! Thanks so much for the wonderful code and design, I achieved the look I wanted in minutes.

I do, however, have a problem. Your code is in conflict with the KenBurner Slider I’m using on one of my pages.

During the slideshow if you mouse over the image it is supposed to freeze in place and then resume animating when you mouse out. This had been working fine until I added in the common header I built with Sticky Header. Now the image freezes but on mouse out the image disappears, and until the KenBurner timer fires to load the next image the slideshow area remains blank.

Is this someth you could possibly resolve between two CodeCanyon users or should I find a way to make my test page publicly available to debug?

Thanks again for the plugin and hope this can be resolved!


let me know your page url

That I know, but my question is how. I am a newbie, could you guide me?

contact us via email

How I can integrate in Wordpress theme?

you have to setting it up manually on WordPress

As the insert in the template?

what do you mean?

Is it possible, to add a Newsticker in the header (eg. between the search and the sozial buttons)?

Nice bar :D


you need to hardcoding the html source to add a Newsticker in the header


I added a select menu to the form and now the entire dropdown menu closes when one begins to select from the select menu. i.e. it loses focus and closes. Is there a workaround?

Please advise

Thanks! Ron

to make the dropdown menu not close when it loses focus, you can set the “isClick” option to true. The menu will close only when you click it outside.

Need an option to close the menu dropdown on an iPAD. Otherwise, one must click on some other active element to get the dropdown to close. What script could I add (with a little “X” image) in order to make the menu dropdown close? Again, this is necessary only when displayed on an iPAD.

Thanks!! Ron

Is it possible, that you write some script, that sends a cookie to your PC and reminds if the bar is hidden or not? Would be awesome!


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