Discussion on Stellar – Star Rating plugin for WordPress

Discussion on Stellar – Star Rating plugin for WordPress

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could you do the same plugin with thumbs up and down. The demand is there.

Hello! Please pay attention to the Liker plugin which allows you to use any icons for likes/dislikes

Hey, thank you for this plugin, it looks awesome !

I have one question:

Can I use two different shortcodes with different design?

I am preparing a recipe website and I want to display star rating under all posts and I want to display another stars under recipes (but with different size / color / message)

Is it possible please? Thank you!

Hello! The plugin does not provide settings for using the star rating with different styles. You can use custom CSS styles to change the star color and size for certain post types. We can provide a sample code if you provide your direct page link with the rating

Otherwise, we can offer to add a new feature as a custom service to be able to change the message and rating styles using a shortcode. Please contact us via for details.

Hey, pre-sales question. The plugin is very interesting, but it lacks the most important function – editing the rating in the post. This question has been asked before. Do you plan to add editing ratings in the post?

Hello! The Stellar is designed for real users voting and editing the results is not provided. Please pay attention to the Testimoner It can be used for the fake reviews

Thank you for your response. I don’t use Elementor. The second thing is why do you assume that someone will use Stellar to manipulate votes? Such a feature is needed, for example, in the case of transferring from another rating plugin. I have a page that has a lot of user ratings, but I need to manually transfer them to another plugin.

For now, you can move the rating from another plugin manually using the database or we can add interaction with your plugin to import the votes as a custom service like it is made for the Rating Form plugin. Contact us via for details.

Hey, pre-sales question, can the plugin save the reviews to the logged user data, and keep it?

Hello! Voting results are displayed in the list of posts/pages of the admin panel and as statistics in the dashboard Saving reviews in the registered user account is not provided.

spk100 Purchased

Is it possible to add the rating to the attachment pages? I run a gallery site using Foogallery and I have the images showing up in the attachment page.

Would it be possible to show the rating part on these pages?

spk100 Purchased

So, I cannot choose a position and also have shortcode on other pages?

No, you can select only one of the available rating positions or shortcode. These do not work together to avoid some conflicts that other users had.

spk100 Purchased

Got it. Thank you.

I did try the shortcode option and it did not show the attachment page rating in the admin.

So I switched back to the rating positions.

pre-sales question: I use rank math, and it is necessary to install an Rating plugin that supports shortcodes for: ratingValue and ratingCount. is that possible with this plugin?

such as: WP Review

Thank you! Please follow our updates, the next release will include the shortcode support.

thank you and happy creating

The new update is already available. More about the new shortcodes

I quite like this plugin and plan to use it as a thumbs up/down system, but how would dislikes be calculated? Hopefully they would subtract one point from the total number of likes? If not could such a thing be added to Stellar?

Also, what would the wp_query look like to pull in a list of the top 25 most liked posts?

Thank you in advance!

Hello! The Stellar calculates the average rating based on all user votes. You can display a top rated posts using a special shortcode

Thank you for letting me know.

Would you consider a thumbs up/down system where the math accounts for whole numbers and thumbs up = +1 and thumbs down = -1? No average needed, just aggregate numbers. Cheers

Maybe you mean something like this – this allows you to set like/dislike buttons

Hi. Is it possible to set the score manually in admin panel?

Hello! No, the score is based only on user votes. You can pay attantion to the Testimoner plugin for Elementor builder It allows you to add a block with a rating set manually.

Hello, do you provide some Trial version for this plugin. I would like to buy it, but it would be nice to check first if it will work with other plugins on my site.

Hello! Unfortunately, we can’t provide a trial version. Please read about the compatibility with other plugins

Your plugin is conflict with SVG plugin. I can’t upload svg file.

Hello! The plugin provides uploading own SVG icon without third party plugins

Hi there I mean upload media to wp media. your plugin cause conflict. Thx

Can you specify how you understood that our plugin causes a conflict? Please provide some screenshots, error messages, etc

Hello, before I buy it I have the following question: If I want to rate articles/books on my own homepage, I want to rate the article-book in several criteria, can I set up a separate rating with 10 stars for each criterion?

Hello! The plugin provides the ability to add one rating per page or post. If you are interested in custom development you can contact us via

Hey :)

I would like to integrate Stellar into my existing workflow. This is based on Oxygen Builder, Woocommerce and Meta Box to create Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies and Custom Fields. For optimization I use Rank Math. This setup are the main components I work with a lot.

So here’s my question – is Stellar compatible with them?

I have projects where existing ratings would need to be taken over. I would like to import them if possible. Is this possible with WP All Import?

Hence the second question – Where and how are the ratings stored (in the post meta data?)? What data should I have to enable the import?

Is there any deeper documentation on this perhaps?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello! Unfortunately, we can’t check our product for compatibility with each plugin or theme. The Stellar supports custom post types but does not provide the integration with third-party plugins.
The plugin data is stored in the database, storage in meta fields is not provided.

Hi, a presale question. If I want to show the start voting on a product category page from Woocommerce, how would I do that? so there will be a page with the product grid an on each of them there should be the star voting. Thanks.

Hello! This plugin can create the ratings for a single post, page, or product but it is not provided for separate item ratings on archive or category pages.

Hi there, I have collected many hundreds of ratings with the Codecanyon plugin “Ratingform” over 3 years. The plugin has been discontinued and no longer runs with the current PHP. I have now bought your plugin and think it is very good. Is there a way to transfer my Ratingform star ratings to Stellar? I have about 45 content sites and 5 blog sites. Can I also transfer the number and amount of ratings manually? Best regards Frank

Hello! Automatically the import of rating is not provided in the plugin. You can move the rating through the database using several queries. The Stellar data is in the table “wp-stellar”. We can also offer the additional option to import from the “Ratingform” plugin to Stellar as a custom service. Contact us via for details.


ethawn Purchased

Hello, I use the same theme as this coupon website: Am I going to be able to put the rating system at the top of the sidebar like him without having to modify my source code? Stores are taxonomies.

Hello! It depends on the flexibility of editing the page layouts in the theme. From the side of the Stellar plugin, there are no restrictions on placing the rating since you can use the shortcode and add it to the required place on the page.


ethawn Purchased

Thank you for your reply. I would like to be sure that this plugin works. There is a widget?

This is not a widget, this is a plugin that automatically adds a rating to posts\page in a certain position If the predefined position does not suit you, you can use the shortcode and add a rating anywhere on the page.

Hello there, I’ve looked into the plugin preview and I have some questions.

1 – Does the plugin support google ReCaptcha V3 to prevent spamming?

2 – Do the logged-in users’ votes persisted in the database, can they change their votes on future sessions?

Questions about the top-rated page:

4 – Can I display the excerpt too?

5 – Can I change The top-rated page display for mobile to be 1 column with the image, title, excerpt and rating stacked vertically?

6 – Can I resize all the elements (image, title, excerpt and rating)?

  1. It is not provided but can be considered as a custom service
  2. The plugin does not track registered or unregistered users but you can allows/deny re-voting after the session ends for users
  3. Yes, you can manage it via plugin setting
  4. It can not be manage via the plugin settings but can be considered as a custom service
  5. that’s all you can customize

By custom service you mean hiring you to make those features?

Yes, we offer individual services if our customer wants to get a certain plugin functionality at his request in a short period of time

Hi, does the plugin support Google reviews schema for SERP in Google? Google reviews ratings should appear in google search result page?

Hello! Yes, the plugin adds schema markup to get a rich snippet with reviews in Google search results.

One more question to clarify. Does the plugin has Google API connection to display Google My Business reviews in SERPs?

The plugin does not include Google My Business API but we can consider this feature as a custom service. If you are interested please contact us via for details.

Hello. I have the V2.1.3 plugin from envato. I am thinking of buying the latest version. But I have a few pre-purchase questions. In the version I have: 1-when voting, it does not automatically modify the number of votes, you have to refresh the page. 2- In edge or refreshing, the new vote appears. But if internally from wp-admin 3- The text does not fit the space correctly on small screens. 4- The texts of: Thank you for the vote, and you cannot vote again. All this is so, or can it be solved? With the version, if you buy, will I be in the same situation? Use wpocean template Thanks a lot

Hello! 1,2- The results are updated automatically without page refreshing and can be displayed both on the front and in the admin, depending on the plugin settings. 3.The mobile display issue has been fixed in the latest version. 4.The messages appear after the end of the session when the Track sessions option is enabled.
You can test the latest version of the plugin by downloading it from the Envato Elements before purchasing.

Hi! Before buying this plugin, I would need to know if these points are possible: - Only reserved for logged in users - Display of the read-only average score for anonymous users - Rate custom posts - Shortcode allowing to display the star rating of a custom post, with an id as a parameter (for example for a list of custom posts) - Shortcode allowing to display to the connected user the star rating he has given

Thanks in advance ! Eric

Hi Eric!

  • Only reserved for logged in users – YES
  • Display of the read-only average score for anonymous users – NO, but this can be realized at an additional cost
  • Rate custom posts – YES
  • Shortcode allowing to display the star rating of a custom post, with an id as a parameter – YES
  • Shortcode allowing to display to the connected user the star rating he has given – MAYBE. This function works now, but it binds the session id + ip, not the username

Let me know if you have more questions.


There it’s posible to ask the visitors to log in with the Facebook account before to give the rating?

many regards

Hello! The Stellar allows you to restrict voting for unregistered users. The ways of the user registration are not provided on the plugin side.


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