Discussion on SQL Helper

Discussion on SQL Helper

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I have an Error “The type initializer for ‘DAL.SqlHelper’ threw an exception.”

Thanks. May I kindly request for an example ?

I am not working on that technology any more but I can help you if you have any code and if you need help. Please read my above comment.

Dim result4 As MyResult = dTable.Select(“pos”, Item,Qty,Price,0)”, “sInsert_id =’” & PDSAAppConfig.CurrentLoginID & ”’ AND STATUS=0 And mowd =’CHEQUE’”)

if it brings out 1 or more result how will I loop using the code below Dim var1 As String = CType(result4.dsetData.Tables(0).Rows(0)(0), String) Dim var2 As Decimal = CType(result4.dsetData.Tables(0).Rows(0)(0), Decimal)

I think I should have a count first to determine the loop right? How do I get the count of the MyResult ? and substitute the Rows() paramenter ? And How do Iget the value of each columns? Thnaks!

Is it possible to loop into the sql result or query and do some updating based on that result and possibly update other tables using sql helper?

Can this be used in desktop app Thanks very much

Yes. It would be great. So I can add new features.

How do I display the fetched data to a DataGridView?

You can fetch data into MyResult with dataset/datatable and you can bind that one.

Hi, I purchased and having a little challenge in getting this query working

Cities table – has Id, list of cities Comments table – has userI, Comments, dates, citiesForeignKey)

So, I want to get user comments in a city,

(GroupBy Cities, Between Jan and May, for userId James)


@smartgrid, Apologize for delay reply was on Vacation.

Right now you can’t do group by query here. I am going to release new version soon. Just Writing document for that one.

Very nice job dude

Thank you.

Good job, wish you big sales :)

Thank you.

can insert and update database ? or i can customize easy or not ,i want to buy now

please update or create new products for support I will buy it ,thank

Sure. I have already created new version but need to write document. I will write soon and will update here.

thank you

Hi I am trying to use this code MyResult result = SqlHelper.GetTables(“customers”); It is throwing error The type initializer for ‘DAL.SqlHelper’ threw an exception Am i missing something ? pls guide

Hi, I have sent you an email of the project. Its in dotnet 4.0 tx

You need to change connection string name in web.config file. Check my document Do it like below code in web.config
<add name="ConnectionString" connectionString="[Your Connection String]"/>

Sorry for the silly mistake

Its working now !

Thanks for your support :)

This library sounds delightful. Before I buy this source code I have one question: Does your code have parameterized SQL?

What database does this support?

Ok it will not support mySQL or Oracle. Right?

Does it support MySQL?

It’s support only MSSQL

Greetings, What you are saying is hat myrecords can be treated like a normal datatable? Huambo

How do I discover the metadata of the database, like tables etc?

You need to write manfully. Just it looks like LINQ make own query and fast output.

How do i add it to my c# page? what is the namespace for the using sqlhelper….

Thanks, Huambo

Everything is in documents. You can use “DAL” namespace.


yes, SQL Helper comes with source code that you can customize it :)

Does this come with the source code?

Sorry, got my own answer from simply reading the description! Thanks

look good but there is some question for you. Are you build dynamic query by function values. And then execute or you manage all the things by store procedure. As dynamic sql have sql injection problem and some security issue there. I will wait for your reply.:)

In all function we have following parameters that can inject by user. (Where, Sort, SortType).

TableName and Columns can’t inject by user In code I have take care for that. (FYI: It should not come from front side.)

About other field you require to take care from server side. just replace all parameters replace by single (‘) quote by double single quote (’’).

If you require more help from my side please let me know. or If you require code of how to prevent SQL Injection let me know I will mail you Extensions method.

Thanks. :)


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