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Hi there, may I know if it’s possible to move/remove the button that currently sits on top of the wheel? I’m looking into a “Subscribe” button in a form next to the wheel that opts in people and triggers the wheel at the same time. The “spin” button only appears above the wheel in the 2nd round. Thanks!

Yep it’s possible


First of all thank you for designing this. I want to do some alteration and add digits, instead of the text or shapes in the wheel. I am a noob in javascript and programming all together, so I was hoping if you can guide me how to do it? And second after I already purchased it after a couple of spins it tells me Thank you for playing, now buy it, I was wandering how to remove this part and continue to have the right to spin. I will look forward for your reply. Thank you.


Martin Topalov

Sorry for the late reply – I have been a bit unwell but I’m back now!

1. Not sure what you mean by’add digits’. Can you please clarify? 2. The text for that is in the JSON file – just search the file for that text and you will find it. 3. If you want infinite spins you can change numSpins:-1 in the JSON. (that’s negative 1).

Can this be customized to ensure a person can only submit one spin?

Can we require a customer to provide “lead” info before being allowed to spin? (Like Name/Email address/phone?)

Sorry for the late reply.

It depends on what criteria you use to prevent people playing twice. Is it IP-based or based on an account that tracks whether they have played?

Can we require a customer to provide “lead” info before being allowed to spin? (Like Name/Email address/phone?)

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Seem to have solved nvm. Great plugin

Great to hear!

Hi there, I saw on your support page that it’s possible to hide the pin button at the top and assign another button (a sign-up button in my case) that triggers the spin. I’m planning to have 2 spins for each entry: 1st spin: Hide the pin, sign-up button will trigger the spin when clicked; 2nd spin: Pin appears and triggers the spin when clicked.

The sign-up button is used only once to start the game. The 2nd spin can either be triggered by the pin or a button inside the pop-up message box. The trigger button just has to be around the wheel and isn’t the same button that is used to start the game.

Which method do you think would be easier and how can I do it?

Thanks! Cherie

Sorry I’m not clear at all about what you mean. Maybe rephrase in a more succinct way? Thanks!

Here’re the steps I’d like to have when people arrive at the landing page:

1) Enter name and email address in a form next to the wheel. 2) Once the ‘Submit’ button in the form is clicked, the wheel spins. 3) After the first spin, the pop-up message appears together with a button that asks you to spin again. 4) Click that button and the wheel spins again. 5) The pop-up message appears. Game ends.

My question is related to Step 2 and 3. In Step 2, the button that triggers the spin is the “Submit” button in the form. While in Step 3, the button that triggers the spin is another one that is not in the form but on/around the wheel. I’d like to know:

A) Whether I can hide the “spin” button that’s now pre-coded to be at the top of the wheel for Step 1 – 2 and show it for Step 3 – 4? And how?

B ) If it’s easier to trigger the spin by adding a button in the pop-up message box in Step 3? If it is, how?

Thanks a lot.

If I understand you correctly you could hide the current spin button and in the onResult function you could show your own button and assign its onclick function.

I terms of your own popups you could follow the same process as above i.e. use the onResult function to show your own popup containing the button.

I want to hide the intro text box in the middle. I can remove the text but then it is just a small red blob in the middle. I just want to put a logo there and not have the red rectangle.

I tried 1, .toast{ display: none; }

Then add

document.querySelector(’.toast’).style.display = ‘block’

in the onResult function.

when I add the css portion it gets rid of it… but it also gets rid of popups after spin which is no good. When I add the rest to the onResult functoin, it comes back

Here’s a screen grab:

yeah that’s where I was putting it before. It makes the wheel go completely away and just shows the click to spin button… i guess I will just live with it there

Ok I told you the wrong thing (I’ve been off sick this week so my head is all over the place).

Put this in the CSS:

    display: none;

And the display it again in myResult like this:

I just tested it and it works fine on the files you would have downloaded.

Hello sir, where shall I upload the files more exactly ? Please tell me where in cpanel and then where to do the settings in wordpress. Thank you.

Spin2Win Wheel is not a Wordpress plugin. However you can simply create a directory on your server and upload the contents of the ZIP to it.


pralhas Purchased

I have a doubt in the probability, I want to have a jackpot, but that only quits once, is it possible?

Hi! Not sure what you mean – can you clarify? Thanks!


pralhas Purchased

I have several prizes, and one of them is a “jackpot”. but the “Jackpot” prize can only come out once. I have “numSpins” in 100, in those 100 plays the jackpot only can leave once.

Hey Chris, this looks awesome. Sorry as I may have missed it, but I’m not seeing it in the docs if there’s a way to store spin results somewhere? This can be anywhere, like a CSV file, Google Sheet, JSON, etc. I just need a way to save the results from a user.

Yes Spin2WinWheel doesn’t do that part but as you point out there are a number of ways you can do it. PHP writing to a text file or database might be your best bet. You could even store it as cookie data. If you search for sending data to Google Sheets there are also plenty of solutions out there.


baghawan Purchased

Hi, i’m using your spin2wheel plugin for my upcoming project.

First thing i wanna ask is how can i update probability for all segmentValueArray on each time i click the spin button? Basically before the wheel spun, i want to get data from database and update the probability.

Many thanks and happy weekend!

Hey Chris, I sent you a message about possibly freelancing to fix an issue that I am having with Spin2win. Not sure if it’s a better option to hire you or renew support.

Unfortunately I’m sick in hospital at the moment and I’m unable to do anything. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Sorry to hear that bud! I will check back in a month or so.

other than % probability, can we set something like if total spin count = 100000, then the next spin will hit Grand Prize?

You can hard code abs and loses into the JSON avoiding probability.

Hi there! Is there an wordpress version also? Because i’m not an developer!

This can be added to Wordpress using the Code block or an iframe. Seen it done many times with clients.


BRNDWGN Purchased

Hello there! Great stuff with the code; Looks amazing.

Was wondering if there is a way of creating a draggable version of the wheel whilst still retaining control of probability?

Maybe have a drag event trigger the spin?

Nice idea but it’s just not possible without it looking like the spin is being interfered with – sorry!