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x-tremed Purchased

Is there a way to let the toast box after the spinning disappear after X seconds ? so it won’t be on screen until the next guest want’s to try our pricewheel


x-tremed Purchased

i’ve tried to hide the toast box usin <!- -> in the index.html, it is not shown then but when spinning the wheel it act weirds and is not spinning correctly

Please email or DM me a URL. Thanks.

This is really a great library which covers lot of useful features & active support. I am stuck with one problem – I want to show the toast popup below spin2win wheel and only want it to pop up on wheel when a user wins a prize. Can you please advise how do I do that?

Currently it’s not designed to work in the way you described. However it would be possible to code it this way with special logic for the toast popup (if it’s a win etc). It’s not so simple that I can paste it into this forum though!

Hi Chris – we’re having trouble with IE10 support. We’re hosted on apache, IIS, or nginx, and we get the “big black box” effect on IE10. You can even see it on the codecanyon demo. IE’s developer console gives us:

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘overrideMimeType’

overrideMimeType apparently doesn’t exist in IE10:

Any thoughts?

I just tried this in CrossBrowserTesting and it worked.

Replace your loadJSON() call with this:

function loadJSON(callback) {
  var xobj = new XMLHttpRequest();
  if (xobj.overrideMimeType) {
  }'GET', '', true); 
  xobj.onreadystatechange = function() {
    if (xobj.readyState == 4 && xobj.status == "200") {
      //Call the anonymous function (callback) passing in the response

Don’t forget to change your JSON URL! :)

Thanks, Chris! Makes sense to check for overrideMimeType compatibility, but we weren’t sure what to replace it with. This worked right away, and we remembered to change our URL :)

While sniping the wheel can we show names (which is pointed at the peg) in inner circle, let me know if it is possible ?

Answered via PM

Hey guys, are you available for custom work?

Yes depending on what you need and time etc. Feel free to PM any details etc.

Hi Chris, I’ve sent you a PM on your profile


sammyt05 Purchased

Hi, I’ve just purchase your script and need to achieve the following.

1) Capture user details (by filling out email etc.) in order to claim their prize 2) If there is no form for user details like email, phone etc. I need to know how I can pass the data for the prize that they’ve won to a contact form

Could you please answer the above for me?

1. You will need to add your own form 2. In the version you downloaded there is an onResult event that is spitting out spin results in the dev console (and commenting too). Search index.js for ‘myResult’ and you’ll see how to do it.


sammyt05 Purchased

Sorry – one more question.

Can I restrict the number of spins a person can have based on the IP address?

There are IP address scripts around that you can use in conjunction with Spin2Win Wheel. Just be aware that it’s quite easy for dynamic IP clients to change your IP by switching off your router for a minute.


Madcowto Purchased

Chris described:

There are IP address scripts around that you can use in conjunction with Spin2Win Wheel. Just be aware that it’s quite easy for dynamic IP clients to change your IP by switching off your router for a minute.

Question: Where do I find this IP address scripts and where to put this script into the Spin2Win code? I want to be able to limit an IP address to only allow one spin per day as an example.

Question: Once the spin wheel stops and a particular segment is landed on, how could I add a HTML reference so the use can click on a link from the Result Text Message or somewhere to claim the prize?

A simple Google search will find IP scripts and it’s up to you where/how you use it.

You add the HTML in the segmentValueArray as resultText. Please have a good read through the FAQs.

By now most questions have been answered

Does it allow the ability to be used as a pop up when they visit the site?

Popups are usually iframes so yes.

Is it possible to post random alphanumeric string in “resultText” or can I put an array in “resultText” and have a string be randomly chosen in that array?

Thanks! I got it figured out through the PHP. One last question: How do I increase the time for when the gameOverText appears. I see the code in Spin2WinWheel.js.

Yes in Spin2WinWheel.js locate the endGame function and change the delay:

Thanks, cheers!