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hi chris, its possible to make user A, can spin 3 times, user B can spin 2 times… its possible? could u give me a reference to do that? thankyou before..

How would the wheel know which player was which? You would need to have users signing into their own account (or something that identifies them). Then you could have a database that the PHP calls, based on who the user is.

Ultimately you’ll need to store numSpins:3 and numSpins:2 somewhere otherwise how will the wheel know what the values are?

hmmm yeah like that.. so the solution just make a database to do that… u have any reference about it? or any suggestion, to connect with this whell..

I don’t do databases I’m afraid – Spin2Win wheel is a front end component that can be populated via a backed but you’d have to write that part yourself.

How does a player win a prize? For example, can you set links to prizes from the wheel itself?

Please DM me your purchase ID – thanks!

These are pre-sales questions

Feel free to visit the preview page on a mobile. You’ll see it works fine. You can set links to prizes in the JSON. The FAQs cover all of your questions with answers

Hi Chris, great work! But Im having a hard time, putting the wheel into a div-box that floats dynamically with the other elements on the page. Want to integrate it into a shopping-cart of an onlineshop and the position of the wheel needs to be dynamic. I somehow managed to put it in a div-box but now Im having troubles with positioning the toast-boxes… do you have any hint or solution how to get control over the position?

If you are using the very latest version (I pushed an update this week) then the toast popup is being controlled on resize within the Spin2WinWheel.js. (to keep it centred with the wheel’s size). You will have to either disable the resize function completely or edit the code inside it to suit your positioning needs.

Hey Christ,

First of all, thank for your module, it’s very performant but i have a question !

I need to know how can i change the speed rotation in your code ? I need to have approximately 6-10 rounds before annoucing the winning segment ! And i set the winning segment at the initialization !

So, please, help me on this point !

i’m spinning it wth a buttpn !

i’ve tried to play with the velocity but no good result :/

You need to edit the Spin2WinWheel.js. Nothing major. I’ve made an FAQ here for you here:

Hello. First of all, great work! 1. Is it really possible to put two or more lines in each slice? I do not see any real examples with the two lines as shown in the image 2. Is it possible to use a photo to occupy the whole slice instead of the color? 3. When adding the win parameter with true is the likelihood of a greater probability? 4. Is it possible to add more functions for example when I tune a certain save value in the database by php and mysql (callback)? Thank you very much.

Many thanks. Sorry, but I need more help. I can’t spin in mobile version. Is it necessary other configuration? Other thing, I need to know if its possible to pass more options in spins array. I have type value win and resultText and I need one more like description. Can you help me please? Thanks in advance

How are you trying to get it to spin? With a click on a button or a spin gesture with touch? Check in your JSON for the clickToSpin setting.

Is it possible the two options (button click and spin gesture)? I need to know if its possible to pass more options in spins array. I have type value win and resultText and I need one more like description to return value on myResult function.


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Hello! Really awesome work! Could you please help me with the gameOverText? I want to add a URL there but isn’t clickable. Is there any way to enable the pointer-events to true at the end of the game?

Best Regards!

When I spin the wheel and it doesn’t land where I want (example: I’m a customer) I can just refresh the page before it gives me a info “you won…” and my spin won’t be counted and I am able to spin again :D

how can I fix this “cheat” bug?

This isn’t a big – it’s up to you to use the Spin2WinWheel event API to set a cookie or session to prevent this.

how can i do that?

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Hey Chris, Firefox doesnt seem to support shadows with png-files in the wheel. It refuses to show them at all. Is there a workaround?

Put the shadow on the wheel in Photoshop and set hasShadows:false in the JSON

Hi Chris,

I want to add a image on centerCircle of spinwheel.There is a option to add color (centerCircleFillColor) but can we add a image for the same.

I have tried ur solution . But these doesn’t work as required. I only want to change the center circle. whereas this changes entire wheel look

Please help


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hi, i don’t known API and Javascripts. Can help me step by step how get result and save to database or show list winner

I can’t help you with saving to database as that’s outside the scope of the item.

However when you currently run Spin2Win you should already see the result logging out in the console because the onResult event handler has been assigned to a function.

Your challenge is that if you don’t understand JS you might have a hard time understanding what I’m talking about but these are the terms used to describe what’s going on.

Do you know what the developer console is?

Hello, I need with embedding this wheel on to my site. Please help.

Oh. the websire is It is a shopify store & I want to have a section with a spinning wheel that gets discounts and promo codes for customers.

Not really sure how I can help you as I’m not familiar with Shopify. Maybe you could host the wheel on a different site and then add using an iframe? Do you have control over the pages? If so it is a case of adding the SVG tag to the page and incorporating the JS and CSS into the existing build.

Maybe ask Shopify if they can offer support integrating custom HTML, CSS and JS?