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it is posible to discard a prize after has been won?


Hi There,

Awesome Wheel! Just wondering if you can tell the wheel what to land on? The reason i ask is because when the wheel lands on a prize it could send a post back to the server of what the prize was. How would you stop someone just posting whatever prize they wanted? Server side prize generation. Thank you.

Yes you can either set a probability for each segment so there’s still an element of chance or you can populate the spinDestinationArray in the JSON with segment values. Check out the docs here:

So "spinDestinationArray":[2, 3, 7] means segment 2 will win, then segment 3, then segment 7. And because there are 3 values in this example the user gets 3 spins.

And remember you can populate it via PHP rather than a JSON file if that’s preferable.


webdude12 Purchased

Is there any option for a random segment on each reload. For example, We have 4 coupon codes, but only ever want two of them to be showing at any one time.

I thought about reading the JSON file into memory and then attempting to do a find and replace on the coupon values, but would think it might be easier to set a random flag and number of random segments

Something like this:

{probability, “type”: “string”, “value”: ”$10Coupon”, “win”: true, “resultText”: “You won a $10 Coupon”, “userData”: {score}, random:true}, {probability, “type”: “string”, “value”: ”$25Coupon”, “win”: true, “resultText”: “You won a $25 Coupon”, “userData”: {score}, random:true}, {probability, “type”: “string”, “value”: ”$50Coupon”, “win”: true, “resultText”: “You won a $50 Coupon”, “userData”: {score}, random:true}, {probability, “type”: “string”, “value”: ”$100Coupon”, “win”: true, “resultText”: “You won a $100 Coupon”, “userData”: {score}, random:true},

and then set

“randSegs”: 2,

That way could keep the probabilty tag easy enough.

I know this easy to do with a server and PHP, but I need the JSON file to run locally as wifi is often spotty at best a tradeshows.

If you want the files to run locally you won’t be able to use JSON anyway because it requires an HTTP request.

This means you would have to run it using the offline method which is an object that is essentially the parsed JSON data declared in the JS.

You can find an example here:

This also means you could probably do the data manipulation you need because you’re just using native JS.

Is that useful?

How do i use spin destination array instead of the probability?

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Hello, I’m sorry but I cannot figure out how to enable for JQuery only. I have to run all the files from a SharePoint asset library. I don’t the JSON is working. The wheel is not rendering on the HTML page, I only see the click here button and the ticker.

I’m not familiar with SharePoint so I’m not sure how much help I can offer. However feel free to private message me a URL and I’ll see what i can do.

Hi, awesome script. I’m looking at a bigger script with this wheel integrated, are you available for custom work?

Hi – yes although it depends on what you need. Feel free to private message me with further details and we can go from there – cheers!


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Hello and thanks for the product.

Will it be possible to spin the wheel in clockwise instead of counter clockwise ? I know that making it spin in both way is complex, but having it spinning only in clockwise would be better.