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Hi, can I add background images in the prize triangles?

You can either create one background wheel image that has all the segments as images or you can have separate segment shaped images and add them in the JSON segmentValuesArray. You’ll need PhotoShop or similar to do either of these.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, I have a problem with probability. the following json delievers randomly any results {“colorArray”: [”#83dcc8”, ”#ff671b”, ”#ff945e”, ”#f28b00”, ”#f6ae4c”, ”#fec81f”, ”#ffd861”, ”#8db92e”, ”#afcf6c”, ”#d32a2f”, ”#e0696d”, ”#50ccb0”, ”#D35400”, ”#C0392B”, ”#BDC3C7”, ”#1ABC9C”, ”#2ECC71”, ”#E87AC2”, ”#3498DB”, ”#9B59B6”, ”#7F8C8D” ], “segmentValuesArray”: [{“probability”: 100,”type”: “image”, “value”: ”/attachmentTemp/coins_9058_20171105033549.png”,”win”: false,”resultText”: “Hurra, Sie haben 5 Coins gewonnen”,”userData”: {“caseType”: “Coins”}},{“probability”: 0,”type”: “image”, “value”: ”/attachmentTemp/spotify.png”,”win”: false,”resultText”: “Testz”,”userData”: {“caseType”: “Voucher”}},{“probability”: 0,”type”: “image”, “value”: ”/attachmentTemp/mastercard.png”,”win”: false,”resultText”: “Testz”,”userData”: {“caseType”: “Voucher”}},{“probability”: 100,”type”: “image”, “value”: ”/attachmentTemp/coins.png”,”win”: false,”resultText”: “Testz”,”userData”: {“caseType”: “Coins”}},{“probability”: 0,”type”: “image”, “value”: ”/attachmentTemp/if_amazon-echo_2026281.png”,”win”: false,”resultText”: “TestEcho”,”userData”: {“caseType”: “Voucher”}} ],”svgWidth”: 1024,”svgHeight”: 768,”wheelStrokeColor”: ”#000”,”wheelStrokeWidth”: 20, “wheelSize”: 700, “wheelTextOffsetY”: 80, “wheelTextColor”: ”#EDEDED”, “wheelTextSize”: “2.3em”, “wheelImageOffsetY”: 40, “wheelImageSize”: 100, “centerCircleSize”: 0, “centerCircleStrokeColor”: ””, “centerCircleStrokeWidth”: 0, “centerCircleFillColor”: ”#000”, “segmentStrokeColor”: ””, “segmentStrokeWidth”: 0, “centerX”: 512, “centerY”: 384, “hasShadows”: true, “numSpins”: 1, “spinDestinationArray”: [], “minSpinDuration”: 6, “gameOverText”: ””, “invalidSpinText”: “INVALID SPIN.PLEASE SPIN AGAIN.”, “introText”: ””, “hasSound”: true, “gameId”: “9a0232ec06bc431114e2a7f3aea03bbe2164f1aa”, “clickToSpin”: false }

any idea?

thank you Alfred

Please make sure clickToSpin is true. Probability only works if a button triggers the spin.

Hi Chris, thank you for your fast reply! Within one hour, just awesome! Like Spin2Wheel!

Sorry Chris, I didn’t make the purchase last time… can you please show me some sites where this wheel is working at the moment?

You’ll need to set up the account/login system around it. Probably with a database, if you need to track who has won what.

how do I do that?

Databases and account systems aren’t my thing – I make components that fit into those systems.

Presales question Somebody already asked you about “Hello, is there any intention to integrate to Woocommerce with coupons as prizes?. I think you are losing tons of money without doing it. Regards” Is there any updates with this feature wish?

It’s on the (ever growing) list of features to add

do you have an estimated data for this? Im asking this in order to know, if I should to buy now or to find something compatible with woocommerce options.

I don’t have an ETA sorry


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Hi, Can I save results to a file?

Spin2Win Wheel doesn’t do that out of the box but you could write to a text file on your server using PHP.

i have a pre sales question .. 1. Is it possible for me to configure it in such a way that one is required to pay to play ? like …buy coins to get number of turns to spin 2.Can i add more options to the wheel?

1. You would have to set up an account/login system if you want to get people to pay to play. 2. Yes you can customise the wheel as much as you like.

how does winner claim their prizes?


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Hello.. Just following up.. Thanks for the super quick reply. I may have posted incorrectly last time so I am redoing it. Thank you

No worries!

was going to buy it but since it doesn’t have woo commerce integration. I have to find something else

Can I set the spinner so it only lands on each segment once? then starts again.

The problem I am having is we are playing bingo with a class of students and it can take a very long time before we have a winner because it keeps landing on the same spot.

Locate the file ending with .json. All the settings you need are in there.

Remove the probability entries and add all the segment numbers in the spinDesinationArray. Your JSON file should look something like this:

If you have 10 entries in your segmentValuesArray you should have "spinDesinationArray":[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]

Make sure you randomize them like "spinDesinationArray": [3,6,8,7,9,10,1,4,2,5]

Sorry, the link you sent did not work. What part do I remove for “Remove the probability entries ” or do i just set something to false?

checkHasProbability = function(){
hasProbability = true;
segmentValuesArray.forEach( function(el, val){
hasProbability = false;
  //return false;
spinDestinationArray = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17];//, numSpins)
numSpins = (dataObj.numSpins == -1) ? 9999999999999999 : parseInt(dataObj.numSpins);
//console.log( numSpins)

No you’re in the wrong file. It’s called whhel_data.json. And the link is fine. It’s a screengrab of the JSON file. Make sure yours looks similar.


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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi – FYI I removed your first post because it contains a live link to the item. Please private message live links – thanks! I’ll have a look into the issue and get back to you ASAP.

I haven’t seen this issue on any other projects and I can’t reproduce it so it possibly suggests something changed on your server?

What exactly did you change and can you PM me a link to the project where the problem occurs? (i.e. don’t post a link with it ‘fixed’)

I’ve done some extensive checking and I can’t find an issue at all. Your wheel works fine. What have I missed?


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