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Can I get a refund please, completely missed in wasn’t a plugin, thanks

Hi I need know will you the customization if I purchase this theme as per my requirements ….

FYI this isn’t a theme or a WP plugin – it’s JS, CSS and HTML that you must host yourself. If you still want customisation please PM me.

PM means ?.

Sorry, private message me from my profile


iskynet Purchased

Hello. I have a question before of buy.

If i have 3 gifts, example:

1 Gift. 2 Gift. 3 Gift.

Can i give them a specific amount of each?


Yes. In the JSON (simple text file) you can create as many or as few entries as you like in the segmentValuesArry. You can also give them their own probability value of winning.


Salva075 Purchased

Hi, I do not hear mp3 sound on mobile devices. Any ideas?

iOS doesn’t allow sounds to play unless they are initiated by a direct interaction. Same with Android. Nothing we can do about it I’m afraid – it’s their rule.

Is there away to determine the outcome of the speed as soon as the user initiates the spin? In my case I only allow the user to spin once and claim their price before they spin again.

If the user spins the wheel and sees where its about to land they can simply close the browser come back to the wheel and spin again and repeat until they get the best prize.

You can set the outcomes in the spinDestinationArray in the JSON.

See this FAQ for more info:

Hope that helps.


iskynet Purchased


I have a question. How can i set how many times win a user a gift. For example, i want that a gift can be win 2 times. Thanks.

You will need to control the gifts with your own database so that you can keep track of what has been won.


iskynet Purchased

Hello. Can I want I set the wheel to land a number of times on specific segments?

Please urgent.


You can’t set a maximum number of times a segment can win unless you control the wheel using a database.


iskynet Purchased

Ok. I have saved the segments in database. On function “myResult(e)” i update the quantity but ¿how reload “wheel_data.php”?

See my answer in your later question below :)

i wanna use it for diposit and then pay for per spin, and also can give free spin to users, if i want’s to, and i wanna give only points in spin, and how much he will in spin that will show in account balance. can it possible?

i mean for every spin ppl have to use credit, and what credit he will win or lose that will auto add/remove in his account

So you’ll need to set up your own account and database system to track something like credits.

how much you will charge for it?


iskynet Purchased

Hello. When someone win a gift, how can i do that popup text last longer time? Thanks.

Hi – I am working on these additions at the moment. I can send you the files that have the ability to set the gameOverTextDelay and the ability to reset the wheel and call new data if you like?


iskynet Purchased

Yes please. Send me only files for have the ability to set the gameOverTextDelay. Thanks.

Please send me a direct message (on my profile page). That way I will have your email address.

can i use it in wordpress? if yes then how?

Yes you can. If you purchase it I can offer more support.

Hello, I need something like this: (wheel of fortune pop up after 30 seconds on the site). Can you contact me over email for a custom quote?

Is there a way to hide the Spin2WinWheel.js file, Perhaps convert it to php?

I am not sure this is what I am looking for. I need to ask you the following:

I want to run a raffle with more than 1,000 participants, I would like to put them all in the wheel and spin it. Is there a limit of participants I can include in the JSON variable?

Thanks a lot.