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Pre-Purchase Question- How many users can the wheel handle at one time ?Meaning, would it be capable of like 2,000 users spinning at one time? Thank You

It can only be spun once at a time. Do you mean 2000 segments? Or 2000 goes? I’m not sure I follow you – please clarify thanks!

We have a website that sometimes has 4,000 users on at the same time. I am worried the wheel will not be able to handle all of theses users at once. Is there a limitation to how many users can spin at one time?

It doesn’t matter how many users use it because they’ll all be using different instances.

Hi! Is possible to add images or a text link in the result toast?

Yes – in fact the version you downloaded has a link in the gameOver message. It’s just a normal HREF.

Actually I’m not sure you can add in an image. There might be a way with a bit of extra code.

Hi, I keep getting microsoft jscript error when i try to install the “spin2win-configuration” file. I already have the latest javascript installed. Do you have any ideal what else I can do?


Can someone please enlighten how I can execute the script to run the wheel? Do i need to create a HTML and embed the JScript within? Can’t seemed to find any installation guide online. The installation guide has only 3 lines. I have installed xampp, tested apache, mysql and php, all these are running.

I think you have bought a different item. You don’t have a purchase license and you are referring to “spin2win-configuration” which is nothing to do with this item.

My Colleague has bought this plugin for use with an internal offer however we were wondering if you would offer a customisation service at a cost to produce a working solution for our needs.

Based on the below initial spec could your provide a price?

- Initial form to capture the details of entrant in a csv or database - Setting a limit on prizes per month (e.g. 20 prizes a month) - Once the entrant has had his or her spin, the result to be appended to the csv or database against that users details. - Email to be sent to an address of our choice to alert us of a winner.

Please let me know if you need more details to quote for the work.

Database stuff and email forms are not something I do – sorry I can’t be of use here.

In the description of the plugin it suggests “Easily Store results in a database”? however that’s not the case or at least some assistance would be offered?

Please PM me. Thanks!