Discussion on Spider Solitaire - HTML5 Solitaire Game

Discussion on Spider Solitaire - HTML5 Solitaire Game

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Do you work on Android?

the game is conceived to work in html5. Some customers embed the game with phonegap in apk

Good luck with your sales

Hello, can this game be translated once source code is purchased? Thanks

Hello, as written in the readme file : You can easily change game text for different languages, changing strings in CLang.js

There is a bug on iphone 11 pro max, the game won’t start, and I think also on other devices.

Please check that.

can you send us the link to the website where you’ve uploaded the game? Please, try our demo

Yes, but I would preffer to that in private only.

sure! write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Hi there,

I have 2 questions.

1. Do I need arialbd-demo.html? Or I can delete, I’ve notice lot of random text.

2. I want to add some content below the game, I want to write some text, where I have to edit in order to do that?

hello, 1) if you want, you can remove arialbd-demo.html, it was added to show a preview of the font. 2) please write us more details and send us a mock-up to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Hi. Is it possible to make the page restart when you turn the phone from vertical to horizontal mode?

hello, to do that we have to customize the game’s code. If you want to get a quote, write us at support[at]

This is a problem in Google Chrome on iPhone XS

iOS Safari and Google Chrome

Bug Fixed. The new version is already available ;)

Thank you!

Hi. How to disable the swipe (swipe.png)?

Hello, the swipe is meant to show the players how to get the game full screen in iOS mobile device. If you remove it, players may not understand that the game could be used in full screen mode. Anyway, we’ve replied also to your pm. Check your inbox.

You do not understand me. Swipe icon does not start the game. Watch the video again. I can’t press the start button!

We understand you, indeed we asked more info to fix the issue, we’ll check the code.

hi, i find a bug: when you complete a suit (king, queen ….. 4,3,2,1), if you move a card (most time you can’t, but sometimes you can ????) before the animation is over, then you can’t finish the game and you have to restart :-(

not sure that my bug description is clear???? see this video:

Best regards.

Hi, we have fixed the game and release a new version ;)

hi, ok thank’s for your support :-) It seems to work fine now :-)

perfect! and thank you for the rating! :D

i also need the time option near the score option

Hi, to add a timer option we have to customize the game. Write at to get a quote


please could you add a cancel function? Spider solitaire is not so easy, and this feature would be greatly appreciated by beginners :-)

The automatic moving of the cards would also be great (double-click on a card to move it to the first available space that will accept the card)

I would buy the game if you add these two features :-)

Best regards.

hi, currently we haven’t planned to make these edits to the game. But if you want, we can customize it for you

Hi, not sure customization will be affordable for me… Can you tell me (PM) what would be the price for that?

write us at to get a quotation

Hello,can you please add admob and leaderboard

Hi! If you want to hire us, send an email at with a list of the customizations you need

If you want to add admob in the game, a special customization is now available. Write at for further info :)


I tried your game and found a very attractive, but I want to ask a question. Can I place adds in both corners? Maybe you can help me in this, because when I try to zoom in zoom out the screen resolution remains same.

Waiting for your reply

Best Regards Pankaj

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our products. Purchasing the game you’ll get the code sources by which you can modify the game on your own. If you want you can hire us to do it on your behalf, if you want a quotation write me in private.

If you want to add ads in the game, a special customization is now available. Write at for further info :)


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