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Well done, looks great! :)

Thanks mate :)

Hi This module is great, but I can not keep it when I go into any subcategory. Only on Home Page is available.I need it to show on all level of subcategories, so customers can jump easily to other categories or subcategories, similar as done here in http://latinamazon.co/. If you can confirm me this function I would shop it for my site.


Hi erickbellido,

This module supports to show all level of subcategories.It keeps all the subcategories when you hover too.

You can see it on both Home and Women menu

Kind Regards,

Hi skyoftech: I was referring that I need to keep categories block available when I go into any subcategory so I can go to other category from there, not matter if I inside into any subcategory.

At the moment I see that category block dissapear in Prestashop 1.6 when I into one subcategory, I know this behavior is different in Prestashop 1.5 and I can modified into regular block category to always appear all categories if I into any subcategory, but I dont know about your module if it can work this way.

In other words I always need to see all categories (sp vertical menu) no matter any subcategory level I am into.

Please let me know if can work that way, cause live demo not show that when I go into subcategory, then I lost your sp vertical menu block and only appear at Home Page.


Hi erickbellido,

I am sorry for not getting your points. Please see some demos of Vertical Menu and Vertical Megamu in our themes:

http://prestashop.magentech.com/sp_market/en/ http://prestashop.magentech.com/sp_maxshop/en/ http://prestashop.magentech.com/sp_shoppystore/en/ http://prestashop.magentech.com/sp_atom/layout3/en/ http://prestashop.magentech.com/sp_parna/en/

Our modules support to show as the above examples. I hope that you can choose the suitable one to your website.

Kind Regards,

Dear skyoftech: Sorry that my question was not understood.

I have see the examples you sent me and all have this issue not showing the SP vertical menu when I go into subcategories. Only is showed at Home Page.

I think an example can show my points:

Here at Home Page works perfect: http://prestashop.magentech.com/sp_maxshop/en/

but here into a subcategory the sp vertical menu is not kept: http://prestashop.magentech.com/sp_maxshop/en/144-memory-card

That is what I was referring.

and I need to have always the SP vertical menu available, even if I am into a subcategory.

Let me know if possible.



Hi erickbellido,

It can be shown in every pages as you like. Please choose to show this module in all pages in the Hook option.

Please feel free to get back to us in case of any further queries or question. We will be glad to assist you.

Kind Regards,

Hi, How do I get this module to display the categories in alphabetical order? My site here: www.stevovo.co.za – I have currently activated the PS category module to show you how it should be once it is in alphabetical order. Also can it copy the categories directly from the PS category instead off adding them individually?

Hi, can you get your module to pull the categories from the PS (Categories block v2.9.2 – by PrestaShop)? This will be perfect.

Hi PoobalanStevenPillay,

Did you submit ticket on our support system? We need check your site and guide you how to do. Please tell me your ticket number to get support soon.


icon-class is taken out, however.

Hi Jteewifi,

Could you please describe more details or send us the screenshots via our support system, so that we could have closer look on the issue?

Kind Regards,

Dear Skyoftech:

I purchased the module and worked fine on all pages of the site as you mentioned and it is responsive, but I have one problem that when I go into subcategory and then to other subcategory or category, then header and footer of the site dissapear in Crome last release and Firefox. It is very strange.

I have seen that only happens when using the sp vertical category module, the module keeps working but header and footer of the site is not showed.

Please can you review this details,

You can view the SP module here on real site: http://mercanciaalpormayor.com/ so you can test what I mention.



Dear Skyoftech. I sent the ticket to http://www.magentech.com/submit-a-ticket/submit-ticket explaining the issue and attaching an image where it shows that header sometimes dissapear, but now I can not access the Ticket System to write you the Ticket ID. Is the same user and password in magentech as used on Envato or other credentials?. I will try to reset pass in Magentech to send the ticket

Dear Skyofftech: I wrote a new ticket explaining the issue with printscreen atached. this is the ticket id: MTE-0000002527


Erick Bellido

Hi Erick Bellido,

Our support team already sent you a feedback, please kindly check your ticket.

Kind Regards,

Hi, Does menu work with Can I add link to another website

Hi IwonaP,

Yes. Our module support Prestashop

Regarding this question: Can I add link to another website I’m not sure that I get your question clearly, so please describe more details or send us the screenshots.

Kind Regard

Regarding my question: I have 3 shops with different products and I would like to add link to my stores in menu.. I hope you know what I mean

Hi mate,

Yes. The module enables you to add the link to your stores in menu. If you still have any question, please feel free to let us know. I’m glad to help you.


As I do for all categories once in the menu display and remove the option More categories at the end of menu

This module does not work in mobile version (mobile phone) I can say that you should do, is desplejan categories. To give more details please look forward to your response soon as the site is in production

Dear sir,

In order to allow me to help you as fast and efficient as possible, please submit a ticket to our ticket system where you can safely share your website link and login details if necessary. It will also be much easier for us to keep our conversation organized over there! Here is the link for your submission: http://magentech.com/member-area/submit-a-ticket/submit-ticket

Thanks & regards!

Hello. Will work for The number of levels available in the submenu?

Dear sir,

This module is compatible with Prestashop, and you can create multi level in the menu .

If there is any question, please let us know.

FAQ’s . Official Support

Hello, dont work with I send ticket. #MT503520