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So strange that this excellent tool only sold 24 copies! It’s really a great program, simple but powerful.

Thanks, frisser! I have a plenty ideas how to make this app even better, so stay tuned for the new updates.


can you make an ios app for company app,

an example of app is http://www.chupamobile.com/ios-full-applications/enjoya-app-7052


Hello. Sorry but I’m not working with mobile apps.


The tools used for optimization are jpegtran, TinyJPG, JPEGmini, optipng, pngout, pngquant, TinyPNG, and gifsicle.



i was thinking of using the above plugin for wordpress to optimize my picture size at my server

however, i found out some of the utilities needed as stated above are not available at my shared hosting

i see your software is to optimize file size but done at PC ? i think it is still ok as i can download all images from my server to my PC, optimize, then ftp back

question is, do you think your software can perform as well or better than this plugin?

if yes, i will buy


Hello. Sorry for the late response. This program also uses jpegtran for jpeg and gifsicle for gif’s. But maybe with the different parameters. For PNG Solvium uses other tool and optimization strategy. In my opinion mentioned plug-in uses an excess amount of utilities that can load the server for no reason. If you want I can optimize some of your images for test.

i run on mac do you plan to make it work on mac ?

Sorry, I have no such plans.

Hi, i’m missing files to compile ?

Hello. This is a standalone program without any source code.

Where is the image? Where is the download folder?

Hello. What image and folder are you expecting to get? This is a standalone program for Windows not the plugin.

I upload images to be optimized. then, select save to : External Folder. But what is that folder that carries my optimized images?

Oh. I see. If you haven’t changed your default settings it should be a Documents folder. You can check and change it in Options.

Hey, I entered in contact with you, but you did not answer. I want to cancel the buy.