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Nice game. How many question does it have?

Hi, the math question is random generate by code.

1. How to Change Math Questions? 2. AdSense Compatibility? 3. How to add header and footer?

You can change what Math Symbols (adding, subtracting, multiply and division) to generate the math question.

For No.2 and 3 No.


No leader board for this either

How to add a button to the instructions “How to Play”?

adding a button is easy, but adding a page require more than coding

You can do this?

Can I translate the text to danish? Can level be changed?

All the text are load from image assets, you can change easily except the Math numbers and symbols.

No level system for this game, it just getting faster each round, and the timer value can be change via settings.

Hello I’ve bought a game from you. I have a problem, I can not edit them by Mark program construct2. I’m search in all folders but do not contain folder [Construct 2 project (.capx)]. thanks…

This game is not build by construct2, you only can edit the files with HTML editor.

please can you give me your skype or any contact for the support?

you can contact via support page

I loved your ‘re-arrange letters’ game. This is another superb little game!

thank you!

Great work,Is it possible to drag answer instead of equestion?

I prefer to know this before i pay

Hi, it is only able to drag question, not the answer