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Any tips on how to change the transparent icons to all WHITE??

Which version, regular or mini? And background to be white or the icons themselves (icons are dark grey by default).

the mini ones – I’m looking to make the actual icons white. Can that happen?

I have them made in white already, if you send me an email with your purchase code and a mention of this discussion, I will send it to you.

Can I use this icons on my plugins once I bought it?


There is a WordPress version of this. That you can use as a plugin. If you want to sell an item in your theme, you will need to purchase an extended license.

I just want to use the images on my plugin, I just need to buy the extended license right? Can i use it on multiple items? Thanks

I think the Envato Terms and Conditions limits you to one use per item if it is a commercial item.

Thanks! I just customized my WP Theme for these!!

Glad you like them!

Hello its fully compatible in mobile devides, like iphone, or smarthphone using android os? Can i customize by my self with my own logo? How? Thanks

Yes it is compatible with other devices. You can customize the sprite with your own logo.

can i use it in a blogger theme (xml) ???

I’m not too familiar with Blogger but if you can use xhtml, then yes

I love these icons but it seems that a few show up with a line under them as if they’re 1 px off … Any thoughts?

I’ve tested on Safari and Chrome on Mac, same thing.


Testing it here.

An update has been submitted to fix this issue. Buyers will be notified by Envato when the update has been approved.

Thank you I re-downloaded, replaced the images, and it’s aligned perfect now! :)

Thank you for being patient while we fixed the sprite and once again, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. If need any further assistance or encounter any new bugs, you can report it to us via email or through here.

I already sent a message but I haven’t received a reply. I’m looking also for a version where the icons are white or even better the vector files. Can you send me the white version, please. Many thanks!

You can open the PNG using Adobe Fireworks. I am truly sorry that we haven’t been able to help you yet. Our mail server has been heavily under spam attack as of recent and we’re still trying to recover. Since I am not sure how long this will take to recover from, if you forward that email to sazzad[at]fleech[dot]com. Once again, I am truly sorry for all the trouble you’ve encountered.

I just wrote you a message. Hopefully it worked ;-)

I didn’t know that PNG format can also be used for vector files. I will try to open it as you described.

I have sent the reply with three different file types. The file named socialsprites.fw.png can be opened using Adobe Fireworks and be edited.

Hello mate, I am trying to change the colours and change some icons that I don’t need to something else like fiverr and stackoverflow. I thought i will receive the PSD or ai files, can you please send them to me? thanks & GREAT JOB!

I am also having a problem, some of the icons arn’t showing.

The reason some icons may not be showing is because of conflicting css.

As for the .psd, we just submitted an update that will contain .psd and .ai source files. These files are located in images/Source. Enjoy!

Thanks for the update. Can you also include the white version of the icons – especially the updated and new ones? When I’m opening the AI file, the icons are not recognized and show just a crossed box. I’m using CS6. Maybe it’s too old.

It sounds very interesting because I have integrated it into a free website builder where users can set the colors for the icon background at the moment. How can you change the icon color itself with CSS?

Coming back to my original questions ;-) Do you have the white version of the new icons and can you also add them to the updated file?

An update has been submitted and is waiting approval. Sorry for the delay. Took time getting back to things especially over at our CreativeMarket store.

oh, that’s really great. Thank you!

May you add mail.ru, yandex.ru, vk.com. I will bay it. Thanks

Hi, what kind of icon would you use for mail.ru? Would that not be best to use the @ icon?

I’m interested if you did any testing with these social icons all in a font file, and including that in css and if that comes in smaller than 26.1 KB you mention?

One advantage would seem to be, that I could then make my buttons any size, and still have clear social logos as they would be a font.

Your’s is minimized, but I’m wondering if it can be taken further?

Hi, the font version of this kit is in the works. Currently has over 100 icons and variety of easy to use styles. Here is an early preview: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65958930/demo/sociallyiconic.png

Hovered: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65958930/demo/sociallyiconic-2.png

Those shadow ones are looking exceptionally slick. :)

A lot features are being packed into those. :-D

I love your sprites! I have 2 icon requests… about.me and bloglovin. Thanks!

This is the first I have heard of BlogLovin. About.me is a popular request. It is on the list.

Can you add Delicious sprite? It seems that it is not in collection of social sprites but I like the sprites very much :)

Unfortunately, the semi-monochrome style of this kit doesn’t allow the use of delicious icon.

Pls Help! Can someone help how to use this code? i’ve been searching the whole day how to use this but i cant figure it out. i like this menu of this website http://stephanielynn.com/ with social icon on the menu bar but i dont know how to put it there. please help. i know its a lot of explanation to do on your side but i really need a help.. please

To use this icon, all you need to do is simply copy and paste the code to your theme files. But from the looks of things, you are using WordPress on that website. It is best if you purchase our WordPress widget plugin. It will be the simplest method of integrating this icons kit.

Please can you tell me if these social media icons work with CodeIgnitor based script ???

And the documentation “Thank You.pdf” I think this is just a joke ???

It seems you have not acted upon this ‘documentation’ (nothing more than a pdf with a line of two words) more than a year since the last time someone raised an issue with it.

It is a shame as these icons are otherwise rather nice.

We were in the process of migrating all of our product documentation over to our new Knowledge Base. We planned on sharing the link to it when we released the next update. However, since the documentation is complete, you can view it at http://kb.fwpolice.com/kits/social-sprites-icons/

As for CodeIgnitor, we’re not 100% sure if you can. However, this is just HTML, therefore, anywhere you can add HTML, you can use this kit.

Hello all my icons are just white no signs please advise what wrong Thankyou Ok I have same issue as above ENVATO_POINT using a CodeIgnitor based script

It can be that your theme’s style is overwriting the style for the icons. Please send us an email with a link to your site so we can provide a more accurate answer.

Hi I don’t like posting links via envato comments do you have a email to privately send

HI. I’m interested in purchasing this but had two questions. Can you disable the animation part or at least change the color of it if desired? Also can you resize if you want?

Thanks! I like the Socially Iconic. Roughly when will it be completed and available for use?

One question, I just purchased thinking that I could use this for Wordpress but saw after that you have another version. Can I add this into the custom css portion on Wordpress or do I have to purchase the other one?

Sorry to hear that. If you would like to integrate the HTML version, all has to be done manually and you will have no control of the items via your WordPress Admin panel. To get the most out of your Wordpress, you would need the specific version. In this case, I cannot personally issue a refund, but you can get in touch with the Envato/CodeCanyon support team and explain your situation.

As for Socially Iconic, we are working on it when we have free time. The full team is busy working on our web-based pixel design software which takes priority. http://gravit.io