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Where can I test the plugin? I went to and couldn’t find any protected content for me to share before able to view.

Also, if user inspect element, will they be able to find the locked content without sharing?


UMP system will not manage the Elementor block but will allow you to setup the special shortcode which will restrict the content setup between shortcode tags

how do i restrict the content if the content use elementor block? example product block in elementor.. how do I wrap the shortcode around that block?

You may not be able to wrap the entire Elementor block but you can use the shortcode inside the block and restricted content to be placed inside.

There is not a such particular option or feature part of Social Share plugin, unfortunately.

I acquired it only for the purpose of blocking content along with the ultimate membership pro and even if I set the shortcode it doesn’t work.

Also the documentation they implement is really bad and not updated, I don’t want that plugin.

It seems shortcodes are blocked in the After Share Message. Can I unblock them somehow? Thank you!


Your question is not clear, please elaborate.

Presales question: On the content locker. Can I write the twitter message I want them to share? or Is it only the page they are sharing from? Thanks


Is about the content from current page where sharing action is triggered.

Can i use this plugin with Woocommerce site. If yes then please guide me how to use this woocommerce. If i am satisfied i will purchase this and use this with my company site. Thanks


Social Share it may be used with any other plugin beside. Social buttons may be available even on woo products page too.

any discount for this plugin? just saw on your website there was $14

For now, there is no discount campaign for this product.

Hello, I’d like to request a copy-link button, which simply produces a text box with the text link in it and a copy-link button. I use Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin with this program to easily generate the affiliate links to social media as they do not generate in the address bar. I have Affiliates who use Affiliate Social Media Managers such as LinkDeli, or LinkTree, etc. and a copy-link button would be great for these programs and future similar ones. Thank you!


can you add a share button saying ” Direct URL ” please? as im using the affiliate plugin as well and some customers want to copy direct URL with the affiliate ID. Hope you can do this update soon it will be very helpful.

Once both systems have been installed and updated UAP and Social Share&Locker plugins will work together automatically. An affiliate user will share any page with his affiliate tracker included.

your plugin does not get the Yoast Facebook/Twitter title when we share, and it will be great to have the share buttons to support your affiliate plugin. Let it also have the “Get Link” button similar to the button in the flashbar of the affiliate plugin.

I would like to know if the following can be accomplished with your plugin:

I have more than 100 facebook groups and community pages, and on my own forum website, there is a corresponding “Topic” for each FB group and community page.

FB Group/Page #1 >>> My Forum Topic #1 (My forum refers to them as Topics) FB Group/Page #2 >>> My Forum Topic #2

and so on and on, OR can the plugin just stream all of the FB groups into one My Forum Topic and not to each corresponding individual topics?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately this is not the purpose of Social Share&Locker plugin. It more looks you may need a custom solution for your desired workflow.

We are having some major issues with the plugin -

1 – Its not tracking correctly the social sharing if someone has actually shared it. 2 – The content we have set to be unlocked is not unlocking correctly. Do you have a step by step guide showing how you lock the content. 3 – Can the content be sent via email. So when the social share is done instead of unlocking to download we can trigger an email off?

Just done that :-) If you can help asap that would be great as we have been trying to sort it for a while a few weeks now.

Can I confirm you received my ticket?

Hello, can you come back to me please asap as I would like to get this sorted today.

Hi. Just a quick pre-sales question. Is it possible to use the buttons floating in the side of the website to link to a Facebook page, Twitter page, an external website, etc I want to use the buttons to not use the share functions and instead to just allow users to click them do they can visit Facebook to like the page, etc


Available buttons may be used only for sharing or follow actions, and not just a simple link to social page or social account.


does this plugins has Telegram social network on Content locker? Like Follow this Telegram channel to unlock content.


No, that social network can not be used for Social Locker workflow, unfortunately.

Still waiting on my support request to be answered from Friday last week.

Can you please organise a refund

A such request may be submitted only by buyer side.

How do I do that as I am the buyer. Your support has been terrible.

Pre-sales question. Does this work with wordpress in Spanish language? I need all labels to read in Spanish, my audience doesn’t read English. Thank you.


Everything is managed via Social Share&Locker dashboard in order to have custom strings for your language.

Thank you!

I can not active plugin, although enter purchase code valid. Please help me


Please, fill out a Support request with your concern, providing necessary details to have a look from our side and the Support Team will come back to you.

Indeed Team

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I cannot open ticket because it says that Invalid Purchase code!. I don’t understand why it is. I have just purchase, never use it anywhere. My purchase 233aad64-95aa-4d55-xxxx

I hope you can help me to refund. I have read commets in this topic, may be there are bug in your plugins. I have buy some other plugins come with Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin and all of theme is actived immediately after enter purchase code. Only Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin cannot actived.


Is it possible to have this on a WooCommerce product, where the buy now button is locked until they share the product?

And could I set this for just one particular product and NO others? So basically I can specify a product where I want the socail share to unlock?


You may achieve that if you’ll be able to set that button around a WP shortcode, social shortcode. You may need to manage that via Woo template file that provides that button.

I have some pre-sale questions:
  1. Does this plugin support UTM parameters? If yes, does it support dynamic UTM parameters?
  2. Does this plugin support URL shorteners? If yes, then which of the services are supported?


Those kind of parameters are not used by Social Locker plugin.