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cool! but where is Iceland?

Fortumo does not provide services in Iceland, sorry. Nothing to do with the plugin. Fortumo is available in 74 countries currently.

Ok, thank you for your answer.

Brate ne radi mi nesto molim te procitaj tiket

Naravno, nastavicemo razgovor tamo :)

Bro you need to update this plugin, needed to add:

- Wrong password notification (when some type wrong password needed to show that password used before or type it wrong.

- Languages (IP detector thats means if someone from Italy comes in site needed to show italian info about how to send sms, and yes it will be good to add on corner Choise language).

- Password type (that means admins from panel can choose what type of password can users use, numbers, characters, or both. I think numbers are cool and easy to use)

I hope u will do this, and i think people will more buy this great and beautiful plugin.

Cheers BRATE :)

Dude, thats the point I wait 3 months to update that? Is there any chance to make it soon or giving the code, i prepair the site and everything is ready but this one I wait it… Thanks

Well, you should be more clear about urgency of your requests. There was more things with higher priority than this plugin, so we wasn’t fully dedicated to development of it. But we will figure out something before next update, please contact us through our website.

Ok, I write ticket on site.

How about Jamaica; Digicel and LIME?

Sorry, you will have to wait for Fortumo to add Jamaica, nothing to do with the plugin.

How can I intergrate this with s2member so aswell as showing a post or page it upgrades there membership also??

Thanks for an awesome plugin!




If understood you question well, answer is: plugin currently does not integrate with s2member, you can give us more details on how it should be done, so we may take it into consideration for some future version of plugin.

In fortumo in the second box during setup with regards to the setup I am asked ‘Which web address will the received requests be forwarded to?’ Do I enter my URL there or something else e.g. is my URL??? Thanks!


In that field you should enter url of website where you have our plugin installed (in your case that is: ).

I am getting the error upon testing in fortumo: ‘Our system didn’t receive response from your script. Please, check if everything is ok.’

Did you copied secret code from your Fortumo service, into this field on plugin configuration page: ?

Unfortunately did not get access to content. I did test, and I get the sms code, but it did not accept.

Please help.

Hi, please open support ticket here: , we will sort it out. Thanks.

Thank you.

Hi! Supported php code to insert a shortcode Or just?

Hi, I’m not sure what do you mean by that? You need to wrap text inside shortcode to hide it, that’s all.

I mean, hide the text of the plugin can only shortcode – [shortcode plugin]text[/shortcode plugin] or you can also use embedded php ?

Only shortcode.


I have a classified web site and I’m looking for a payment plugin in order to let users pay to have premium posts.

The user pay to push up his post in the features section.

Is possible to do this with your plugin.

No, it is not possible to do this with my plugin.

Hi friends! I have a Job Board system made with Wordpress using a plugin I bought in Codecanyon (WP Jobus). Can you help me if I have some doubt about that integration?


Another question… How can I get monthly payment via SMS using your plugin?

This plugin does not support integration with that plugin. Regarding monthly payments, Fortumo does not support that option.

Hi! since fortumo supports nigeria, does this plugin support nigeria

Hi, yes, it supports Nigeria and all other countries Fortumo supports.

i have a problem to configure plugin: ”” XML document URL – Enter address of the XML document that contains informations …. You can find this address in your Fortumo service:””. __ I DONT FIND THIS LINK OR ADRESS IN MY FORTUMO SMS SERVICE ACCOUNT, BUT ONLY A LINK TO ZIP FILE, I AM NOT DEVELOPPER I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO ?. __ I saw in the plugin installed on my site, there is ever an adress link, it’s the right or should i change it ?. ( i am french so you just can imagine my efforts to translate all informations of this fortumo service)

i look

If you still can’t find it, please open support ticket here:

sounds ok for me !, thanks a lot

Hi Fortumo provide service to india. how can i add that..

Hi, what do you mean? If country is already supported in Fortumo, plugin will support it too

yes its working thankx.

Are you still maintaining this plugin, and is it possible to make password expires in 24hours?

Hi, yes, it is maintained. Yes, it is possible to make password expire after given amount of time.

Thanks for the quick response where do i find the URL To which will your payment requests be forwarded to?


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Hi ! What happens when sms expire ?!? Because in your demo is for 10 minutes ! Regards

Hi, you can set the time when SMS code will expire. After it expires, visitor can’t see protected content.


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So :) All looks good, but how can translate in my lang ?!? regards

Hi, please check user manual you received with the plugin, chapter 2.1., it is explained there (probably better than I could explain here) :)


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One more question :) Can you made plugin for fortumo services Cross-Platform Mobile Payments ?!? Regards

Hi, sorry, no, it is not possible, it works in a different way than API payments.

Hi ZeroTech i can’t locate my XML document URL in the dashboard can explain how to locate this reply asap

Hi, you created a new service, so you need to enter NEW XML document URL from your new service.

I have copied the XML document URL and add it at the back end but still only limited countries are appearing see here

Hi, PSMS API Service requires operator approval to be active in some countries. Until your service is submitted and approved in all selected counties, those unapproved countries won’t appear in that list. Check this page for more information:

Can’t find XML document link, please check this screenshot.

Hi, it seems you created wrong type of service, you have created Android service, inestead of Premium SMS service, this is service you should create (check screenshot):

Hi, I need your help to fix this. When I use the text hiding option in the post for selected text using the tags, the whole content disappears. I have created a support ticket. Please check.

Please be patient, someone will reply on your ticket soon or in max 24 hours on business day, it is Saturday evening and you submitted ticket less than 1 hour ago.

No one has replied till now for my query.

Hi, we replied the same day, please check support center