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Pre-purchase questions. (1) Is it possible to add markers on-the-fly, drag/drop them into position on the image, and have them stay there when zooming in and out? (2) Is there a way to maximize to full-screen? (3) Can you add any number of markers (preferably HTML markers)? Thank you for your time.

Is any of the version free for corporate use? If so, which version of ‘jquery.smoothZoom.min.js’ is free??


Pre-sale question. Can the custom pins have html text included with the pin, so the user can change the text? See this screenshot: https://www.screencast.com/t/mjzQMfnmdf

Hello we are creating clickable map areas on an image also using smoothZoom however map areas are not clickables anymore on mobile! any idea?

this is the link http://vibrantlabhosting.com/maps/demo/png.html

however the following link is without smoothZoom and it works normally: http://vibrantlabhosting.com/maps/png.html

the clickable areas are the plots located on the bottom left (Plots #894 and Plot # 893)

could you please check why with smoothZoom were unable to make it work? thanks for your time.

Is it possible to limit the amount of times a button can zoom in?


1: is it responsive?

2: can after zoom in popup a message box? or click to popup message box for the sample 5 pin



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Is the seller still responding to this?

Hello bro, how to use in angular 5 ?