Discussion on Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Image Viewer

Discussion on Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Image Viewer

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I purchased your plugin. It is really nice. Excellent work.

I will really appreciate if you assist me regarding the panning functionality using mouse move instead of drag. Is it possible? I want, if I move my mouse to the left, the image should pan to the right, and if I move my mouse to the right then the image should pan to the left. Similarly in upwards and downwards.

Please assist. Thanks!

is there an option to show the zoom percentage on the image somehow ?


I am interested in purchasing this script for a website I am building for a client. I am also wanting to purchase a number of plugins and scripts for my marketing agency such as this one. Am I able to install it via the CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin:

If not, will it work with the Code Snippets plugin:

Merci, Kym

How can I make the image start at a different zoom level? I would like the default zoom level to be about 50% so the user can zoom in and out.

Seems like this is gone defunct. I am in need of an update (willing to pay) please someone contact me.

Hello bro, how to use in angular 5 ?

Is the seller still responding to this?

Is it possible to limit the amount of times a button can zoom in?

Hello we are creating clickable map areas on an image also using smoothZoom however map areas are not clickables anymore on mobile! any idea?

this is the link

however the following link is without smoothZoom and it works normally:

the clickable areas are the plots located on the bottom left (Plots #894 and Plot # 893)

could you please check why with smoothZoom were unable to make it work? thanks for your time.


Pre-sale question. Can the custom pins have html text included with the pin, so the user can change the text? See this screenshot:

Is any of the version free for corporate use? If so, which version of ‘jquery.smoothZoom.min.js’ is free??

Pre-purchase questions. (1) Is it possible to add markers on-the-fly, drag/drop them into position on the image, and have them stay there when zooming in and out? (2) Is there a way to maximize to full-screen? (3) Can you add any number of markers (preferably HTML markers)? Thank you for your time.

nice plugin interest in buying , just one question as is there anyway to set zero point in it , on demo page it sample 4 , zero point is it top left , so any way that it could be change to left bottom , its like graph paper i want to draw / work with coordinates x y in 1st cordant positive x and y ..

I really like this plugin. However, I’m also having problems with the landmarks not holding to their position of the image when responsive size changes. I have a map that measures 9590 px x 3700 px…. How do I make sure the land marks are mapped to that image?

Excellent plugin. However I have an issue with landmarks on mobile. The map resizes to fit the viewport ok, but the landmarks don’t adjust to reposition based on the adjusted image size, so it’s not quite working. Does anyone know how to rectify this?

$('#zoom_img1').smoothZoom({ use_3D_Transform: false, width: 620, height: 602, button_ALIGN: "top right", button_COLOR: '#c9db30', initial_ZOOM: '200', container: 'zoom_container', responsive: true, max_WIDTH: '', max_HEIGHT: '' });

Hi, i need to zoomIn and zoomOut step by step on clicking custom Buttons. In latest Firefox zoomIn zooms to max. How is this possible? Thanks for your help!

Hello, I have the following problem in firefox: “image corrupt or truncated”. The image gets loaded but then it just disappears and it shows the error in console. Any help would be nice.

it breaks, see my other comment. self.iW = $image.width(); self.iH = $image.height(); but where image_original_width and image_original_height is used in the source?

normWidth measured BADLY on iOS. Hello, on android everything works fine, but when I try to load an image from iOS, I can see that the image size image.naturalWidth is 960, height is 1280, however when doing getZoomData it returns normWidth 159 and normHeight 1280 EVEN TOUGH i have specified explicitly it in the image_original_width, image_original_height parameters.


The 159px is actually the size of the canvas the image was drawn onto, nevertheless the code was:

image.onload = function () {
  var canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
  canvas.width = this.naturalWidth;
  canvas.height = this.naturalHeight;
  canvas.getContext('2d').drawImage(this, 0, 0, this.naturalWidth, this.naturalHeight);
  callback({imageURI: canvas.toDataURL('image/png'), width: this.naturalWidth, height: this.naturalHeight});
  canvas = null;

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