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I was having the issue of a page scrolling back to the top and added the line on 255 return false;. But that stopped the links from working. Any help would be great, thanks!

Hi. Download the latest version, that issue was solved using e.preventDefault(); instead.

Hi! Count another vote for more sublevels :) I was going to buy it until I read I won’t be able to go deeper :(

Hi. My idea with this menu was make something really slick and elegant, focused for simple creative menus. But yes, someone in need of deep multilevel menu, i guess this is no the right choice. It does what it does, and does it well and easily. ;)

Hello. I purchased this, and love the styling. However, I’ve adjusted it to the point where I would rather just have .second-level “open” on-load …

You can see what I mean here: (see right sidebar, “select a business type”)

I would kill the “button” functionality and just have the menu visible/scrollable on-load.

(Also, the “jump to the top of the page” is still an issue. If I can remove the button, then this won’t matter to me, but I wanted you to know.)

Hi. To display the submenu open by default you just need to add the active-item class to your main button:

<a href="#" class="active-item">Select a Business Type</a>

About the scrolling to top, is strange, i’ve checked you have the latest version. Do you think you could have some script on your site that could be blocking the preventDefault() call? As you have a compex structure, in a quick sight i couldn’t see anything wrong. It should be blocking the # call to top on href.


Ya, I’m not sure why it’s being blocked either. I’ve added some basic jQ myself, but Squarespace does have lots of scripts running. I’ll keep investigating. I’m at the point where using your (awesome) code isn’t necessary, as I’ve crippled it— but it’s functional for this client site :)

Ok. Let me know if i can be of further assistance. And even not necessary, enjoy the file anyway! ;)

Hi all. Glad to announce that a new HTML5 template is now available for purchase on Themeforest. Check it here:

Hello there! I just purchased this item and it works perfectly for what I wanted! Thank you! I just have one very minor nuisance from the person I’m designing for..

When you click a link and the drop down menu appears, if you click that link again, the drop down retracts and then appears again. Is there a way to make it to where when you click the link for that menu again, nothing happens?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your reply! I just tried this but unfortunately it changes the menu to where each link only works once. After you click it once, the link no longer works. This would be fine on just the active menu, but it does it for all of the links, even the ones without menus.

Thanks again though!

Nevermind. I got it working, I did it incorrectly the first time. Thanks a lot! :)


Don’t forget to rate the file if you finally like it and support. Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Hi, how can I add an arrow to indicate that is a drop down?

Hi! Finally i got sometime to work on this.

Open your jquery.smooth-expand-menu.js file. Insert this code on line 88 (right before the SUBMENU (SECOND LEVEL) entry.

secondLevel.prev().append("<img src="img/arrow.png" />");

img/arrow.png is the path to your own arrow. Use this one as a reference.

Hope this helps! Again, sorry for long delay ;)

appreciate your help. I tried and it return syntax error. im cant do coding, only copy paste.. can help :)

Hi. Contact me through my profile form, will reply by email.

I’m no coding-wiz, and I’m having trouble with the menu when used with

But I presume there’s no reason this shouldn’t work?

I guess no. Send me your custom url through my profile form (not here, please) so i can check what could be going wrong. Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Hi, Any chance you are working on a wordpress version?

Thank you.

Hi. I’m not a WP dev, but i joined with other authors to make WP version of my Themeforest tmeplates, will ask if they could be interested.

Thanks for the quick response! That would be great! Please keep me posted if they decide to move forward…

I’ll notify here in the file description if we go finally with it.

When I added the line on 255 return false; it highlights the active items which is great but it deactivate all my a / href links.

Hi. Are you using the latest version? I think you are refering to an old fix for previous versions. Use the latest available sources, you won’t need to add anything.

Hi, Having a stupid but time consuming problem. The use of <a href="#">page</a> brings me to the rootpage of my website. So, the menu item does not collapse. Can you give me a clue? Have some other scripts that use something like <a class="xx">yy</a> witch works o.k


Hi. Try to use this instead:

<a href="javascript:void(0)">page</a>

Very nice piece – one question – is it possible to set the global width using a percentage instead of pixels?

Hi. Sure, just note that you must use quotes while parsing the value:

globalWidth: '50%',

Hope this helps. ;)
Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

great – thanks again

I love this smooth menu. It is exactly what my client and I wanted. Now I am building the site, and I have added a few links

  • /   Who we are
  • and I am noticing that the pages that are built that I am linking to, the menu is not working. It loads the page, but the beauty of the smooth menu is gone. It still works on pages that have no links. Am I adding the links incorrectly? Also: Do you have to take off the active-item on the first level when you are on a second level? I like that that the first level can be bold while you are in a second level item.

    Email if you would like to look at my test site please.

I always have trouble with this. I just bought it again to save time. I will gladly pay $6.00 to get this solved.


This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on Envato Market.

Licensor’s Author Username: pezflash Licensee: Terri Larronde

If you need the rest of the info let me know. I am posting in my account BTW.

Hi. Send me your URL through my profile form, not here. I’ll be replying by email. Sounds like a problem with folder paths on linked pages, but i’ll check it out.

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

Thank you, I sent an email to the address on your website. Hope that’s what you meant.

this is COOL! can it be part of the canvas and the content itself? is this responsive?

because your demo dont have any content….

Hi. Sorry for the delay in answering, have been out on weekend. I’m not sure what you mean about the demo, maybe the server was down when yoou checked. This is the URL: