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Hi, where is the documentation for custom fields, we are using another plugin bought from here called “Ultimate Membership Pro” and want to use this API with it.

it’s described in signup end-point in the plugin documentation page. you should send your meta keys in `custom_meta` parameter as JSON string like this


How does your Support Geolocation services API works ?

Hi, I want to list categories in a specific order but it seems the API only displays in alphabetical order, how can we change this?

Sorry it’s deprecated but by default this end-point displays categories as show in WordPress and you can use `orderby=date` to do the same purpose.

You can’t order categories by date, you can order posts by date… there must be a way of ordering categories?

plugins uses ID to sort categories by date so it can work as date column also.

Hello I want to develop an app with Ionic my site uses ACF PRO. I would like to know if your plugin gets the ACF pro data?

Yes sure it works with all end-points. for example it gets all data for ACF fields for `getposts` end-point also when you add a new post , you can set ACF fields values.

Hi, your API only seems to be retrieving last 25 posts? Is there a setting for this? we don’t want to limit it to last 25 posts only, we need to leave this open. This is urgent as it’s a live project, would appreciate a response.

As mentioned in documentation use perpage parameter to set the number of results per page.

Hi, with api/social/?auth_key, the users registered via the API are “” — We should be using their proper email extracted from facebook not a random email generated by the plugin, how can we fix this?

Please answer this as it’s now urgent.

Please send email to to send you the modified file.


I have some questions before buying.

1- With this Plugin, will I be able to search for metakeys by users?

2 – Can I generate different urls to access .json files with custom metakeys?

3 – will I be able to update these metakeys using only a URL address?

4 – Can I log in to my users, to know when they are using an application using only a URL ??

Thank you.

as i mentioned `support custom meta keys also integrated with ACF plugin` so plugin supports both meta keys and ACF plugin.

What kind of knowledge I need to implement a filter to reach metakeys? I’ll need to do PHP modifications, or everything is built in on plugin? I mean can I set everything only using plugins features?

Thank you.

no modifications required just call the API link from browser, mobile app, web app or anywhere to create a user with meta keys like this{"age":"21","job":"developer","key3":"value3"}

it will work but needs advanced knowledge to now about this plugin meta keys to update them using our plugin API.

Hi, do you have any video tutorial explaining how to get started?

Hi, i’have this situation: I’ve received from my supplier the API Key and the authorizathion for get the database of products and quantity stock. Can i with this plugin, use the API for import products and sync the stock in woocommerce? Thanks

Hi percezioni, plugin can outputs woocommerce products data but can’t import or sync this data into WordPress.