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I wanna build a mobile app that user can login/register via Facebook, Twitter and some others social network. Then client can choose the products and make an order (I use woocommerce to manage products and orders). Do you think your plugin match with my requirements? Thank you.

One more question. Can I use your api access token to deal with Woocommerce native api? Thanks for your reply.

I’m sorry. My last question may duplicate with the first question. One thing I wanna make sure that I can use your API to let client login/register via Facebook, Twitter…,Right? Thanks so much.

Yes you can but our plugin doesn’t connect with Facebook or Twitter it’s just waiting from you the access token to connect it with this user to login using the same access token later .

Hello and thank you very much for this nice plugin. I would like to know how visitors can apply for an API?

Do you mean a front-end form to apple using it ? unfortunately there’s one form for this purpose and this’s exist in the admin or author dashboard .


I’ve checked in the routes and I didn’t see such a route. How to check if the user is logged in or not?


system will return in the JSON response status=0 and message=Must be login to proceed

Even this is request request for let’s say categories?

categories is opened for all users but you can use `Engine Control` page to change the access level for this end-point


How can i make a request to create new post. I know there method “newpost”. If i try to do that it says “Must be login to proceed”. So now i cal firstly the login method, everything ok, and then call new post method – same issue must be logged in. I am doing this via javascript first i cal the login method, when i get a repsonse i call new post method and it fails. Can you elaborate on this?

Thank you

After calling the end-point login there is a return parameter called session_id you can send it again in the header of each request with name SESSION_ID to make the session alive. Just store this value using a Javascript variable to send it again in the header of `newpost` end-point .

Hi I have some questions about your plugin 1) Is possible to create an article and assign a feature image? 2) I can upload images to set the feature image when Im making the article/post? 3) Is possible to change/modify the date of an article via your plugin api? (Im mean assign an earlier date to an article/post – this is super important for me)

Yes all of this is available. Please check the full list of end-points here

Can we get data from below Quiz Plugin and Functionality into Android App. Users can get Results and Solutions in app when clicked finish..

Unfortunately it will not work because plugin uses custom DB tables.

Hi , Can I use your plugin to get data from another web site API to my website , or its just to send data from my website to another websites

In this case you should install our plugin in your site and write a custom plugin in the another website to use our plugin web-service to publish a new posts when a new post will be published in this site.

i am using marketplace themes, can this plugin using in my themes?

Please send us your website link here to check the problem or open a ticket in our support center if you want

thanks for response, it has solved, the problem because cookie in chrome, cordova not ignore cookie, i am testing in chrome, not in real device, if i test in real device is work

Great! Happy coding :)

how to edit profile? in your documentation, if we want to update user meta, we must include custom_meta in json, can you explain to me how to do that with expample?

Hello radhitee, We replied on your ticket.


mcomco Purchased

Does this plugin work with WordPress 4.7?

Hello mcomco, yes it’s compatible.


mcomco Purchased

thanks – I’ve purchased the product

Happy spending :)

I am trying to create a hybrid app by calling the wordpress API on ionic.

1. Is it compatible with BuddyPress? 2. Can I use the photo upload feature in my buddypress? 3. Can I use both wordpress themes and plugins? 4. Is the login feature compatible with WordPress login?

Sorry you can’t use this plugin to retrieve BuddyPress plugin data.

Hi, I would like to know if I can add a category or a custom taxonomy. Thanks

From the `Developer Settings` page you can set a long and complicated string in the filed `Authentication Key` then send this value with each request in a parameter called `auth_key` but you should buy SSL certificate for your API to work under HTTPS and that will be very enough to secure your app requests.

I already have https. But I’m planned to buy another license for another site that will not have ssl. So I would try to use md5. But does it work? and which is the format?

I don’t recommend this option for you so it’s too difficult to implement and not secure as HTTPS connection. Also you can buy SSL certificate for $9 only.

First of all, this looks amazing I was looking around for such plugin and I’ve found but I’ve some concerns. 1- Is it still maintained and updated to wordpress 4.8? 2- Do I have to run my API over HTTPS connection? I’m planning to create a mobile app with login, register and social login as well.

1- Sure, it supports Wordpress till version 4.8
2- It’s recommended for security only.

OAuth Authorization does not work. Turning it off makes it work but that defeats the purpose.

Please open a ticket here and we’ll help you

It was an issue with SoapUI. Using Postman resolved the issue.

Before posting on here, I attempted to open a support ticket and after submitting the ticket, I was taken back to the info screen where your asked for your Envato code without the ticket being submitted.

Thanks for the quick responses though :)

Great! good luck :)

Hello Dear

please advise how i can get data of other website content “Wordpress ” to my web site using your plugin

actually i have 02 website , one old with all data and new one with different name and but empty , i need to get the data of the old one to appear in the new one using your plugin

please advise how



you can’t do this using plugins. you should use PHPMyAdmin to transfer your database from old website to the new one.

i guess i missed to clarify my request clear , I have active web site under name ” A ” which i update it with data & info on time and every day , in the same time i have another new web under name “B” with empty data i use it as different brand , now i don’t want to make double work and update both sites every day , i need to use your plugin to update the new web site automatically with any action i do i the old web site

if i add new post in the old web site , it’s appear directly in the new one , i add new or update photo in the old web site it’s appear in the new web site automatically

is it possible with your plugin ?

waiting your reply



Hello Sari, unfortunately plugin isn’t ready to do this job well. But there’s another easy solution, you can install a plugin in your site B to import RSS feeds from your site A.

Hi SmartioLabs,
Kudos for developing this aweosme Plugin ! I really want to Purchase this Plugin asap, however, I’m a little unsure about whether I’ll be able to achieve My Target with Your Plugin.

Therefore, to seek Clarity regarding the same, I just now contacted You via Your Profile Contact Form. Kindly do Revert asap so that I can decide on the Plugin.

Kind Regards,

Hi Codecanyonite, I replid on your message.

Hi SmartioLabs,

You have many great plugins for Wordpress. I’m surprised that there are not so many buyers. Probably the reason is that your target buyer is a web developer with good knowledge in programming. The “SMIO Wordpress API Complete Solution” plug-in opens up great opportunities for IT solutions. You fellows! Please do not stop their development and support. You have no competitors! :)

Kind Regards, Alex..

Thanks Alex for your words. we will do our best to release new updates :)

Hi Guys, I am using this plugin. And according to this screenshot, I am sending the session_id with each request in the header after login but I am still getting this error

{“respond”:0,”paging”:{“stillmore”:0,”perpage”:0,”callpage”:0,”next”:0,”previous”:0,”pages”:0,”result”:0},”message”:”Must be login to proceed”,”result”:[]}

here is my code

lease correct the session header parameter because you typed it wrong.
You typed it session_id but the correct is SESSION_ID

I have a serious problem with “ACCESS LEVEL” when i choose LOGIN Access Level “ANYONE” all users can login. When i choose a particular access level such as “AUTHOR” no one can login even users at the AUTHOR level cannot login and when i check the API message i get this message.

Warning: array_intersect(): Argument #1 is not an array in /home/wp_c3528q/ on line 1866
{respond do not have permission to use `login` service”,result]}

you should close warning level for PHP errors in production env. anyway please open a ticket in our support center and we’ll send you a fix file or implement this fix
open class.api.php file and go to line 1866 replace this line
if(empty(count(array_intersect($_SESSION['smio_user_roles'], $roles)) < 1){
by this line
if(empty($_SESSION['smio_user_roles']) || count(array_intersect($_SESSION['smio_user_roles'], $roles)) < 1){

I am sorry but you have not understood my problem….Let me explain AGAIN!!!! When i choose Access Level AUTHOR for Login under ENGINE CONTROL….Normally all users who have Author level authorization should be able to login RIGHT? But when i do it my users with AUTHOR level authorization cannot login…they are completely denied permission to the LOGIN Service even though they have the right authorization….Do you understand?

plugin told you `Must login` so you’re not logged! you should use `login` end-point to allow to plugin create a session and get this user info and role.