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Love the slider, thanks! One question: I’m struggling with getting the pause/play button to hide. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I have it hosted at http://www.slider.earnestmarketing.com/castle/index.html and I have embedded it via iframe at app.castleinthecountry.com


first of all you are missing icons. Please copy all png/gif files with prefix “sw-” from images/ folder in zip file to the images/ folder of your site.

Regarding the original question. I haven’t seen the problem that you described. Yes, there is 2 images on desktop. Then when I scale down it switches to 1 image (this is mobile view).

If you still see 2 images on mobile view try to increase itemMinWidth to 300px as by default it’s 200 and on screen 400px you may see 2 slides instead of one.

Thank you! I didn’t realized I’d missed the image uploads. That fixed most of it, and it looks great on the small device. 2 pics showing on a bigger screen is fine, so we’re all good. :)

Ok. Great!

Using Skin #5

Is there a way to hide the play/pause button for skin #5 when it is set to autoplay?

You can do this via CSS

.smartwave .sw-autoplay {
 display: none!important;

if (lastImage && swipe.next()) { moveTo(firstImage) } i want to loop the image list how do slide to first image?


You may enable “autoplay” option. This way carousel will work in circular manner.

Or if want just to go to first image you should use moveTo(0) api method, like so

var sw_api = $('sw1').data('smartwave-api');  

Hello, can I change the number of items (default)? When I visualize 4 items or less: not enough item

Hello! Check what you have set in itemMaxWidht plugin option. Maybe that width that you use is not enough, so you have to increase it. Also you can add few more items to carousel.

Hi! Can I use HTML text on slide whis fullwhidth Slider?

Hi! Yes, carousel slide may have any content – as text, images etc.

Hi! Can i use “startAt” option with any numbers ? as 1,2,3 etc… I try with the default exemple “smartwave”, but no way… It seems that it does not work. I must not do the right thing. Thanks for your help !

Hi! First item has position 0, not 1

I have buy already , but i count not find the download kink ,please!!

Hello, I have buy the plugin there are not even three days, everything is fine except That a only problem is that when I get a higher 1888px width of the slide he takes another format you can see the example in the image below. Please I would like the slide stays in the same format (Full Width) Image : http://i.imgur.com/4A2FgW1.png Thanks.


Here is example of smartwave init code for fullwidth slider

<script type="text/javascript">
        itemRatio: 2.2, /* 1870 x 850 */
        itemMaxWidth: 1870,
        snap: true,
        visible: 1,                
        pagination: false,
        easing: 'easeInOutQuint',
        duration: 700,
        mousewheel: false

Let say you want max width to be 1920 instead of 1870, while height should be at 850. Then you should set this

itemMaxWidth: 1920,
itemRatio: 2.26,
visible: 1

Thanks Too Much for your suport, i have resolver the problem, but Please how i can hide the button (Play&Pause), And i want to know if i can to set some effect in slide like (Fade out, Zoom in, ect …) Thanks Too much

If you want to hide play/pause button, but keep autoplay working you can do this via css by setting this style in css/smartwave.css

.smartwave .sw-autoplay { display: none; }

tom75 Purchased

Hi, how it is possible to use a fixed item-width? The same itemMinWidth / itemMaxWidth seems not to works.


Smartwave figures out item width on its own, based on width of containing div and options like “visible”, “itemMinWidth” and “itemMaxWidth”. They set allowed range for item width and “visible” sets how many items should be visible. So, when you resize browser window, plugin will change items width in respect to these values.


tom75 Purchased

One some resolutions the item-with falls below itemMinWidth. To bad, so Smartwave is useless to me. Anyway, thank you for the fast reply.

That’s probably because values that you set for “visible”, “itemMinWidth” and “itemMaxWidth” do not play right in your case. If you want I can look and tell you what’s wrong.

Hello! I have several copies of your slider and it was working great until my server got hacked and everything was wiped. (Arg)

Now I am attempting to rebuild, and the slider is not behaving properly on my site. There is a large white space below it covering my background when viewing on a telephone.


Thanks a lot for using my plugin! Please send me URL and I will check on phone.


Also a bunch of code is now appearing. I’m embedding the slider in a web app and using the same embed code I had before the hack, but there is the whitespace and some code. Eek.