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Works in WP 3.8? Can it only shows a pop-up in homepage once at day for visitor?

Hi, i have 3 questions before i buy this item.

1. Can i enter html or something like [video=adadasd9]

2. Works in WP 3.8?

3. this uses cookies to show only once per ip for ever? unless they clean the cookies?

Hello, 1. Yes you can add html, iframe, photo. 2. Yes it does. 3. Yes it does, you have a limitation to display only once per user when enters the website.

Regards, Alexandra I.

Hi, I just want a single fullscreen image and when visitor click anywhere it redirects to the wp homepage. Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks a lot

Hello, Yes, you can do that using the plugin.

Regards, Alexandra I.

Doesn’t seem to be working with Wordpress 3.8.1. It’s not doing anything at all. Any known plugin conflicts? I’m really not keen on disabling all of my plugins to check.

Please open a ticket on support.aa-team.com

I would have, but I don’t where to find the license code anymore.

hi ,

the specific page feature is not working , even after entering the page id. the pop-up is shown to all pages .

please tell me how to rectify this problem

Please open a ticket on support.aa-team.com

Hi there..

Iframe code do not open with ipads… are there any future updates to resolve this?

Is there a setting where the popup can be set to redisplay after, for example, 20 seconds?


Nice theme, just small questions.

1. Your plugin is responsive ready? or how to tweak that problem?

2. Can I put a Google ad-sense or other affiliate code?

Kindly need your advise Thanks


Sorry we don’t have responsive feature available.

If you select the HTML pop’up you can add any code.

Regards, Alexandra I.

hi I just bought your plugin its great but what will be the best size to responsively show on the smartphone?

I just purchased this item, downloaded it, and have tried several times to install the plugin. Each time I get a message that the installation failed as there is no plugin. Any thoughts?

Hi jskiba, Just make sure you install the correct file as the correct .zip file with the plugin is inside the .zip file you download from Codecanyon. If that doesn’t solve the issue, please open a ticket on our support system: http://support.aa-team.com/

Best regards

I created an anchor inside the html smart and I need to close when you click on the image and down the anchor, how do this?

Hi ayrtonacrs,
Can you please open a new ticket on our support system and explain your issue better: http://support.aa-team.com/

Best regards, Catalin

Hello guys,

I actualy need a popunder, that can open a URL in a window behind the active window that the user it’s using.

I need to set 5 diferent popunder (directing to 5 different URL) and I also need to set this for specific page.

For example:

www.mysite.com/cookie I’ll open the popunder for a Cookie shop

In the www.mysite.com/cakes I’ll open the popunder for the Cake shop.

Is it possible to do with your plugin?

Best regards

Presale questions.

Is this plugin responsive?

Can i set referer for showing ads, example i want to show ads only to users that come from facebook pages?

Thanks Kind regards

Before you purchase please beware that this plugin only works with WordPress 3.8

Best regards

Thanks on your time but you didn’t answer on my questions.

This plugin is as responsive as a pop-up plugin with an image in it can be. You can check the demo to see what I meant: http://cc.aa-team.com/wp-plugins/smart-popup/

Best regards

When I close the pop up with a video in it, the audio continues to play. Any help with this?

Please open a ticket in our support center: http://support.aa-team.com/

Best regards

Your demo site its not working!


hqcode Purchased

What? The demo site is not working?! OMG